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601 Night Infiltration

 Ryukalin Clan

"Boss, we have finished the preparation," Neo handed over the map to Kevin. "This is the place where the barrier is at the weakest place. If you go using this way sneakily, there's a high chance that you can get inside."

Lima School was closed during the night and an invisible barrier would be erected there. No one knew about the existences of this barrier unless they were extremely familiar with the power the government had.

It took Neo a long time to finish analyzing the barrier to allow them to get inside the place. Although normally the barrier looked strong, there were places where the security was not as high as the others. At this place, there was a possibility of them getting in without being found out.

Kevin glanced at the picture for a moment. He nodded his head. "Tell Randy and Kanae that we're going there soon. They have to prepare themselves."

"Yes, Boss."

It has been quite some time since he made the pact with Randy to allow him tagging alone. His dark iris looked straight to the front. He didn't know what they were going to find in Lima School, but whatever it was, he would have to be prepared.

Time passed swiftly and the decided night came. Both Randy and Kanae arrived in Kevin's place at night.

"You're also coming, Rei?" Randy asked curiously.

Kanae nodded her head. "I want to see inside."

Randy inspected the young girl beside him. He hadn't seen Kanae for a long time, to be exact, after the last battle between the two of them. For some unknown reason, he could feel the girl's strength has been increasing at alarming speed. Even now, he felt rather threatened by her presence alone.

Trying to ignore those thoughts, he shrugged. "I never imagine that we're going to work together again."


Kanae's lips curled up into a smile. She didn't expect to work together with Randy too. Because of their difference in mission, they clashed with one another. Although they have some bonds that were created because of their past together in Lima School, it was extremely thin.

For people like them, the most important thing has always been profit and nothing else.

"Have you gotten along with one another?" Neo approached the two.

Kanae was startled to see Neo's appearance. Although Neo wore normal clothes, this time, he wore dark gloves on his hand. The gloves only covered his palm, letting his finger shown under the moonlight. Based on his attire, Kanae coulc guess that there were several guns hidden beneath his body.

Randy nodded his head. "We're acquaintances. It's not that hard to get along with this brat."

"I may be younger," Kanae arched her eyebrows. "But I'm not a brat."

"Everyone younger than me will be called brats."

Kanae rolled her eyes and ignored the young man. Kevin walked over to them after a few minutes. He dressed up neatly. Even though he didn't make any effort to prepare his appearance, Kanae was still stunned.

'He's still as handsome as ever,' she secretly thought to herself.

"Let's go," Kevin said coldly.


The five of them, including Mike who had prepared the car, they departed towards Lima School. The journey didn't take a long time. When they arrived, the car was parked in the alleyway near the school.

"We can't get any closer or the camera is going to find us," Mike remarked as he relaxed his body. Still, the car's engine didn't stop.

"Neo, take care of the camera," Kevin instructed. "We're going inside."

Kanae and Randy followed after Kevin while Neo was already busy in his laptop. He waved his hand outside the window when he had finished.

The wall surrounding Lima School was rather high and every touch of the wall might alarm the other party. However, there were still some trees around the school, which coincidentally, near one of the weak spots.

"Climb the tree," Kevin ordered and started climbing.

Behind him, the two others also started climbing, but the wall still looked rather high even after they had climbed. They have to jump a bit higher if they want to pass the wall.

"How are we going to get inside?" Randy asked.

"Jump," Kanae replied nonchalantly. She moved back a bit before propelling herself to the wall, jumping as high as possible. Just like a cat, her feet landed on top of the wall, one by one. Her movement was extremely graceful, just like a dancer.

Kanae looked at the school direction from her position. It was pretty far from the ground, but this was already part of the forest area. Calculating the distance in mere seconds, she jumped again and landed on the branches.

Outside, Randy was watching with interest. "He sure can jump."

"It's your turn," Kevin replied coldly.

Randy glanced at the high wall. Honestly, he didn't know whether he could jump that high or not. Even though he was acclaimed as one of the best fighters, he was more famous because of his bombs.

Kevin noticed the man's hesitation. He stood behind Randy and kicked the man towards the wall.

The sudden force caused Randy to fly towards the wall, bypassing the height. He landed on top of the trees behind it. Randy cursed internally. If only they were not inside the enemy's territory, he would surely come to Kevin and ask that man for a duel.

In the next moment, Kevin had arrived on the branch not far from him. With another move, he made his way to the ground.

"Randy, can you go down?" Kanae asked the man. He was still hanging on the tree like an idiot.

"I can," Randy replied through gritted teeth. He twisted his body to pull himself up before grabbing the branch. After some hard attempts, he released his tangled body from the branches and landed on the ground.

"How's that?"

Kevin didn't pay much attention to Randy's movement. He was scanning the surrounding in order to not attract any attention.

"There might be some enemies around. We're going to separate here. When you have finished scouting, come back here."

"I understand," Kanae replied.

Randy nodded his head. He rubbed his pained back as he saw the two of them moved at high speed. Internally, he wondered what he would do if he had to fight them. Would he be able to contend against them?

'Let's not think about that. The situation here is more serious.'