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599 Fight ‘Fairly’ or ‘Unfairly’ 2

 "Is it that hard to choose?" The Grand Elder spoke out again after a few seconds.

Laura raised her head and nodded solemnly. For her, it was out of the question to go by herself and spread bad news about someone. Although this could be considered as normal practice in the business world, she didn't really like the idea.

"If you have to choose, which one will you pick?"

"I still prefer the fair way of play, Grand Elder," Laura answered after some hesitation. She still believed that this was the best way to clear up this matter. However, she knew from the Grand Elder's tone that the correct answer was the other one.

"I see."

"Can you please enlighten me about why this is the wrong answer?" Laura looked back at The Grand Elder with a complicated expression.

The Grand Elder shook his head. "It's not the wrong answer, but it's partially incorrect because it's not suitable for this matter. As for explaining things, I believe your boyfriend can answer it for you."

"What do you mean?"

The Grand Elder picked up the remote control that was placed on the small table near him. He turned the television on, which showed the new report regarding Ivan Wells and Jason Wells.

"... We have just received news and a lot of pictures regarding Ivan Wells' participation in underworld. From the way it is, he got involved in a lot of matters, such as killing, persecution, and many others. From this picture, it's clear that Ivan Wells is present during the exchange of..."

Laura's eyes fixated on the television. Her gaze was filled with a complicated expression for she understood that the one who did this must be Jason. Aside from Jason, there shouldn't be anyone who paid close attention to what Ivan did. This was the very reason Laura became certain that the one who did it must be Jason.

The question remained: why?

She didn't understand why the man had to use this way to fight against Ivan. He could have just gone and dealt the matter in the court without using this way to leak out news about Ivan too.

The Grand Elder noticed Laura's complicated expression. "You should go back to him and asked him the reason. I'm sure you'll understand after he explains it to you."

Laura turned her head around. She bowed gratefully to the elder. "I understand. Thank you very much for your teaching, Grand Elder."

With that, she hurriedly walked out of the hall while The Grand Elder sat quietly on the seat. She was still very young. There were a lot of hidden sides in the business world that she had to learn before she could grow up.

As Laura made her way to Jason's residence, the man in question was busy doing his work that Clara told him to do. There were many of legal documents that he had to prepare, so this would make him very busy.

"Young Master, a young master from Pei Family wants to meet you."

"I'm busy; tell him to ask for another day."

"Young Master, there are a lot of reporters outside asking for an audience."

"Tell them to wait for the court."

"Young Master, your business partner is asking for a meeting."

"Ask my secretary."

"Young Master..."

"I'm busy!"

"It's Miss Laura."

"Ah," Jason immediately calmed down. He waved his hand. "Tell her to come in and you can work on the outer part of the mansion. Don't bother me."

His assistant nodded his head. "Yes, Young Master."

It didn't take long for Laura to get inside. She looked at the messy room and frowned. "Why does the room become so messy just a few days after I left?"

"I'm a bit busy," Jason laughed. "Is there anything that you want to tell me?"

"Nali Family agrees to help you, but we'll only declare our stance once you're cornered. As for now, we're still searching for the documents. It'll be sent to your email."

"That's good," Jason nodded his head satisfied.

Laura eyed Jason with curiosity. She was not sure about asking this to him, but she wanted to know the reason.

"Brother Jason, can you tell me the reason you leak out the news regarding Ivan's activity in Black Street?"

Jason stopped typing when Laura mentioned that matter. "You know it's me?

"It's just a hunch, but I'm correct, right?"


"Can you tell me the reason?" Laura asked full of hope.

Jason looked at the young girl with a smile plastered on his face. She looked like a lost puppy right now, making him want to hug her closer to him. "Come over here, sit on my lap."

Laura eyed Jason suspiciously. His last tease was still printed clear in her mind. There was no way she would want to get closer to him in case he dared to repeat the same thing.

"I won't explain to you if you don't come closer," Jason smiled mischievously.

"Don't try to do anything!"

"I won't."

After contemplating for a bit, Laura inched closer to Jason. She sat down on his lap as Jason circled his arm on her stomach. He rested his chin on her shoulder with a smile on his face.

"Do you still remember our fight with Vena in the past?"

Laura racked her brain as she nodded her head slowly. When she had just made Kara Company, her company was targeted by Vena repeatedly. It frustrated her greatly because that woman caused her to lose a lot of money. However, they managed to get out of the situation by employing some tactics. The battle ended in her victory.

"I remember."

"What's the tactic that we used before?"

"We're fighting to make way against her and strive to make better sweets," Laura replied.

Jason nodded his head. "At that time, trying to make something better is the most suitable way because we want to achieve a win in terms of sales. Right now, the situation is different. Do you know what we're fighting for?"

Laura narrowed her eyes. "It's reputation, right?"

"Yes, you're really smart," Jason hugged the girl closer to him. "In the matter of reputation, even a little stain can cause others' opinion to change greatly. You just need one mistake and it would haunt you forever."

One mistake?

Laura thought about the possibility of her making a mistake. It was extremely hard for those who stood at the very top to not make any mistakes whatsoever. In their long life, there were a lot of chances for them to make wrong decisions.

"Ivan is targeting my reputation as the perfect successor. He wants to break the myth that I'm not truly perfect," Jason smiled warmly. In his eyes, he too was not a perfect person because there were so many things that he did incorrectly. It was all a long process that allowed him to reach this far.

"Because of that stain, he wants to show that he's better than you," Laura murmured. "This is why you want to tell them that he too has stain like you to gain you equal ground in the fight for reputation."

"You catch that very quickly, little lass," Jason nodded his head and buried his head to her shoulder.

"That tickles!"

"Let me stay like this for a moment."

"No! Come on, your hair is tickling me!"

After a long struggle, Laura managed to get out of Jason's embrace. She glared at the man angrily. "Stop teasing me whenever you have the chance!"

"You're just too cute," Jason smiled. "Now, do you understand the reason I take this path?"

"More or less," Laura nodded her head.

"There are times when you can't do things only using the rightful way, especially when facing such a vicious opponent," Jason tapped the table. "Don't take it to heart. It's just, the way the world is working might be a bit hard to accept for someone like you."

Laura's eyes widened. She looked at Jason with a complicated expression. When she found out that he has been doing secret work, it caused her to feel troubled. Now she understood why he did that when she was not here.

He didn't want to let her choose.

Since it would be a difficult decision for her, he decided that he would be the one to choose it.

Slowly, she walked closer to the man and hugged him from behind. Her mouth was close to his ear as she whispered.  "Whatever you do, I'll support you."

Jason patted her hand. "Thank you, sweetheart."