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598 Fight ‘Fairly’ or ‘Unfairly’ 1

 Nali Family Main Residence

After making the call and all, Laura managed to call the elders into the meeting place once more. After she became the family head, she had never tried to summon them all like this because she didn't feel the need to. Today was different because she needed their help.

The grand elder looked at Laura with inquiry. "Lass, you better have a good reason for calling us here today."

"Yes, Elder," Laura replied.

Standing in front of numerous elders caused her body to grow tense. It was to be expected since the elders were mostly very knowledgeable and experienced. Staying calm in front of their gaze was nearly impossible.

However, Laura was no longer the same child as before. She had learned a lot of things and how to stand in front of a lot of people. As she had something she wished to share, she would not back down so easily.

"Elders of Nali Family, today I call you here because of the matter of Wells Family. I'm sure that many of you have heard the news regarding my relationship with their young master. The news... is true."

When Laura said that it was correct, the elders sighed to themselves. Some of them didn't like the fact that Laura got close with someone from a large family. On the other hand, the others just accepted it because they respected her choice. Many different opinions brewed inside their mind, but no one dared to voice it out.

"The dispute in Wells Family originated from a letter of invitation from the government, which our family declines. The Wells Family is divided into two factions, one agrees and the other one disagrees. As the result of the dispute, the two young masters of Wells Family enter into a dispute over the seat.

This might be something that's far away from our family, but in fact, it's not. Once the seat for the future successor is secured by either party, it'll show their stance about the invitation letter from the government. Either they'll agree to help in the research or disagree and face the government head on."

Laura paused for a moment. Her eyes swept the face of the elders before her. Some of them were listening attentively, but many were looking at her with annoyance. They didn't wish to get involved in the matter regarding Wells Family.

"No, what's the relation with our family?

The Nali Family has made their stance to reject the invitation and not plunge ourselves deeper into the hole they have prepared. While this may sound arrogant, but we don't want to stain our hands in the blood of thousands innocent people like them.

If the Wells Family decides to help the government, it means that we'll be the only family left in this city that faces against them. It'll make our position vulnerable and allow them to attack us. But if they decide to go against the government, it'll mean the opposite.

Now, I need your opinion regarding this matter."

As Laura stood in front of the elder, she was unwavering and clearly voiced out her thoughts. It was as if the elders standing in front of them were not above her, but equal with her. At this moment, her figure caused them to feel that they were seeing a great leader and not a young girl.

The grand elder, who once helped Laura, had a smile on his normal stoic face. He was betting about Laura's achievement when he allowed the girl to do as she wished. Now he won the bet.

Both sisters were truly worthy of their position.

The only thing he regretted was allowing the older sister to stay away from the Nali Family. With the determination and power that girl has, he would not feel surprised if that woman managed to rule the entire city.

The elders started to pour out questions one by one. Laura proceeded by explaining the benefit for them. It was important for her to not waver in front of the elders.

After hours of discussion, the elders decided to help Laura. They agreed for Nali Family to make their stances. Although they wouldn't use much of their resources, they still wanted to make sure that the Wells Family didn't turn to help the government.

Laura was glad when everything had finished. Seeing the elders left one by one, she felt at ease.

"Laura, stay behind," the grand elder suddenly spoke up.

The elders' ear perked up when they heard the order.  The grand elder rarely spoke, especially for the young generation. This was the second time this grand elder spoke out for Laura, which made them curious what this young lady did to gain his attention.

On the other hand, Laura also didn't understand, but she obeyed.

When the elders had gone out of the room, only the two of them remained in the large hall. Laura stood in front of the grand elder, not saying anything. She could feel immense pressure from the man before her, but she didn't dare to say anything. Even though no one told her, she knew the authority of this grand elder was far higher than the others.

"Laura, do you know what you have just said?" the grand elder asked.

Laura flinched when she heard his commanding tone. However, she put on a brave expression on her face as she looked back at the elder. She was unwilling to back down.

The grand elder inspected Laura's reaction before lowering his tone slightly. "I'm sure you know that the decision of supporting either side won't really affect the situation in entirety. The Wells Family has decided to go against the government, right?"

Laura didn't reply. She was present when the Wells Family Head decided that and talked to Jason, so she knew about the matter. However, this was the only convincing point that she could make in the face of the elders. Even if she knew, she would not admit it.

"I'm friends with Wells Family Head. He has told me about the youngsters' decision and warned me to not participate," the grand elder remarked. "You can show your stance as his girlfriend, but the Nali Family won't help much in this regards."

"I understand," Laura replied slowly.

"There's no need to feel down. I'll let you make the stance of the Nali Family as they have agreed," the grand elder eyed the young girl in front of him. He had promised his friend that the Nali Family won't move under his lead. However, he didn't say anything about the little girl in front of him.

"But only when it's necessary."

"I understand, Elder," Laura tried her best to make her expression neutral. In truth, she wanted nothing but to yell and scream in happiness. At least, her work hard was not in vain.

The Grand Elder looked at Laura tenderly. He had always thought that the woman was very interesting and a few months of leaving her alone proved that she had begun to stand on her own. But right now, he had to teach her about the harshness of competition in the real world.

"Laura, if you're in your boyfriend's place, what do you think is the best way to win against him?"

Laura raised her head. "It should be by gathering more information and winning in the court, right?"

"In other words, you wish to win by playing fairly," The Grand Elder nodded his head.

"Is there any other way, Elder?" Laura tilted her head confusedly. She didn't think that there would be any other way to contend against Ivan. All she could think was only fighting him head-on and won rightfully because the claim that Ivan charged against Jason was untrue.

"There is. Can you think what it will be?" The Grand Elder watched the woman in front of him. "It's an unfair play if you should say."

"Unfair play?" Laura was stunned. She thought that the only way to win was only by proving that they were the right one, but there was another way?

Seeing that Laura was confused, The Grand Elder decided to tell the young girl the answer. "You can try to drag your opponent down."

Drag your opponent down?

Suddenly, Laura recalled that Ivan has been trying to drag Jason down by spreading unjust news. This would make the reputation Jason had all these years gone to drain in mere hours. After all, a stain in a white cloth was easier to spot rather than the clean surrounding.

"Grand Elder, do you mean that I have to do the same to Ivan?" Laura was stunned. Wouldn't this be an unjust play?

The Grand Elder didn't answer right away. "It's up to you what you want to do against Ivan. I'm just telling you that there are two ways to win in a competition. You can either try to prove that you're better or you can try to drag your opponent down. Which one will you choose?"

Laura stared at The Grand Elder with a complicated expression. She truly didn't know, but she had to pick.