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597 Teasing too Much

 Laura smirked as she ended the phone call. "It's a deal, Mrs. Clara will come here in a few days."

Jason nodded his head. He had heard part of their conversation as well because Laura was still sitting on his lap. Honestly, he didn't understand what made Misae so happy just hearing about Laura's boyfriend.

"You seem to be very happy that you declare me as your boyfriend," Jason smirked.

Laura pursed her lips. "Can't I? You're my man!"

"Of course you can," Jason's smile turned wider. "But you have to pay me for using my name."

"What?" before she could react, Jason had pulled her to his embrace as he leaned on the sofa. His sudden movement started Laura, but the girl didn't try to resist as her pupil was staring back at the man below her. Heat crept to her face as her cheek blushed when she realized their position.

'He's below me!'

Jason chuckled as he pulled the girl's head closer. Laura was surprised and about to resist when her head was tilted slightly. She could feel his hot breath on her ear as his cheek was placed near hers. Even though she couldn't see how close he was, she could faintly feel his body heat near her.

Her face flushed red like a tomato. "Wha- Brother Jason... wha -what are you doing?"

"Hugging you."

"Jason!" Laura shrieked when she felt he blew wind to her ear. She gathered her strength and pushed herself away from the man as fast as possible. As Jason was not restraining her back, her attempt caused her to be placed in a sitting position. Her balance was off as she was moving too fast.

"Careful," Jason firmly held the girl's hips, making sure that she would not fall. He eyed the blushing woman in front of him. Even her ear had turned red in embarrassment because of his playful tease just now.

"Let me go!" Laura glared at the man. Even though they have been staying close with one another for the past year plus a few months, he rarely made a move like that. At most, he would just pull her to his embrace, but today, he seemed to bring his tease to a whole new level.

Their position right now was extremely embarrassing. It looked as if she was straddling him with her sitting like this. She wished that she could move away from the man as fast as possible.

"Don't you like it?" Jason laughed.

"I don't like it at all!" Laura's face was still as red as tomato. "Now, let me go!"

"Okay, okay, your wish is my command, my princess," Jason carefully moved his body as he placed Laura on the sofa. This time, he didn't try to do anything more aside from placing her on the sofa. He could feel a certain part in his body has started to get aroused, so he didn't wish to worsen his condition.

Laura didn't dare to linger any longer on the sofa. She sprang up from her position and headed towards the other chair. Her eyes were watching Jason warily as her cheek was still as red as tomato.

Honestly, what Jason wanted was to kiss the young girl, but he didn't want to make his move too fast. Hearing her claim of himself as her boyfriend caused him to be on cloud nine. After that, she told him that he's her.

When he heard that, all he wanted to do was to kiss her. It took everything he got to change it into blowing her ear, causing the girl to blush so badly. Her reaction was so priceless that he wished he could enact it once more. But if he did that, he was afraid his body wouldn't be able to control itself any longer.

Jason didn't let her stay silent as he smiled and directed the conversation. "As Nali Family's head, can you move your men as you wish?"

"Huh?" Laura tried to proceed with what Jason told her. She tilted her head. "I think so. The elders give me enough freedom to do whatever I want in the family as long as it's for the better future of the Nali Family."

"Is it possible to use your connection to search for the collaboration between Wells Family and Nali Family in the past? I believe that I have a few deals with your family long ago."

"I think it's plausible," Laura nodded her head. "We have the record for whoever has the contract with us. I'll ask the elder to check them."

"Do you mind making a trip to your family personally?" Jason added.

"Why? Is there anything that you need me to do?"

Jason smiled. "I want the Nali Family to make their stance that they're supporting me if it's possible. But to talk about this matter, I'm sure you'll need the agreement of the entire family, so it'll be better for you to return back."

Laura nodded her head. For something like this, it required the meeting of all the elders. It would take some time as she needed to call them all to heed her call.

"Alright, I'll go there."

"Don't you want to have dinner here?"

"This is still 3 PM, Brother Jason. I don't want to wait any longer."

"At least, let me kiss you."

"Dream on!"

After the two bantered for some time, Laura departed home while Jason sat on the living room. He smiled wryly when he recalled his ridiculous attempt to tease the little girl. Aside from making the girl blushed, there was not much progress in their relationship.

Shaking his head, he erased the thoughts from his head. He picked up his phone and made a call.

"Hello, Brother Jason, why are you calling me today?"

"Kanae, are you busy?"

Kanae looked around her room. She had just returned home after class in Lima School. Originally, she wanted to visit Kevin, but if Jason wanted her to do something, she would change her plan.

"Not really, is there something important?"

"Have you watched the news?" Jason stood up from his chair as he made his way to his room. The email from Clara would arrive anytime soon, so he would have to work harder.

"Are you talking about the news regarding your annoying cousin? I have watched it a few times to make remember the content very clearly," Kanae replied, her tone was clearly displeased.

"Yes. I need your help in that matter."

"What is it?"

"Ivan has made some connections over the years with various families using resources from Wells Family. I'm afraid that he'll abuse them by using the people who feel indebted to him doing some dirty work on our backs. Based on the regulation of the family, he couldn't do it, but I believe that many families still don't know that."

The rules of the Wells Family were clear. No matter whom their family has dealing with, only the Family Head could make the further deal. Any kind of indebted feeling was not allowed to be used if it was not the Family Head because it would just exploit the family's resources.

"There's this?" Kanae was surprised to hear that Ivan would do something like this. Using the grateful and indebted feeling from other people was not something new. She had seen someone else using them in the past.

However, this would not end too well because of the forced feeling that the other party might feel. This was why this attempt would only work against those who truly feel the debt.

"Yes. Ivan has some share of work during his time in Wells Family. He's not a completely pampered young master."

"I see. Do you want me to find them all out?"

"Yes. You just need to send their information and the deal details to me. Can you do this?"

"Sure. I won't take long for this."

"Great, thank you, Kanae."

Kanae laughed. "I'll gladly help you brother-in-law, but can you please not tease my sister so much?"

Jason nearly tripped on his own leg when Kanae mentioned that. "How do you know about something like that?"

"I wonder about that."

"Kanae, don't breach my privacy."

"I don't breach anyone's privacy," Kanae rolled her eyes. She found out about it because Laura accidentally activated the hidden connection device that she had on her bracelet for protection. It would activate if her wrist bumped hard. She guessed that Jason's sudden movement caused her wrist to bump into something, thus activating the device.

As for what they were doing, she didn't even want to know. When she heard her sister yelled Jason's name in anger, she knew that Jason must have teased the girl too much. She left the device by the side until nothing could be heard anymore.

"Argh, you're so annoying, Captain," Jason face palmed. The thought that Kanae saw or heard his embarrassing side caused him to feel embarrassed.

"Don't worry. I don't have any interest in following your progress with my sister," Kanae rolled her eyes. "I'll start searching for the information and give you the report later."

After the call ended, Jason sighed to himself. Next time, he had to make sure that Laura didn't bring a hidden device. Even if it was for protection, he didn't want Kanae to hear what they were doing.

That would be too embarrassing.