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596 Asking for Help

 "I need to find a lawyer."

Laura tilted her head sideways. "Why are you telling me what you need? I'm not a lawyer."

Jason: "..." I have not finished speaking.

"I'm not asking you to be one, but I know that you're close with a lawyer, right?"

Laura racked her brain as a name appeared in the midst of her rummage. There was only one lawyer that she knew, but coincidentally, she was known as one of the best lawyers in this city.

Clara Dara, Misae's mother.

After the incident that involved Misae not long ago, Clara moved out of this city to the other place. The news regarding her disappeared within weeks as they were staying at a rather faraway city. However, it didn't mean that she didn't have any way to contact them. Her hand phone still kept Misae's number inside them.

"You want me to ask for Mrs. Clara Dara?" Laura asked.

Jason nodded his head. "You can do this, right?"

"I think so," Laura replied ambiguously. She was not sure about asking help from Clara because the one who approached Clara before was her sister. The relationship between the two of them was unclear for her as she didn't have any information regarding why Clara would want to help her sister.

"What is it?"

"Um, I think Mrs. Clara only make a move because my sister asked for her help before, so I don't know if she'll move if it's me who asks," Laura replied with an apologetic smile.

Jason stared blankly as he nearly burst out laughing. The connection Kanae had so far always caused him to feel awe. This time was not an exception. He didn't even understand how that girl managed to attract powerful people to her side and helped her.

If he knew that it all began because of her downfall, he might think that her luck was simply too good.

In the midst of suffering, where her hope has been extinguished one by one, she met a lot of people. Those people were the one that helped her to reach this far bit by bit.

"You won't know if you don't try, right?" Jason smiled.

Laura nodded her head. She picked up her phone and searched for Misae's name. "I'll call her."

From the moment she called up until Misae picked up, not even five seconds have passed.

"Laura! You have finally called me back!" Misae's cheerful and loud voice could be heard loud and clear from Laura's side.

Laura pulled the phone away from her phone. Her ear wouldn't be able to handle Misae's yelling. "Misae, it has been a long time."

"Yes it is, how are you? I miss all of you so much!"

"I'm in need of help," Laura replied truthfully.

Misae, who was sprawling on her bed, immediately sat upright when Laura told her that the latter needed help. She wanted to know what Laura wanted from her. "Tell me, what can I do to help you?"

"My boyfriend is unjustly accused and challenged. I need a lawyer to help him."

Misae's brain processed what Laura told her when it clicked to her that Laura had just told her that she has a boyfriend.

"WAIT! Wait, you have a boyfriend?"

Laura's mouth opened wide as she sneaked a glance towards Jason. How could she forget what kind of person Misae was? The only thing that Misae cared the most would be about boys. It has been months since the last time they met, so Misae was adamant on hearing the latest progression.

"You can say so."

"Awwww, I'm so jealous! I want to have a boyfriend too!"

Laura's mouth twitched. "You have Mike, right?"

"Ah, that man is still busy because of work here and there. He rarely calls me, so who would want to think about that annoying man? It's better to forget about him for the time being!"

Misae humped with annoyance. The last time Mike called her was a few weeks ago. She knew that the Ryukalin Clan was busy, but she hated the fact that he didn't call her at all.

Laura could tell that Misae was sulking about Mike. It was not like she would hate the man so much just because of that. As for searching for another man, she doubted that Misae would be able to do that with how this girl has been so stuck up on Mike in the past. She must be only saying that because she missed Mike so much as she hadn't been able to talk with him lately.

"Don't worry. I'm sure he'll call you back soon enough."

"I hope so, too," Misae sighed. She didn't only want Mike to call her, but she also wanted that man to meet with her. Unfortunately, she had promised that she wouldn't return back before finishing her study, so she couldn't.

"Don't sulk. The matter in this city has grown rather high lately. It's not safe for you to return back."

"I know, now, let's return back to your matter," Misae's tone turned solemn. "What's the name of your boyfriend and the charge directed at him? My mother needs to know the information regarding her client first."

"His name is Jason Wells and the charge is, someone claims that he's stealing his position," Laura replied.

"Okay, I'll text my mother first," Misae typed on her other phone and sent it when she inspected the name. Why did it feel that the name was very familiar?

"Laura, is it Wells as in Wells Family?"


"Are you telling me that your boyfriend is the Wells Family young master, who's termed as the perfect successor?"


"WHAT? Are you kidding me? AAAAAHHHHHH! How did you manage to get close with him? There are thousands of girls wanting to get close with him, but they don't have the chance!"

Laura had to pull the phone away from her because Misae was partially screaming. She pursed her lips. How did she manage to get close to him? Well, obviously it was because Jason was her sister's subordinate. But this truth should be kept hidden. There was no need for an outsider to know that the so-called perfect successor would bow down his head in front of two women.

"It's a long story."

"You have to tell me when I return back! I want every detail regarding that!" Misae insisted.

Laura smiled wryly. She would just ask Jason to help her make a fake story about their relationship. After all, it would be hard to believe that the man that many girls chased would be willing to help a little girl because of the request of another young girl.

"I'll tell you a bit when we meet in the future."

"That's good!" Misae smiled happily. She noticed that her phone vibrated, showing a recent message from her mother. It took her a few seconds to read the message. "I have a piece of good news for you. My mother agrees to become Jason Wells' lawyer."

"Really?" Laura's eyes glimmered.

"Yes, she'll come there in a few days, so you have to prepare a lot of things. She says that she will send the necessary information to your boyfriend's email. There's no need for you to give the email, she already has it."

Misae pursed her lips slightly when she thought about how famous Jason was. It was truly a wonder how Laura and Jason could get together.

"Alright, I understand, is there anything else?"

Misae's eyes fixated on the message his mother gave her. "No, there's nothing else."

"Okay, thank you, Misae."

"You're welcome, Laura. Good luck in your case!"

"Thank you!"

After the call had ended, Misae stared at the message as she sighed. 'Mom, why do you have to mention this again? I can't possibly tell this to her.'

She placed her phone on the table as she picked up her book. It was already the time for her to remember the law of this country again. On the screen of her phone, it showed the message from Clara.

'Her sister's changed your life, so I'll surely help her, Misae.'