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595 Competition for the Position

 Alan's House

Alan was busy reading through the newspaper when he heard his father calling him. Standing up lazily, he put the newspaper on the table and headed straight to the living room.

"Father, is there anything wrong?"

"Alan, look at the television?"

Alan frowned, but he did as his father said. His gaze was totally focused on the television where a young man was standing there, yelling words to the mass in front of him. Several people stood with him, guarding the young man as if he was the most important person in the world.

After a few seconds, the reporter's face popped in.

"...Reporting from Wells Family Residence, the young master of Wells Family, Ivan Wells, comes out today to tell us a breaking news. He revealed the fact that Jason Wells, the one termed as the perfect successor has been dealing in Black Street for a long time as part of a group.

In addition, he wanted to challenge Jason because his cousin takes the position of inheritance from him. Ivan Wells has been trying to gather his men as he spread the news this morning. The news has spread like a wildfire, spreading to every part of the city, announcing the fact that Ivan is the legal successor and Jason is a thief...."

Alan frowned when he heard the news. What in the world is that young master thinking by spreading the news like this? He would only be able to gain some sympathy as people in this city could care less about matters from the four big families -three big families; one of them had disappeared from a long time ago.

Even though some people may take his words for granted, many of them were not that stupid. For Jason to be able to hold his position as the successor of Wells Family for a long time, it showed that the young man was quite capable. What was in the mind of this young master?

"Father, what is it that you want to show me?" Alan turned his head. He saw that his father had a rather solemn look.

"Alan, can you do some research about Ivan for me?" his father uttered his wish.

"Ivan?" Alan was shocked. Why would his father want to know more about Ivan? Could it be that his father wants to make a newspaper about this man?

His family was rich, but they didn't reach this point without any hardworks. His father was a journalist and at the same time, the owner of several newspaper firm in this city. Many kinds of news had to go through this man before they spread out in the city.

As his son, Alan became extremely proficient in gathering information. As he was still in the midst of practicing, his skill caused him to become a chatterbox and gossiper in school. Thanks to that, he knew how to differentiate real news and hoax. Still, it didn't mean he could work yet.

"Yes," his father sighed. "Our firm can stand because of the help that Ivan Wells give us in the past. Now, he's demanding us to spread news about this."

"But father, didn't you always say that we will only tell the truth?"

"We can't, Alan," Alan's father replied back. "All we have is because I follow what Ivan says years ago. I'm not someone who doesn't know gratitude, so I have to pay him back for what he had done."

From the way he saw it, Alan thought that his father was coerced into making this fake news. It would be detrimental for their firm telling fake news, but there was no other choice. Their life was at the stake.

"Do we really have to do this?"

"Just do as I say, Alan. Gather some news regarding Ivan, we can only try to make it as close to the truth as possible."

"I..." Alan stared at his father with a complicated expression. His father always taught him that he should only tell the correct news to the people. Now, his father wanted him to do the opposite. This caused him to feel extremely complicated.

"This will be the only time, Alan," his father said. Even he felt hurt because of this decision, but if Ivan wanted it, he could destroy their entire family with only a lift of his finger.

Alan nodded his head. Although he was unwilling, he didn't have any other choice right now. If he didn't do this, he would just throw their lives away because Ivan would never let them off.

He never knew that their family would have any dealing with Wells Family. He thought that his father built this firm using his own hand and righteous way that he always taught to him. Reality proved otherwise.

"Don't forget to make sure the data can be used, Alan."

"Yes, Father, I understand."

Alan stepped back to his room and took out his laptop. He sighed deeply for he understood that he couldn't get away from this matter. After this, their firm would be tainted because of the fake news they were forced to make.

From the bottom of his heart, he hoped that they would be able to make the newspaper nearer to the truth. That way, there was still a way to salvage the situation.


Wells Family, Jason's Residence

Laura was watching the television with Jason. Her expression turned ugly when she saw how Jason's cousin flaunted the lie like it was the truth. The real successor is Jason and not that faker, Ivan!

"Brother Jason, he's very outrageous," Laura complained.

Jason nodded his head. He had to agree that Ivan was simply too outrageous. This action would prove to be very detrimental for their Wells Family because it was brought to the court. Not to mention, the case was extremely simple.

"He wants war," Jason commented with ease. Flame appeared from beneath his dark iris. "If that's what he wants, then I'll give it. War is it? I'm ready."

Laura could feel the surge of killing intent emanating from the man before her. She sucked on the air in surprise. This was the first time she had ever experienced her boyfriend showed this part of his true nature to her. Even though it was not directed towards her, the suffocating aura caused her to feel deep stricken fear.

This made her wonder just how many people this man had killed in his life to cause this deep killing intent emerged.


"Ah," Jason quickly reverted back his dangerous aura and looked at Laura worriedly. Different from Kanae, Laura was not used to the harsh and unforgiving life in Black Street. She might know part of them as it was rather common, but it didn't mean she could live her life with them so close around her.

"Laura, are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Laura eyed the man before her once again. Seeing that Jason had returned to normal made her feel more at ease. She was still not used to seeing his dangerous state as he looked extremely scary.

Jason put down the remote control and patted the girl's head. "Sorry, I don't mean to scare you."

"I'm not that scared, yet," Laura mumbled, unwilling to admit that she was scared at his demeanor.

Jason arched his eyebrows. "Fine, I'm sorry for surprising you."

"I'm not surprised too."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Laura averted her eyes, her stubbornness caused her to be unwilling to back down.

Jason chuckled before pulling the girl closer. "You're so stubborn."

"Don't get so close!" Laura glared angrily.

"Don't be angry, I need your help," Jason rested his head on Laura's shoulder. He inhaled her scent and thought that she smelled really nice today.

"What help?" Laura shifted her body slightly. Her eyes showed traces of curiosity at the word that Jason might say.

"I need to find a lawyer."