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594 Finding Clues of Their Whereabouts

 After Ivan had left the room, the elders walked out one by one. Many of them passed a glance at Jason as if they were telling him about how they viewed him. All along, they had underestimated the other party. No one knew that he would make such a big event in their family and gained firm hold on something so outrageous.

"Father, what is it that you want to talk about with us?" Jason asked after everyone had left.

Wells Family Head fixated his gaze on Jason, his only son. He had never taken care of the boy directly because he was busy. Wells Family was simply too big for him to care about an annoying young man. What he wanted all these years was a perfect successor to inherit his place and not a son, so it was him who made Jason like this after a long time.

"The matter regarding the offer from the government, you should just leave it to us," he said coldly.

Jason didn't know why his father wanted to take care of the matter by himself. However, years of staying under his father taught him that it was better to not go against his father's will. Whatever his father wanted would be the law of the family. This was how the Wells Family managed to thrive all these years.

"I understand, Father," Jason replied calmly.

Wells Family Head nodded his head. He looked at Laura. "For your personal life, I won't meddle. But if you dare to scheme against Wells Family, I won't let you off."

"I understand, Father."

"The battle between you and Ivan should be handled by youngsters. I don't want you to involve other people from Wells Family into the meddlesome problem you two have created."

"I understand, Father."

"Now, leave me."

"I understand, Father," Jason bowed formally before taking Laura's hand and walked out of the room.

Wells Family Head watched as Jason left him with an indifferent expression. He had never tried to nurture a relationship with his son because he didn't want it. It would be better for the boy to learn how to stand by himself. He was merely a stranger in that boy's life, and it would never change.

Jason walked out of the hall solemnly. He knew that Ivan would not let the matter end here, so he had to be prepared for the worst. First of all, he needed to find all the records of his activities in Black Street to prepare for a valid argument against Ivan.

"Brother Jason," Laura tugged Jason's clothes.

"What is it, Laura?"

"I just feel that your conversation with your father is strange. You two look like master and subordinate rather than father and son."

Jason smiled wryly. If even an outsider saw it like that, then it must be crystal clear that their relationship was that bad. "There's no need to worry so much. It's always like that, for him I'm nothing more than a 'successor'."

Laura frowned when she heard what Jason said. Relationship like that was surely not something one desired. She tightened her grip on Jason's hand. At the very least, she would shower him with attention from herself. In the past few weeks, she had gotten even closer with Jason as she learned more about business and how to manage the large family. She would surely help him when it was his turn to have problems.

"It'll be a tough battle with Ivan, I might need your help."

"I won't leave you."

Seeing her stubborn stance, a smile made its way to Jason's lips. It was weird but having her by his side made him rather happy. Pulling the girl to his embrace, he lightly whispered on her ear. "Thank you."


Government's Side

"Professor Taren, we have finished investigating the blood trace on the weapon," a man dressed in white robe reported solemnly. His tone was rather serious when he announced his finding.

Professor Taren glanced up from the stack of paper on his hand. He was busy investigating the research report of the golden letter owners that the doctors submitted to him. His forehead creased when he heard what his subordinate said.

"Which weapon do you investigate? Is it the one from Megara or the one on Anna's hand?"

"We have traced the two of them, Professor," the man replied.

After the battle with Kevin, Megara's weapon was taken because there were traces of Kevin's blood there. Professor Taren wanted to know more about Kevin's blood, so he sent his core team to investigate everything they could find, even up to DNA.

As for Anna, they simply wanted to know who managed to kill the woman. As a fighter, Anna was one of the strongest ones in this place. To be able to kill Anna would mean that the one who did it was not an ordinary person.

"Tell me," Professor Taren fixed his glasses position.

The man cleared his throat. "From the blood on Megara's weapon, we found traces of several people's blood. One of them belongs to Kevin Kalin, the current head of Ryukalin Clan. Based on the reaction of the blood sample that we receive, it's suspected that Kevin has the same ability as his father. He has awakened his talent as the 'perfect soldier' and has strength far surpassing any ordinary human."

He paused for a moment. "Based on the calculation, it might be nearing Ferdinand's previous level when he first awakened, Sir."

Professor Taren creased his brows. Up until now, Ferdinand was the one who has the strongest talent that he had ever met. There was no one who could possibly contend against Ferdinand, so he couldn't believe that the man found his match.

'He hasn't been awakened for a long time. He's still not Ferdinand's match.'

The calculation was based on the assumption that the potential was awakened fully. Normally, it would take three years for the talent to be awakened mostly and give the body a large boost. However, it took one decade for the talent to be fully integrated and the potential no longer gave any boost each year on the day they awakened their talent.

Based on Kevin's age, it would be impossible.

"What about the other one?"

"The blood that we find in Anna's weapon belongs to someone that has been missing for years: Kirei Servo. The blood showed that she has also awakened her talent and even if her strength will not be up to par against the strongest, it's quite a troublesome talent."

"Kirei Servo you say?"

"Yes, Professor."

Professor Taren nearly laughed when he heard the name. They have been searching for the young girl for years without any result whatsoever, yet today, they found out that the girl was still alive. Moreover, she has awakened her talent.

"This is interesting," Professor Taren smiled. "The two of the missing children resurface after a long time, only the third one missing. I wonder if he will also come over to me by himself."

"Professor?" the man was stunned to see Professor Taren looked as if he was happy. Was there anything happy knowing the enemy was much more powerful.

Professor Taren stood up. "I want that girl. She'll be perfect to test the medicine."

The man shivered when he heard the word 'medicine.' Everything that Professor Taren had made so far was extremely scary. It would give the one who consumed it a large boost in power at the exchange of something else. From the way this professor smiled, he could guess that whatever he planned for that girl was surely not something good.

As the professor walked out to meet with Ferdinand, the man glanced at the report. There was one more thing that he had not talked to Professor Taren as it was merely speculation in the hearts of the researcher. Knowing that the professor wouldn't return back soon, he put the matter into the back of his head.

'It's time to work again.'