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592 Perfect Couple

 Wells Family Residence

As the elders were still gathering because of the media mass, they entered heavy discussion about Ivan's recent antics. Right now, not a single one of them have the intention to go back home. If they did, they would just be swarmed by the reporters who were eager to find them and ask numerous questions.

"Family Head, what should we do regarding Ivan's action?" one of the elders asked nervously. They knew that Ivan had started to act out of the bounds with the recent action not befitting his name.

Wells Family Head didn't answer. His cold gaze was directed straight to the front. Just outside the door, Ivan was busy talking to the reporters as if he was the one who had the right.

"Family Head, please answer us."

"They're waiting for an answer."

While the elders were getting restless, those who supported Ivan felt glee. They deducted that the family head didn't want to get involved in this matter anymore, thus allowing them to act as they wanted to. Happily, they accommodated Ivan to even more privilege.

Those who supported Jason were equally silent. They didn't even utter any word as they watched from the sidelines, just like a spectator. While the others, who were rather neutral, came pestering the family head to step inside and resolved the matter.

The Wells Family Head stayed silent all the time. He gazed directly to the front with his indifferent expression. No one knew what he was thinking with that kind of expression.


"Family Head, Jason appears with a woman!" a servant suddenly announced.

A woman? The elders were stunned to hear the sudden news. They knew that Jason has been staying silent all the time, but why did that young master appear with a woman?

Did he spend his time playing around with his woman while the others were handling turmoil like this?

"Unforgivable, what is that man thinking?" one of the elders who supported Ivan bellowed angrily. He couldn't believe that Jason would take a woman inside.

"Family Head, he has acted out of bounds!"

"Family Head, he's being too willful!"

While the elders were yelling in displeasure, Wells Family Head pointed to the television. "Turn it on."

He only said one single sentence, but the elders already scampered to take the remote control. The authority of this man was crystal clear, no one in the Wells Family dared to talk back to him. Once he spoke, that sentence was the rule of their family.

The television turned on and it directly showed the condition of their residence where reporters were as many as dust. It simply filled the entire space with the reporters. At the very front, Ivan was standing proudly while a car approached him.

From inside the car, two people appeared: Jason and Laura.

Ivan glanced at Jason. "My dear cousin, what are you doing here? Have you finally calmed down after the revelation of your involvement in Black Street?"

The reporters' ear perked up. This perfect successor has a hand in Black Street. Could it be this was the reason Ivan became the spokesperson recently? Now, this was truly a piece of great news for them. The perfect successor was not so perfect after all.

They quickly readied their pen and paper plus camera to capture this precious moment.

Jason looked back at Ivan. If this was a private area, he would just let his cousin's mouth flapped like a bird. However, he would never let his cousin slander his name in front of the media.

"My dear cousin, do you understand the consequences of your words? Don't slander innocent people."

Ivan sneered. "What are you talking about my dear cousin? I'm just talking the truth as you're indeed involved in Black Street as part of a group."

Dear cousin was their way to call each other in public. It sounded friendly and obviously cozy, but in truth the two of them were using it to restrain their feelings. With that polite and somewhat pleasing to ear greetings, they reminded themselves that they were in public and should not do anything that would damage Wells Family name.

However, their tone when they said the phrase would reflect their real feeling. When they were restraining their rage, the words sounded forced.

"My dear cousin, it seems that years of learning etiquette didn't make you a better person," Jason flashed an apologetic smile. It was as if he was the one in the right while Ivan was the one in the wrong. "Why are you stepping out of your bounds by taking up my position? Have my Father given you the permission to speak as the representative of Wells Family?"

Ivan's expression changed slightly when Jason countered him and forced the topic to change. "He gave his permission to me, my dear cousin. Didn't you hear his words during the last meeting?"

"Unfortunately, my hearing is not too good. I don't recall hearing my father gives any order regarding this matter. Have you perhaps heard it, Elder Kan?"

The elder beside Ivan wanted to say 'yes'. However, his mind replayed the meeting and the only sentence that the Wells Family Head uttered was only 'meeting adjourned.' He didn't give any kind of instruction for Ivan to take over Jason's role as the Wells Family representative.

Seeing the troubled face on the elder's face, the reporters knew that something must be up. They giddily wrote down in their paper about this conversation. Something must have happened in the meeting that didn't suit what Ivan told them.

"You're really good at evading conversation, Jason. Why don't you tell us more about your experience in Black Street?" Ivan tried to change the conversation.

Jason arched his eyebrows. "With all due respect, my dear cousin, why don't you tell me who allowed you to become the spokesperson of Wells Family today?"

The two young men didn't want to back down, each of them pointing at the other party's mistake. Behind Jason, Laura held her urge to roll her eyes. This cousin of Jason was truly annoying. She wished for nothing more than smacking that man to clear up his senses.

The elder beside Ivan knew that situation was growing bad. He eyed the woman beside Jason.

"Young Master Jason, although I know that you're the successor of Wells Family, is there any need for you to bring irrelevant parties to the matter regarding our family?"

"Oh?" Jason eyed Laura. "I forgot to introduce you to my girlfriend, Elder Kan. I was planning on bringing her to meet with my father first."

Inside the room, the elders were shocked by Jason's words. Although he was already 20 years old, no one expected him to bring a young woman into the house so quickly. Even if he wanted to do so, was there any need to bring her during this chaotic time?

Wells Family Head's eyes narrowed slightly. "Laura Nali."

"Family Head?" the closest elder was stunned to hear a woman's name from the old man. Also, it seemed that the name sounded rather familiar.

When Jason began to introduce her, Laura stepped forward. "Hello, my name is Laura Nali, the Family Head of Nali Family. I'm here to talk with Brother Jason's Father regarding some matters. Because of that, I hope that you can give way for us."

When the reporters heard her name, they were stunned speechless. They had heard her name not long ago because of the incident in the Nali Family. As of now, the Nali Family stayed low, with nothing big on the surface, but the family has been secretly rising under the lead of this young woman. Many people speculated that she was truly one of the greatest family heads.

Their brain recalled the word 'girlfriend' that Jason uttered not long ago. Right now, they truly wondered what could be lacking from this man.

He has perfect skill, extremely suited to be the family head. He had earned the nickname 'perfect successor' from a long time ago. As for Laura, she has been known to be the promising leader of Nali Family, a truly perfect little lady that was equally powerful in business.

Could it be that he would be perfect in every single matter? Now it seemed that they would have to add one more title for them: 'Perfect Couple."