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 Randy was looking at the young man before him with gritted teeth. Originally, he didn't want to come here at all. He believed that he would be alright by himself without the need to rely on those powerful figures. It turned out that his mind has been wrong, extremely wrong.

People thought that he disappeared because of the loss Hunter Group experienced. Only he knew that it was not true. The real reason for his disappearance was because of his woman, Vena Aida -the previous princess of Aida Family, disappearance.

That day was very humiliating for him. He had to stay silent in the room, unable to do anything for Vena simply because Ferdinand was there. Powerless and weak, he decided to stay quiet until they took Vena away from him.

At that time, he felt a bit lost because it was always Vena who commanded his life, day and night.

'I'm free!'

His first thought was doing things that he always wanted to do but never had the chance. Filling his days with doing things that he liked, he enjoyed the freedom without having to worry that Vena would suddenly call him. It was fun and moreover, he didn't have to fight and bet with his life the entire time.

Everything should have been perfect, but it didn't turn out as he wished.

'I miss her.'

He never realized this before, but he placed more importance to his Miss more than what he thought. The phone that he always carried to allow the woman called him never left his body. Unconsciously, he would wait for her call and message like before.

Still, he knew that it would be an impossible request. She had left; he abandoned her on that particular day, leaving the weak girl in the hands of that man. So he gathered his resolve and started his investigation to find her again.

But things were not so easy.

There was a lot of fake information spread around. He didn't even know which one of them was true. They were gathered together, mixing so perfectly that it was hard for him to differentiate one with the other. Because of that, he decided that it would be better if he searched for help.

But who?

The only person who still stood against the government was only the Ryukalin Clan. The very clan that destroyed his group and sent him wounded so badly that left him with no face. However, he didn't have any choice.

He couldn't possibly become enemies with them for his entire life. He needed help, or he would never be able to meet with Vena ever again. As he had known bits and pieces of what the government did, he knew time was of essence. If he didn't hurry, he might never see her again.

"I want your help to find someone," Randy replied ambiguously.

Kevin looked back at Randy coldly. His cold expression didn't change in the slightest, making Randy unaware of the thoughts behind his indifferent expression.

"Are you searching for Vena Aida?"

Randy's expression changed slightly. He raised his head to look at Kevin. "How...?" do you know?

"It's not known whether she's still alive or not," Kevin said coldly, not showing his real thoughts at all. "Do you think I have any information about her whereabouts?"

"I'm not asking for information," Randy spoke up. "I want your help to let me get inside Lima School."

So far, he has been trying to find out about Vena's whereabouts. He had barged into the government's place a few times, but didn't find any trace of her. The next place that he needed to check was Lima School. Unfortunately, the guards would never let him get inside undetected.

From outside, it didn't seem to be any different than any other school, but he knew better than that. They were protecting the school heavily and unless the one who came inside had the pass, they wouldn't even be able to get close. The defense mechanism of the school didn't allow strangers got inside.

Kevin also knew about the defense mechanism. This was the reason why he couldn't bring Mike and Neo along into the school.

But if it was sneaking in, he had some ways.

"What can you give to me in exchange for helping you get inside?"

Randy's eyes shone when Kevin asked the question to him. This meant that this man had a way to get him inside the school building one way or another. If he had something that Kevin wanted, he would be able to get inside.

The current him didn't really have anything left as Kevin nearly destroyed everything that belonged to him. His men had died, his headquarters were destroyed, and many other things. All that he had left was nothing but information regarding several things that he had worked hard to gather during his time as the leader of Hunter Group.

"I can give you information," Randy replied.

"What information do you think I need?" Kevin asked back.

Randy's brain spun towards the matter of the west area. "I know that you have been trying to take hold the areas of the west. There is a lot of information regarding the power structure in that place that I can give you, such as the small gangs and the government employees."

"Is that all?" Kevin asked indifferently.

"There is also a complete map and pathway of the west area of this city. The map is relatively new, so you can use it to your liking," Randy racked his brain about the information that he had. There were not too many, but the help of Vena in the past allowed him to gather much more than what his capabilities allowed. These were his biggest bargaining chips in front of Kevin.

Kevin nodded his head. "You better not lie to me."

"I won't lie to you, I swear," Randy replied. He was rather desperate because there was not a single person he knew that could possibly let him get inside the school. If he tried to ask the government to let him meet with Vena, they would gladly blow his head rather than giving permission to him.

In truth, Kevin had the plan to sneak inside the school in the future. Because they have found out his identity, it would be hard for him to just walk freely. The best way would be sneaking inside during the night.

Randy's request was the same as making slight changes to his plan. It was not too hard for him to do.

"Alright, get inside, we'll talk more about this."

"Thank you very much, Ryukalin Clan Head," Randy beamed when he heard Kevin's suggestion.

Beside them, Neo secretly lit up a candle for Randy. That man didn't know that Kevin didn't have to do much for the request that Randy gave. They were still preparing the infiltration because there were still many things that they were not certain, yet. However, it would be a piece of cake to add one more person, especially one of Randy's calibers.

"In a few days, we'll get inside the school, but once you get in, you have to take care of the matter by yourself," Kevin warned the man.

Randy nodded his head. "I understand."

Right now, his mind was filled with nothing but finding a way to get inside and met with Vena again.