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590 Randy Reappearance

 Jason's Residence

To say that the news didn't bring any ripples would be a lie. The media was bombarding the Wells Family's residence like there was no tomorrow. However, the family head didn't appear. He stayed inside the shadow, without any hint whatsoever that he would come out to resolve the situation.

On the other hand, Ivan was taking the matter directly by proclaiming that he would be taking over the family. He boasted that the family matter would be handed directly into his hand.

"Your cousin is quite something, Brother Jason," Laura Nali, Kanae's little sister, was looking at the news report with disgust. The cousin of Jason was truly too much in his action.

"Ivan always wants the position of family head that I hold for years. There's nothing wrong with him trying to take it back by using numerous schemes," on the contrary, Jason's reply was rather mild.

"Hmm," Laura pursed her lips. Even though Jason accepted the matter as it was, she still hated the fact that Ivan squandered the matter of Wells Family like that. It was as if he wanted to show to the entire world that the Wells Family is in his hand and no one shall take it from him.

Today, she was visiting Jason's residence to accompany the man. After she received the news regarding Wells Family, she was angry at the lack of response the family had. She decided to visit the man's house to see the situation by herself.

However, the man was lazing around like it was nothing.

"I really don't understand why you still let that man out," Laura pointed to the television in displeasure.

Jason laughed. "There's no need for me to move so much. He's digging his own grave by picking up the position that doesn't belong to him. Even without me doing anything, he'll be done for."

Laura frowned when she heard what Jason said. Her eyes landed on the confident man behind her. She could not understand how his confidence could come from.

"Speaking of which, I keep on hearing news regarding your involvement in Black Street. Fiore Group is my sister's group, right?"

Jason's movement stopped when he heard Laura's question. He turned his head to look at the young girl as a wry smile appeared on his lips.

"Why do you guess that it belongs to your sister?"

Laura tilted her head. "She seems to have paid more attention to Fiore Group in the past. Besides, I once overheard her talk with you about that group."

Jason: "..." Kanae, your sister is a bit too knowledgeable.

"I'm not really certain, but I think she likes the word," Laura thought to herself again.

Secretly, Jason nodded his head. It was Kanae who suggested that their group name should be Fiore because of the word meaning: flower. He didn't know what made Kanae love the word, but since she wanted it, he let her be.

Honestly, it sounded rather girly. With their group consisting of one girl and three men, it looked rather weird. However, he had already gotten used to the nickname, so he didn't care anymore.

"Yes, it's the group that belongs to your sister."

Laura's eyes gleamed. "Then she must be the leader since you're obeying her words, Brother Jason."

"Am I that low in your eyes?" Jason flicked the girl's forehead. He would not allow this little girl to squander his name any further.

"Hey!" Laura covered her forehead and glared at Jason. "Did I get it wrong?"

"Nope, but that just makes me want to punish you again."


The two of them played around for a while, mostly just Jason messing with Laura's hair. The two of them stopped when Jason's phone rang. Looking at Laura panting heavily near him, he laughed.

"We can continue our little game later," he quickly brushed his hand as it was filled with chocolate.

Laura humped. She proceeded to stir the chocolate that she had mixed in the bowl. In their banter, she used it as her weapon. It was a waste that some of them fell to the floor, but she felt satisfied whenever she recalled his face.

'Serve him right for teasing me so much!'

After drying his hand, Jason picked up the phone. He didn't even bother looking at the caller ID as he immediately answered. The familiar ringtone was still crystal clear in his ears

"What is it, Kanae?"

Laura's ears perked up when she heard the word 'Kanae'. After the incident that involved her, she hadn't seen her sister for a couple of months. It would be a lie to say that she didn't miss the other party, but she knew that it wouldn't be appropriate for her to search for Kanae again.

"It's finished, Brother Jason," Kanae's voice sounded tired. "You can take over the matter, I have sent everything to your mail."

"Alright, thank you, Kanae. You should take some rest."

"I will."

After he ended the call, he turned around to look at Laura. "Do you want to participate in a grand event?"

"Is it involving your cousin?" Laura's eyes glimmered.

"Yes," Jason nodded his head.

"Sure, I want to see how you kick that annoying man into pulp!" Laura put the bowl on the table as she hurriedly ran to the sink. She wanted to see that man got beaten up.

Jason shook his head amusedly at her action. His mind recalled his cousin as his gaze turned sharp. It was the time for a payback.


Ryukalin Clan

"Boss, there's someone who wants to meet you," Neo informed.

Kevin raised his head from the stack of papers in front of him. He eyed Neo suspiciously. "Who is it?"

"It's Randy."

Randy? Kevin recalled this name because he was pretty famous and annoying for the past couple of years. As the leader of Hunter Group, Randy was pretty capable in dealing with many kinds of situations. After all, the Hunter Group was built from scratch by this man.

The news regarding Randy had disappeared for quite some time. It was as if the man couldn't accept his loss to the Ryukalin Clan during the battle after the prison's breakout. Kevin thought that he would never hear the young man's name anymore, but here he was, standing right in front of Ryukalin Clan's gate.

"I'll meet him."

Kevin stood up from his seat and walked to the gate calmly. His steps were calm as he made his way to the gate.

Standing in front of the gate was a man in unkempt clothes. His appearance was not any different than the previous times Kevin met him, but his eyes had lost its light. The brilliance and confidence that the man showed as the leader of Hunter Group has lost, replacing it was a rather solemn gaze.

If not for him meeting the other party directly before, he would never believe that they were the same person.

"Randy, what brings you here?" Kevin asked in a rather cold tone.

Randy raised his head. His eyes flickered when he saw Kevin standing in front of him calmly.

"I... I need your help, Ryukalin Clan Head."

Kevin's expression remained indifferent as he scanned the man before him. "Speak."