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589 Helping Each Other

 After the meeting had ended, Ivan felt dissatisfied because Wells Family Head didn't do anything. He was hoping that something big would happen, such as Jason lost his position. However, the dim reaction caused him to feel disheartened.

"Young Master Ivan, the preparation has been complete," one of his men reported politely.

Ivan nodded his head. Since the Wells Family Head didn't want to make any move, he would do it by himself. It would be far better for him to take care of the things by himself.

"Call the media, I have important news to make."

"Yes, Young Master."

Ivan rubbed his chin as he thought about his decision. It wouldn't be hard for him to make a move. All these times, he had cut off Jason's business and never let the young man did anything. With the businesses were handled back by the elders for the time being, it was the time for him to start his movement.

His eyes glinted with ruthlessness when he thought about the matter. It would be better for him to leave that young man with no other way out.

'It's time for them to know who the real successor of the Wells Family is.'


While Ivan was planning on taking him down, Jason calmly walked out of the mansion. He could feel the penetrating gaze from the elders around him, but he paid no heed. There was no need for him to answer their demand as he believed that he would not lose in this exchange.

Ivan's revelation didn't surprise him much. After all, he had found out that his cousin had spent a lot of money to track him down.

It was laughable that his cousin would spend so much time just to search for him. However, Jason knew the allure of finding out his weakness was simply too big for Ivan. It would grant Ivan the chance to take over the position he eyed from a long time ago.

However, Jason didn't care about the matter as much as Ivan. He allowed Ivan to pry deeper because he wanted to let them know about his real ability.

Groups were not criminal.

If they tried to pry deeper, they would know that Fiore Group has never been categorized as criminal by the police. It was because their area of activity lingered in Black Street area. They also did their work based on the request that was placed for groups to do.

Jason walked to his own car. Right when he was about to start the car, his phone rang. Hearing the familiar ringtone, he picked up the call right away.

"Kanae, what makes you call me so early?"

"What do you mean by early? This is already afternoon, Brother Jason," Kanae retorted.

"Fine, fine, afternoon, so what is it?"

"I have just watched the television. Your cousin announces that the Wells Family is agreeing to the request made by the government, but the representative is Ivan Wells."

'Ah,' Jason exclaimed internally. He didn't know about his cousin recent activity because he had just left the building. From what the meeting had concluded, there was supposedly to be no movement from the family at all. However, it seemed that his cousin couldn't wait to make a move.

Knowing his father would not tolerate any misstep, he knew that his father would never let his cousin off. However, this would be the chance for him to show his father what he had done so far too.

"I see, so he has presented a large gift for us."

Kanae rolled her eyes. "What do you mean by gift?"

"Kanae, how's the condition of the companies that I entrusted to you?" Jason changed the conversation in a blink of eyes.

"Pretty good. They're starting to get inside the circle of the most powerful companies in this city."

"Can you push them to overcome the Wells Family?"

Kanae arched her eyebrows when she heard his request. It was not impossible, but it would be hard to do them in a short span of time. There were still so many things that she had to do. The matter in the Ryukalin Clan caused her movement to halt for the past few days.

'I should have worked harder.'

Kanae sighed to herself at the thought of her workload increased again. Thankfully, there was no apparent movement from the government against the Ryukalin Clan again or it would be hard for her to divide her work.

"Do you mean that the news is not your family but your cousin's?"

Jason smiled when he heard Kanae's conjecture. This girl was truly sharp. "Yep, so I have to respond, right?"

"Sure, it's going to be interesting."

"Thanks Kanae."

"After I have finished the preparation, I'll hand them over to you again. And this time, I won't help you anymore."

Jason smiled. "I can take care of the matter with your little sister's help."

"Should I remind you that if you dare to let harm come to her, I'll never let you go?"

"No worry, I'll personally make sure that she will be fine."

After finishing the call, Jason cut off the call. He focused his attention to the street before him. Even though the other elders cursed him because of his decision to become part of Black Street, he felt rather glad that he did. It was his decision to join the group that allowed him to meet with a lot of people whom he cared about.

It was the time for him to take over the family and declared their stance. He would never let his cousin take what belonged to him.


Ryukalin Clan

"Kanae, how's the call?" Taro asked when he saw Kanae walk into the room once again.

Kanae raised her head as a wry smile appeared there. "I need to go home and finish some paperwork. Do you mind if I leave again?"

"It's fine," Kevin stood up. He walked straight towards Kanae and caressed the girl's head tenderly. His eyes showed traces of warmth. "You should take care of your health and be careful. It's not going to be as easy as lifting your fist to fight against them."

Compared to the clan where there were things that could be resolved using fists, the matter of the family was far more complicated. They couldn't only use violence to solve the matter. Even if they did, they had to pay attention to the media because they were fighting in the light.

Kanae nodded her head. "I'm not the one fighting directly. Don't worry, Kevin."

"Take care of yourself."

Bidding her farewell, Kanae dashed to her home. She wanted to finish the work as fast as possible.