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585 What Did You Say?

 Kanae's House

After the battle with Anna, Kanae hurriedly went back home. Her hands were filled with scratches as she tried to defend herself when Anna attacked her. Their condition was rather severe, but she didn't have any other choice as she couldn't possibly protect every part of her body during the battle.

'I really wish Shiro was here.'

Taking out the ointment and other medicine, she started to treat her hands. If Shiro was here, he would gladly help her out. Unfortunately, that doctor should stay in Lima School because of his business, leaving the others.

Knock! Knock!

"Come in," Kanae replied. She put away the first aid box that she used as she sat down on the chair calmly.

The door opened, revealing Patrick who had a solemn look. Without beating the bush, he directly asked the question he had wanted to ask. "Rei, did you kill Anna?"

"You heard the news very quickly, Father," Kanae showed a bitter smile.

Patrick sighed. "Matt is the one who gets the news. He has some relations with the higher ups, so whenever an awakened person dies, they'll know right away. The location of the body is in Black Street, so I suspect that you have some relation with this matter."

"Yes. I secretly follow after her, but she found out about that. After that, the battle is inevitable. I can't possibly let her live if I want to preserve my life," Kanae smiled wryly.

Patrick didn't blame her. He knew that he would have done the same if he was in Kanae's shoes. However, the death of Anna would quicken the inevitable battle against the government.

"You really should learn how to stay low."

"I'm already low-key, Father," Kanae complained. "Also, I found out that there's a building inside the forest. It's a rather large building that looks like a forest from outside."


Patrick's eyes narrowed when he heard about the building. He had some suspicion regarding the forest because the government placed strict restrictions for anyone who wanted to get inside. However, he never tried to investigate further because it would be dangerous.

Kanae picked up her pencil and started drawing on the paper. Although she was not an expert in drawing, she has some skills in this field that would allow her to show the building's shape.

"The color of the wall is similar to trees and the roof is green. I think that they make it like that to avoid getting found out."

Patrick nodded. "The satellite view of the school didn't show anything suspicious in the forest. It seems, we need to pay a visit to Matt again."

"I'll let you do it, Father. I don't want to get too involved in the government," Kanae shrugged.

"Alright, now you better have some rest. Your wounds won't heal if you don't."

"I want to visit Kevin," Kanae smiled awkwardly. She was planning to help out in the Ryukalin Clan again after the class has been over. If not because of Anna, she would have returned back to Ryukalin Clan by now. The blood stain was uncomfortable, so she chose to wash up first.

"Ah," Patrick flashed a knowing smile. He eyed Kanae with a playful glint. "Sure, sure, your husband is waiting for you too."

"Father, we're not married yet."


Kanae got the urge to smack this father of hers. Why did he have to nitpick on her words so much when it was regarding Kevin? "We're not married."

"But you will be in a matter of time. There's nothing wrong with me calling you two as husband and wife."

"Father, didn't you say that you won't acknowledge him?"

"When did I say that? I don't remember," Patrick denied the accusation immediately. Although he knew that he truly said that, it was because the one asking was Kevin. Who would want to readily agree to that young man?

Kanae: "..." Don't deny your words!

After a few more banter with her father, Kanae headed to Ryukalin Clan. The location of the house was not that far from the clan, so it was very convenient for her to go back and forth. In addition, she could easily reject Kevin's suggestion of staying in the same room with him again.

When she arrived in the clan, some of the other members greeted her politely. It was precisely because Kanae had participated in the battle that they came to know about her prowess. Besides, knowing her other identity caused the core members to respect her greatly.

"Is Kevin inside?" Kanae asked nonchalantly.

The one whom she asked nodded his head. "Clan Head is inside. Should I ask someone to call him?"

"There's no need, I'll go visit him myself."

Kanae made a beeline towards Kevin's headquarters. Upon seeing his workroom, she wondered if she took the wrong one. It was filled with paper from every side, making it hard for her to see the person before her.

"Oh, Kanae? You're coming again?" Neo turned his head from his table. He looked confused as to why Kanae would come from time to time to the clan. Because Kanae always dresses up as usual, she hasn't had the chance to tell Neo about her real identity.

Kanae nodded. "Yeah. I'm coming to help out."

"Are you sure it's fine for you to come to the clan so often?" Neo frowned. "Boss is not going to like you getting involved in Black Street matters so much."

Kanae was stunned for a split second. Come to think about it, she hadn't told him that she is, in fact, Rei. Even without coming to the clan every single time, she had already participated in Black Street matter over and over to the point that it was no different than eating.

Her lips curled up slightly. It has been some time since the battle on the island, so there shouldn't be any reason for her to hide it from them again. Besides, Neo and Mike would be the few people who continued to help Kevin from the close side. Hiding it from them would be difficult.

"I don't mind her coming at all." Kevin's voice came from behind the paper.

"Kevin, why is it that you always have so many papers to do?" Kanae asked with a dry voice.

Kevin couldn't see Kanae, but he knew that she was there. "I have a lot of things to do and these papers are just representation of them."

On the other hand, Neo turned to look at Kevin. "Are you sure you want to involve Kanae in underworld matters? Things are not going to end so peacefully."

"Kevin, can I tell him?"

The corner of Kevin's lips curled up slightly. He was sure that his two friends would have exciting reaction upon hearing the news. He had purposely waited telling them because he wanted Kanae to tell them by herself. "Sure."

"Tell what?" Neo's face was full of confusion.

Kanae smiled as she looked at Neo. "Neo, I'm Rei."

"You're Rei? What do you...?" It took a second before the sentence sunk into his mind. Neo turned his head to look at Kanae as his eyes turned large. His mouth opened and closed like a fish.

"What did you say?"

Kanae coughed and repeated again. This time, she made sure that she pronounced each word clearly, as to avoid Neo asking her again. "I'm Rei."