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584 Another Battle against Gravity

 As Anna chased after Kanae, she felt doubt from the bottom of her heart. How is it possible for the other party to get close to her without her detecting the other party? It was only because of the mirror in the building that she noticed someone moved behind her in the forest.

At that time, she could feel her heart dropping. Ferdinand always warned them that they should never bring anyone close to the building or he would give them severe punishment. To avoid people following after her, she practiced how to detect other people from a distance. This allowed her to know when someone came after her.

Unfortunately, this time, she failed to detect the other party.

"Stop where you are!" Anna roared. Clenching her hand into a fist, she gave herself a boost by lowering the effect of gravity, allowing her to move even faster without being limited. At the same time, she pulled the other party by multiplying the gravity around Kanae.

Kanae gritted her teeth as she forced herself into the deeper part of the valley. The sudden increase in gravity caused her body to feel incredibly heavy, but she forcefully moved her body into a deeper part of Black Street. She could not allow them to find her so quickly.

"Stop there!" Anna yelled once again. She dashed even faster by utilizing her power and soon arrived by Kanae's side. Without any hesitation, she pulled out her dagger and thrust towards Kanae.


Kanae stopped her movement suddenly, avoiding the dagger that passed by her. Her eyes scanned the surrounding. She had arrived in Black Street and this place was rather desolate, so it would be perfect for her to battle the other party without worrying about other matters.

"Now you have stopped," Anna turned her body around. Her face showed a trace of surprise when she noticed Kanae's countenance. There was no way she could possibly forget the other party as it was precisely Kanae who inflicted heavy wound on her.

"You! It's you, how is it...?" her eyes landed on Kanae's uniform as she came to understand. "Heh, so you're also part of the school. This will make things easier."

Seeing the woman's wicked smile, Kanae knew that the other party would expose her identity. She could never allow that to happen. As she stood quietly, her body has been adjusting to the severe gravitation field around her. This was not the first time she experienced the pressure, so her body adapted at a higher rate compared with before.

"Now, all I have to do is..."

Before Anna could finish her words, Kanae had sprung from her position towards Anna. Her small sword made its way directly towards Anna's face. At the last moment, she managed to insert her dagger between Kanae's sword and her face, allowing her to partially parry the sword. Still, it caused a wound to appear on her white cheek.

Anna's face turned dark in displeasure, she exerted more force and pushed Kanae back with all of her power.

"You're impolite!" she yelled.

Kanae paid no heed to the yelling that Anna gave. She somersaulted on the air and kicked the wall to send her back to Anna's direction. Her sword was directed towards Anna's neck.

Once again, Anna had to work harder to parry the attack. The sword caused a thin line of wound to appear on her neck, causing blood to flow out like crazy.

After the attack, Kanae landed behind Anna, she shifted her position to turn around and began another barrage of attack. The speed and precision she showed made Anna doubted that she was under the higher gravity level that she imbued.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

After several attacks, Anna managed to jump back after pushing Kanae back. Her other hand touched her bleeding cheek. Upon seeing the blood on her hand, she felt even angrier.

"Don't you know any courtesy? Attacking before any greeting is impolite!"

Kanae snorted. "You talk too much."

She dashed from her position and began another barrage of attack towards Anna. Sensing that she wouldn't be able to gain the upper hand, especially by fighting using one arm, Anna roared and unleashed a higher gravity field.

'Ugh,' Kanae's movement stopped momentarily as she tried her best to adjust her body against the multiple gravity level. She was not sure how many times Anna raised it, but it felt incredibly heavy. Even the ground around her dropped several levels just because she was standing there.

Anna used the chance she created to raise her dagger and attacked Kanae. Her dagger made a slicing movement, directly hitting Kanae's arm that she used to block along with the thin sword.


Knowing that her position was in danger, Kanae swiftly retreated from her position. She felt that every bone inside her body was screaming. The force given to her was simply too big for her body to handle at a long period of time.

'Adapt!' Kanae yelled inside her mind.

She could feel that her body was slowly trying to adapt, but Anna didn't leave this chance disappeared. She pursued Kanae and swung her dagger like crazy, attacking Kanae from every direction possible. Every attack caused Kanae to move back bit by bit.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

When her body could handle the weight, she sidestepped to the side. Evading the attack, she made a circular movement and slashed Anna's back, making a deep wound on the girl's back.

Anna was stunned, she was about to run when she felt sudden pain from her brain. The gravity field that she ensued was far higher than what she could handle. Using power above her level was clearly a no go, as it would slowly destroy her from inside.


The pain intensified, and then she felt something pierced her chest, straight towards her heart. Even when her mind was in disarray because of the pain, she knew right away that it was Kanae.

'It's painful.'

She spurted out blood as she fell to the ground. All she could feel was pain from her brain because she overexerted her ability and the wounds from her chest that continued to bleed. In mere seconds, her eyes turned lifeless.

Behind her, Kanae was panting heavily. The gravity had turned normal again, allowing her to breathe more freely. However, the fight just now caused her to feel extremely exhausted.

"It's over," she told herself. Her eyes were fixated at the woman on the ground. It was never her intention to kill the other party, but it was to be expected that she could not allow the other party to stay alive. If she did, she would make them find her.

Her heart ached a bit at the thought that her opponent was still young. But the harsh battle that she had before had taught her to not show any mercy to her opponent. If she did that, the next thing she knew would be her own head placed in somewhere unknown.

'Should I hide her body?'

When she was pondering, she saw a distinct red light from Anna's body. Her face turned pale. She recognized it instantly. It was a device used in the military in this city to tell if their comrade has fallen. Once the one who used the device no longer breathed, it would send the signal location.

Not wasting any other time, Kanae dashed deeper into Black Street. She didn't want to stay there any longer as those people might come at any time.