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583 Building inside the Fores

 After dawdling around by helping out in the Ryukalin Clan, Kanae finally decided to return back to the school. Aside from here, there were many others who also skipped school because of the chaos in their house. The teachers didn't really pay much attention and only assigned the doctor to check on them.

Kanae smiled wryly at Shiro in front of her. "Do you need to do a check up?"

"There's no need," Shiro rolled his eyes. Just one look was already enough for him to see that Kanae had healed from the wounds that she sustained during the battle. Besides, he would never give the real report regarding the girl's health to the government.

"Is there anything important happening in the school during the time I'm away?" Kanae asked.

"There's nothing much. The school barely pays any attention to the students who come here because of their family background. They're mostly focused on the students who receive the golden letter."

Kanae nodded her head. It was to be expected since the purpose of this school was to monitor those who received the golden letter. As for the silver letter's holder, they were mostly only cannon fodder. Only those who were nearing the limit got special attention.

As for Kanae, Shiro had tampered the report, making her looked as ordinary as possible. This way, the attention was shifted from her to the other people.

"You should be careful, Doctor Shiro. I'm not sure how much longer you can stay here safely."

"Don't worry so much, you brat," Shiro smirked. "If you want to worry, you should worry about Jason more. I'm sure that the government has started to pressure his family into giving in."

Kanae's eyes widened. That was true, she had completely forgotten about Jason because of the complicated matter of the clan. Before the celebration party, Jason called her to talk about the matter and the fact that he would started moving. After that, she had not received any other report from Jason anymore.

"Right now they're still fine," Shiro pointed to the television. "But some reporters manage to catch the news regarding the family dispute inside Wells Family. From outside, they still look peaceful, so I doubt anything happen to Jason right now."

Kanae nodded her head. "I'll make a call to him when I have time tonight. Thank you for your reminder, Shiro."

"No problem, now you should go back to class. Your little annoying friend has been looking for you."

"Ah, ok," Kanae walked out of the room and headed back to the classroom. The only friend she had in this school was only Alan, who loved to chat with her. She was not close with the other students, especially with the competition between those who came from Nolen School C and those who came from Nolen School A.

The moment she walked into the class, Alan saw her. His face lit up in happiness upon seeing his friend coming back again.

"Kanae! I'm worried about you for the past week, where have you been?" He ran at high speed towards Kanae.

The girl only smiled wryly as she inspected the class. As she had expected, the student's reactions were rather boring. They didn't pay much heed to her and treated her like air. There were a lot of students who didn't come here for the past two weeks. For them, one coming meant nothing.

"I'm staying at home," Kanae replied. It was not really a lie since she did stay at her home, but only for sleep. No matter how many times Kevin persuaded her to stay behind, she refused him.

"Oh, I see," Alan proceeded to tell her about the lesson, albeit a bit lacking in explanation. "Oh yeah, do you know Anna, Iris's best friend?"

The name 'Anna' caused Kanae to be reminded of her painful battle against the other party. Although she managed to turn the situation around, it was a tough battle as she needed time to allow herself to adapt to the gravitation. Not to mention, it was a terribly heavier gravitation level than normal.

"I don't think you mention her that often."

Alan scratched his head. He liked Iris, but he didn't really favor the other woman because he didn't like that muscle woman. However, the two of them were close with one another, so he got the wind about the other woman too.

"Is there anything serious?" Kanae asked amusedly.

Alan shook his head lightly. "Not really serious, but it seems that Anna is wounded. When she comes to the school a few days ago, her hand is fully wrapped in a bandage. Many of us speculated that she trains too much as that muscle girl -I mean, Anna, love to train."

Kanae had experienced firsthand the power of Anna's fist. It was not that good, but it was certainly far better than normal humans. As for Anna's arm, it was the result of the battle because she managed to wound the other party's shoulder heavily.

"I see."

"You can see her from here. After the class, she often goes to the forest alone as for Iris, she'll stay behind in the dorm," Alan's eyes shone when he mentioned Iris.

Kanae had to admit that her friend was a bit too much of a fan for Iris. She just hoped that he would not try to delve deeper in the relationship because it would not end well for either side.

"Ah, the teacher has come. Try to not stand in the limelight, Kanae."

The class for that day was rather boring as Kanae had reviewed the lesson. She crammed the night just to study them in fear that there was a quiz today. Her score so far was only slightly above the average, so she couldn't afford getting a bad score at all.

When the class ended, Kanae recalled Alan's story about Anna. The forest was known to be a dead end, so she never tried to go there. After all, the lush forest was not something that she liked.

'She's there.'

From a distance, Kanae saw the two girls waving to one another. Iris was easy to spot because of the blond hair, as for the other one, she could perfectly remember the other party. That bandaged arm was quite conspicuous.

Anna was not paying much attention as she walked into the forest. Her step was light, but it was apparent that she tried not to move her arm so much. Her healing rate was rather slow, so her arm still felt hurt even after a long time.

Behind her, Kanae followed after Anna slowly. The thick forest provided enough cover for her. At the very least, until Anna stepped into a rather open space.

This part of the forest was fully clean, with nothing inside but a ground and a rather large building in the shape of a cylinder. The color of the wall was brown, making it hide among the trees around it very well. If one didn't pay closer attention, they wouldn't have guessed that there was a building in this place.

'There's a camera there.'

Kanae was pretty sensitive with camera, so she could guess that there was a camera nearby. Hiding behind one of the trees, Kanae watched as Anna stepped into the building, as calm as possible. From the way Anna walked, it seemed that the girl didn't sense Kanae's presence at all.

Not wanting to stay here any longer, Kanae headed to the other gate near the forest. This gate was rarely used because the student didn't dare to come to the forest. Only during several kinds of events did they come nearer and then use the gate.

Kanae put her hand on the gate and pushed it lightly. It was easy to open the gate because they didn't lock it.

Right when she wanted to walk out, she heard the sound of rustling from behind her. Someone was following after her step.

"Hey! Why are you following after me?"

'How did she find me?' Kanae was stunned, but she paid no heed to the question. She stomped on the ground and dashed towards the alley between buildings, determined that she would reach Black Street as fast as possible.

Behind her, Anna was chasing furiously.