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582 The Orphanage

 "Right. I can't let them stay in the clan, but I can think of another place for them to stay."

Lucas's eyes widened when he heard the word 'clan.' As of lately, this word was not used a lot because a lot of small clans were already abolished. They didn't have the power to support the existences of the clans. Only two big clans were still standing.

He looked at the three people in front of him. At that very moment, he understood that neither one of them were ordinary.

"Where is it?"

"Well, let's wait for the little girl to wake up. Also, I'm sure that Lucas is still hungry."


As soon as she finished speaking, she noticed that Tommy's stomach also rumbled. Her lips curled up in amusement. Did this young man neglect his breakfast because of her call?

"That, I..." Tommy was embarrassed. He felt that his stomach was betraying him. How could it speak up at this very moment?


A bun appeared in front of his face along with the low yet still with the hint of childishness behind the voice.

"You can eat some," Lucas offered.

"T-thank you."

"It's from that Big Brother."

The room descended into silence as Tommy ate one of the buns. He let Lucas ate the rest because he understood that the young boy must be hungry. In a few seconds, Lyna's eyes fluttered open.


"Lyna, are you awake? How's your feeling?"

"Brother?" Lyna rubbed her eyes and looked around her in confusion. She could only faintly remember when her father brought her out as she was feeling extremely sleepy after drinking a glass of juice. Her eyes landed on Tommy as it lit up.

"Big Brother! Are you getting into fights again?"

"Ah no," Tommy scratched his head.

Lyna inched closer to take a look at Tommy's cheek. "It has healed."

"It has been weeks since that time," Tommy smiled. He forgot the exact time when he met with this young girl, but it was already a very long time ago. "Are you doing well, Lyna?"

"Yeah," the young girl grinned.

"That's good."

Kanae smiled as she saw Tommy warmed up. He seemed to have good feelings for the young girl. Well, she is a cute and kind young girl, so it wouldn't be weird for him to have a positive feeling about her.

"Now that Lyna has woken up, shall we head out?"

Lyna raised her head, seemingly has just realized that these two were here. "Um, who are you?"

"We're just passersby."

"They're the one who help you out, Lyna," Lucas explained in one sentence.

"I see."

Kanae and Kevin walked out of the room first. Kanae looked around for a few minutes before she started walking. The others were waiting as they were curious as to what kind of place Kanae would bring them to.

In a few minutes, they stopped in front of an orphanage.

"This..." Tommy was stunned. "I didn't know there's an orphanage on this street."

"One of the religion organizations built it a few months ago because this place is no longer considered as Black Street," Kanae explained. "I didn't have a chance to visit it, but I heard that this is a good place for children who have lost their family members."


"Yeah, they have a kind sister to manage this place."

Kanae stepped forward and knocked on the door. She could hear the sound of someone running inside before it was opened. A young woman with a beautiful face stood before her. Her hair was slightly disheveled because she was hurrying.

"Yes? Is it about the payment again?" the woman asked in a worried tone.

Kanae tilted her head. "It's not that. I found two children on the street who didn't have parents. Is there still any room for them?"

"Oh, yes! Of course!" the woman looked excited upon the mention of the word 'children.' It could be seen that she must have loved children very much. She turned to look at the older children behind her. "Azarina, Wiem, Dhadam, Danchel, Misaw, and Ronoa can you help these two settle down?"

"Yes, Sister Aina!"


"Woohoo, new brother and sister?"

"Of course!"

The sound of children filled the room. Kanae could see several children run out excitedly. They rushed to Lyna and Lucas as if they were already impatient to see their new friends.

"Hello! I'm Wiem. It's nice to meet with you," one of the older ones greeted with a smile.

"Ah, I'm Lucas and this is my sister, Lyna," Lucas introduced them.

Misaw smiled brightly. "Let's get inside."

"Yeah! It's nearly the time for breakfast."

"Join us!"

Lucas hesitated for a moment as he turned his head around to look at Tommy, Kanae, and Kevin. Tommy waved his hand to the boy.

"It's fine, just go."

"Are you not going with me?"

"I'm already 18," Tommy secretly counted the time in his mind as he forgot whether he already had his birthday or not. "I can be considered as an adult, so I won't be staying here."


"You have to take care of your sister, alright Lucas?" Kanae pointed to the young girl, who seemed to have started being impatient to get inside.

Lucas smiled. "Yes!"

The two of them rushed inside while the woman looked at them with a grateful smile. "Thank you for taking them here. I'll make sure to take care of these children well."

"You don't seem to be curious about their background. Sister Aina, right?"

The woman named Aina nodded. "Yes, it's my name. There are a lot of unfortunate children from the Black Street. No one knew for sure what they have gone through, so at the very least, I just wish they can be happy here."

Kanae smiled. "Please take good care of them. Also, there's no need to worry about the payment anymore."


"Is this place yours?"

Aina nodded. "We have already purchased it, but the situation on the street is pretty bad. Some gangs come here and create trouble."

"Oh, don't worry, you can say that this place is under the Ryukalin Clan. No one will dare to mess up if you do," Kanae grinned.

"But that's!"

"I have some position there, so you can rest assured."

Tommy: "..." your position is practically the highest since you can directly influence their very leader. Who are you going to fool?

Besides, that very leader is standing right beside you.

Aina smiled brightly. "In that case, I'm thankful for your care. I wish you happiness, young lady."

"You're welcome."

"Please take care of those two."

They talked for a bit more before they bid their farewell. Tommy turned around right at the time when Lyna's face appeared on the window. The little girl smiled and waved her hand excitedly.

'Good bye, little girl,' Tommy waved his hand slightly as a smile decorated his face.

"You can visit them again in the future."

"Maybe," Tommy shrugged. "But from what I know, the two of you are going to be busy, right?"

Kanae and Kevin looked at one another. They were not entirely sure, but it was highly possible considering that the government has started moving. There were a lot of things to tidy up.

Ring! Ring!

Kevin's phone rang and he directly took it. Kanae could faintly hear her senior's voice. Probably there was some matter in the clans again.

"I need to return back," Kevin looked at the two of them. "If you wish to go to school again, you have to pay attention to your behavior. Don't make them suspicious of you."


After Kevin walked away, Tommy sighed. "I should go back and help out the clan."

"Right, there is a lot of paperwork to be done," Kanae recalled Kevin's work. Probably, she would just head there after she had finished with her own work.

"Yeah," Tommy looked a bit down. "I'll be going now. See you later in the future, Kanae."

"Take care of yourself, Tommy."