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580 The True Colors

 "Rod Malady?"

The name didn't ring a bell in Kevin's mind, but the surname was awfully familiar. Tommy has the same surname, so his face appeared in his mind almost instantly. The man who was appearing in front of the door also seemed to look similar to Tommy a bit.

"Yeah, he's Tommy's father," Kanae frowned. "From what I remember, he tells us that he's going to leave the city before."

"Oh, so that's his name."

"You know him?"

"I already investigated all of you before," Kevin admitted frankly. However, there was no record about Kanae's activities in underworld, which he had missed back then. "Tommy is included and there's also his father."

He took out his phone and scrolled his document before handing it to Kanae. "You can read all of them if you want, but make sure that you won't be too angry afterwards."


Taking the phone, Kanae started reading. Her mind felt like spinning when she saw the numerous photos inside the document. There were like 10 different women?

"Rod Malady is not too ugly, but not handsome too. Those women try to get close to him because of his second wife's wealth. He got close to them for either money or their body," Kevin explained without any emotion in his tone. He had seen a lot of people like this that it was common to him.

On the other hand, Kanae felt like smashing the man's head right now. To think that this man would be such a scum!

Why would someone like him be Tommy's father?

She was even feeling that he was not that bad after seeing him for once because he searched for Tommy. Even though it was late, at least, he still tried to search for Tommy. But now, she didn't think that way anymore.

"Does Tommy know?"

"About this? No, not really. He did ask Neo after he meets with his father, so Neo tells him a part of it about his father's way of life."

Kanae noticed that the man, Rod Malady, had gotten out. This time, he was holding a young girl in his arms, who seemed to be sleeping peacefully.


"Lyna Malady," Kevin continued Kanae's words. "He has two children from his first wife, Lucas and Lyna. As for his children from his other women, I forgot the exact number."

"What is he planning to do?"

"Probably selling her."

"... Excuse me?"

Kevin noticed the anger in Kanae's tone. His own expression was also cold. "He already sold some of his children from his mistress in the past to get some money and to silence them. Recently, he's marrying into a rich family in this city and that woman seems to hate Lyna's presence."

At this moment, Kanae's body was trembling in anger. She could forgive him for abandoning Tommy because she knew that he is a scum. But selling children? That was one of the actions that she hated the most.

The man walked into the other street. Kanae wasted no time as she rushed to get to him with Kevin following behind her. Right now, she just wanted to stop this insane man from selling that young girl.


The sudden boy's cries halted her footsteps. A boy with strikingly similar appearance with Tommy stood in front of Rod. He was around 12-13 years old, yet his face looked a bit more mature than his age.

Rod frowned. "Lucas, what are you doing here?"

"I should be the one asking you this, right?" Lucas's line of sight fell on his sister. Anger filled his eyes almost immediately. "After you abandoned me and mother, you also wish to get rid of my sister?"

"Get away from me, Lucas! Just return back to your mother!"

"Return back? Where can I return back when you have already predicted that her family will pursue her because of you? You don't even care about us at all!"

Rod raised Lyna up to avoid the boy's outstretched arm. He was annoyed that Lucas came to him again. After all, he had already signed an agreement with his second wife that he would not come to bother them anymore.

"Go back!"

Raising his leg, he kicked the boy to the back.

"Ouch! Return my sister back!" Lucas struggled to stand up. Before he could reach the man, a slender arm was already clenching the man's shoulder tightly. Bloodlust filled the entire area, nearly choking the two of them as they felt that it was hard to breath.


"I believe that there's a law that prohibits anyone from hitting children," Kanae said in a cold tone. She could not withstand his violence to the young boy. He was just a young boy that should have deserved better from his so-called father.

Rod frowned. "Who are you...?"


Before he could finish his words, Kanae already punched the man on his face. His arm let go of the young girl and Kanae hurriedly held Lyna in her arm. Her eyes were cold as she looked at the man before her.

"I'm just someone who hates you," Kanae replied plainly. She felt a heartache at the sight of the young girl in her arms. She was so slender and thin! Did this man even feed her properly?



This time, a bullet passed near his cheek. Rod's eyes were bulged out as he was staring at the man behind Kanae with fear. This place has not been considered as Black Street anymore due to the recent changes. Because of that, the number of people who could freely take out guns were limited.

Fear filled his eyes as he stared at Kevin.

"Don't try to touch my fiancée," Kevin's tone was cold. Even though he knew that Kanae could protect herself, he still didn't wish to see anyone get close to her with the intention of harm.

Rod's body trembled. "You..."

"Sis!" At this time, Lucas stepped and hurried over to Kanae's direction. His gaze was locked on his sister. Seeing that she was only sleeping, he felt glad.

Kanae looked at Rod. "Scram!"

"I'm her father! You can't take her away from me!"

"Oh? If you wish to take this to the court, I'll willingly face you," Kevin said in an indifferent tone. "However, you should wish that you can still be alive if you truly did so."

The murderous aura that Kevin emitted was directed solely to Rod. The man felt as if he was facing a large mountain, unable to escape at all. As someone who had once lived in Black Street, he understood this pressure very well. If he dared to fight against Kevin, he would be the one to end miserably.

With his legs trembling, Rod stood up and rushed to the other side. A pool of 'water' could be seen from the place where he sat before.

"Coward yet thinks of himself so greatly," Kanae humped. If only it was possible, she wanted to mince that man into bits and pieces. However, she knew that it would not solve the problem because the one who should kill him was not her. It should be Tommy.

Lucas raised his head, looking at the two of them with worried gaze. "Um, thank you very much for your help. I... I don't know if there's anything that I can do to pay you back."

"It's nothing," Kanae replied softly. She understood very clearly the feeling of a sibling who cared for each other very well since she also had a younger sister. She smiled. "Where do you live, Little boy?"

"I'll take you there."