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579 Holding Hands

 Kanae stayed in Ryukalin Clan's residence and helped out with their work. One could say that she has been working a bit too hard as she was not truly part of them. Well, Kevin would just shamelessly tell them that she is his fiancé, though.

"Are you going to school today?"

"Hmm?" Kanae opened her eyelids. She looked at the young man who was sitting not far from her with his laptop on the table and his hand busy typing. "Kevin, what are you doing in my house?"

"You let your door open."

"You know very well that I won't be that careless," Kanae rolled her eyes. The first thing she did upon entering the house would be to lock the door back. "Also, how do you find this small house?"

"I 'ask' my uncle," Kevin closed his laptop and walked over to Kanae. Even though this was a small house, the bedroom alone was around two to three meters square wide, giving it enough space for bed, table, and chair. He bent over to look at Kanae's expression.

"You look much better after a sleep."

"It's not the first time I lost someone," Kanae pushed him away a bit and sat down. "Life must go on, so I will not let myself drown in sadness the entire time. What brings you here so early in the morning? It's barely 6 AM in the morning."

"I just think that it's a good time to visit you."

"Are you sure you're not here because you don't know how to face Neo?"

Seeing the stiff expression on Kevin's face, Kanae knew that she guessed it correctly. Because Neo has just returned back from the island, Kevin had just met with that young man recently. Even though Neo usually put on a smile on his face and fooled around a lot, it was hard to know what was in that young man's mind.

No one has ever seen him look so sad like yesterday before.

Different from Mike, who was extremely clear with his way and expressed his feelings outwardly. Neo was pretty similar with Kevin as he chose to just hide his sadness and never leaked them out. As a proud man himself, he would never let anyone see his sadness.

"Don't you think it's better to accompany him?"

"He's not a woman," Kevin said in a flat tone. "I told him to take a rest for today."

Kanae blinked. "What's the relation of accompanying him with his gender?"

"He's a proud man, and especially so in front of me. If I'm around him, he won't be able to stay true to his feelings, so I let him off the work today and allowed him to have a rest," Kevin explained.

He met with Neo when he was young and understood that the kid was quite peculiar. Even though there was still some aspect that he could not understand from Neo, he knew that the young man needed to be alone. He was not the one in position to cheer that man up.

"I see," Kanae stood up. "I'm going to take a bath and brush my teeth. Don't peek on me, Kevin."

"I won't."

Kevin opened his laptop and started typing again while Kanae prepared herself. It took her a short time as she didn't bother to wear makeup and just strolled out to the small kitchen. She couldn't cook, but she had some milk stored in the refrigerator. It should be enough for her breakfast.

"Do you want to go out and have a proper meal?"

"It's enough for breakfast," Kanae shrugged. "But I'm not going to refuse if you want to go out. It's just, how about your work?"

"I have already cleaned up most of the messes and handed the list to the other members. They're the one who have to handle the rest," Kevin ran down his finger on his hair. "As for the reparation, I already asked the Kale Company to send some people to take over. It shouldn't take that long."



"You're very efficient," Kanae told him bluntly. Even though she helped him a bit, she was only taking care of the matters in the clan. She didn't even know that he had already finished cleaning for the other matters that were related to this incident.

Kevin smiled slightly. "It's only normal. I'll return back to work later, so shall we head out?"


Kevin offered her his hand, which she gladly took. While holding hands, the two of them got out of the house and walked directly to the street. The guards from the Ryukalin Clan that was sent here to monitor them was shocked speechless upon seeing the two of them.

"Boss is holding a girl's hand, right?"


"Am I dreaming?"


"That's hurt? What are you doing that for?" one of them roared in annoyance.

The man smirked. "That's to see whether you're dreaming or not. Since it's painful, it means that it's not a dream, right?"


However, seeing the sudden change in their clan head felt a bit too much. Even though they still saw his coldness when dealing with them, he smiled a lot at the young girl beside him. If they count it, he might be smiling much more to her than all the smiles he had in his lifetime before meeting her.

Kanae noticed the strange gaze on the guards. She looked over to Kevin and giggled. "It seems that no one can accept the change in your personality, Kevin."

"I'm still the same as before," Kevin replied unhurriedly. "They just need to adapt a bit faster to this other side of mine."

Kanae nearly laughed out loudly, but she held it and nodded her head. "En."

"Now, shall we ditch them?" Kevin leaned to her a bit and whispered in her ear.


The two of them began to run into the street, ditching the guards who were sent to monitor them. At this time, neither one of them tried to catch them. They knew that it would be impossible if they wished to catch up with the two's pace.

These two were the fastest people in the clan ah.

Probably, only Patrick could ever hope to catch up to them when they decided to run.

Kanae and Kevin didn't run too far. They just ran several blocks away from their position and ended up in another area of the Black Street. It was more empty as many people in the Black Street already have proper jobs. As the result, some of the area could not be considered as Black Street anymore.

For the city's development, it was pretty good.

"Where do you want to go?" Kevin asked after they had gotten away. He knew that the guards didn't try to follow them because it would be pointless.

Kanae tilted her head. "I haven't thought about that. Do you have any place that you wish to go, Kevin?"

"Not really."

The two of them still held each other's hands, but they didn't know where they should go. Slowly, they walked on the sidewalk. There was no car in this area as many people were still asleep. Only several people looked like they were ready to go to work.

"Honey, be careful on your way out."

"Yeah, yeah, you take care of that brat while I'm going."

The sudden conversation made Kanae turn her head. She felt that the voice sounded familiar as if she had heard it before. Looking at the man in front of her, her eyes widened.

"What is it, Kanae?" Kevin noticed her sudden movement.

"That's Rod Malady, right? Why is he still in this city?"

"Rod Malady?"