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576 Their Real First Meeting

 "You say Kirei?"

"Yes," Kanae noticed that Kevin seemed to be distracted by her other name. She glanced up to see his finely handsome face. "What is it?"

Kevin was staring back at Kanae deeply. He seemed to recall something as he untied her hair, letting the long hair drop freely to her shoulder. Ignoring her confused face, he touched her cheek as if trying to reminisce about the past.

Her face overlapped with the face of a nine year old girl that he met in the past. That girl was the one who accompanied him when he was kidnapped by the government to their research base. As he placed a cold and platonic face wherever he was, no one dared to get closer to him. Only one person walked over curiously to where he was, a cute nine year old girl.

At that time, he brushed her off as he was busy thinking for a way out of the place. However, she continued to pester him and told him that there was a way out. The confident little kid that he met before was quite annoying for him, but he could never forget her.

She was very cheerful and bright. Under her lead, they managed to reach the outer place when they got found out and met with a young man. The young man also tried to escape, so in the end, the three of them ran away together. They got separated once they were far enough from the place, each heading towards their own destination.

Ever since then, he had never seen the girl anymore. There was no record about anyone named 'Kirei Servo' and as time passed, he forgot about her.

"Kirei, do you remember me?"

Kanae eyed Kevin with confusion. "I thought our first meeting was the day of our parent's death."

'We have met before that,' Kevin's words stuck in his throat. He didn't want to tell her more than that because he knew that it would be useless. There was no need for her to know that he felt the name Kirei Servo was very familiar. Come to think about it, he introduced himself to her as 'Ryu' since he didn't want to let the other party know his real name.

His face contorted slightly with regret. If only he knew that she would become the one he loved, he would not hesitate to tell her his real name. Now, it would be hard for her to remember him as he had changed a lot ever since that time.

"Never mind," he returned her tie back. "Let's sleep."

Kanae eyed the man confusedly. What did he want to say to her? His expression before was one that she had never seen before, making her curious as to what his real intention was.

"Do you want to take a bath?" Kevin pointed to the bathroom.

"Do you have any girl's clothes?"

"No. I can only lend you my clothes."

Kanae sighed internally. She wanted to wear her own clothes. Although Kevin's clothes that she wore right now suited her size, it was only because this was his childhood clothes. Should she expect him to keep his old clothes here?

"Is there no one who has smaller clothes?"

Kevin recalled James, but that boy has a smaller build compared with Kanae. His clothes wouldn't be able to fit for her. As for both Neo and Mike, the two of them definitely have larger build. Neo was a bit thinner, but he was also tall, so the clothes would be big. "No. Just take a bath, I believe that you don't want to sleep with clothes filled with blood stains."

Honestly, Kanae didn't really care about that because she had experienced worse. Still, she didn't refute the man as she picked up the towel that he prepared. This was not the first time for her to wear his clothes.

Internally, she vowed to bring her own clothes when she came over in the future.

As Kanae took a bath, Kevin sat down on his own bed, thinking about the past. He had never thought that Kanae would be someone whom he had met in the past. It was no wonder that he thought that her appearance with her hair loose looked rather familiar. It turned out that he had indeed seen her like that before.

After musing for a bit, he headed to his wardrobe and searched for the smallest clothes that he had. It took him a long time to finally decide picking shirt and trouser for the girl.

"Kevin, have you selected the clothes?"

"Yes, I'll put it inside."

"Uh, ok."

Kevin walked into the bathroom, trying his best to not look at the other room inside the bathroom. Behind the glass door, she was still showering, so he didn't dare to turn. After putting the clothes, he turned around and walked out of the room as fast as possible.

Kanae peeked from the glass door. Upon noticing that Kevin had left, she sighed in relief.

Picking up the clothes that he had left, she frowned. It was clearly too big for her. Trying it on, she sighed when she saw her reflection in the mirror. Her shoulder was slightly revealed because the neck size was too big. In addition, the shirt looked like a mini dress for her as it reached her thigh.

As for the trouser... she had to roll it up several times before she could walk without stepping on them.

For the first time ever, she wished that she could be as tall as Kevin. At the very least, it would make his clothes suited to her rather than making her looked like a child stealing her parent's clothes.

"Kanae, have you finished?"


As Kanae walked out of the bathroom, Kevin's eyes widened at the sight. He knew that the clothes would be too big, but seeing her appearance, he felt that she was more alluring. Her drenched hair was located on the back, allowing him to see her neck in full. At the same time, her revealed skin caused heat to come up inside his body.

Kanae noticed Kevin's gaze locked onto her. She smiled wryly. "Your clothes are too big for me."

"Yeah," Kevin gulped and turned his gaze somewhere else. It would be better for him to look somewhere else before the heat became unbearable.

"Do you want to take a bath too?"

"Yes," Kevin replied. 'A cold bath will be good.'

While Kevin hurriedly walked to the bathroom, Kanae was busy drying her hair. There was no hair-dryer in his room, so she had to make do with the towel. As her hair was quite long, it took her a rather long time, which was also the time Kevin had finished his bath.

Kanae turned around and looked at Kevin as he walked out of the bathroom. Seeing him using a shirt, she was stunned. This was the first time that she saw him wearing casual clothes and at the same time, he looked as handsome as ever.

'It's a sin to look that handsome!' she yelled internally.

She truly couldn't understand how someone could look so handsome in ordinary clothes. Right now, she tried her best to forget about it as she put the towel on its place. She truly didn't want to look at him any longer or she was afraid that her mind might travel to somewhere far away.

"Ready to sleep?" Kevin asked the girl.

"Yes," Kanae swiftly moved to her bed. She pulled the blanket closer to herself, covering her body immediately.

Kevin was stunned. 'Did she able to read his thoughts?'

At the very least, he was glad that he didn't have to be tortured by her slightly revealed skin from the loose clothes. Heading to his own bed, he turned the light off.

"Good night, Kanae."

"Good night, Kevin."