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574 Staying Over

 Kanae returned back to Kevin's workroom. Her eyes landed on the tray that she brought before. The cupcakes that she made had disappeared. Her eyes widened, who would eat them all?

"Kevin, do you know who eats the cupcakes?"

"Me," He replied deadpanned.


"They're good."

Kanae studied Kevin's expression to know whether he was lying or not. From what she had guessed, her cooking skill still needed a lot of improvement. There was no way they were that good.

In truth, he just ate them because it was Kanae who made it. As for the saltiness that followed from eating them, he paid no heed. Since he was not one to like sweet food, it would be better to leave them salty. He could just treat it as ordinary food.

"You should stay behind today," Kevin remarked. "It's already late."

Kanae shook her head lightly. "I can walk home just fine. Even if I walk around in the middle of the night, I'll be fine."

"It's better to not take the risk."

"Do you have spare room?"

"You can sleep in my room."

Kanae: "..."

On their side, Lou nearly rolled his eyes because of what Kevin said. He truly wanted to smack this Boss of his for not paying any attention to what she said. However, as he didn't want to lose his head yet, it would be better for him to not say anything.

Kanae shook her head. "I don't want to sleep in the same room with you."

"Why?" Kevin raised his head. "We have done that a few times."

Kanae: "..." Kevin, can you please rephrase your words? There are a lot of others who will misunderstand.

Lou already knew that Kanae stayed over in Kevin's company a few times in the past, so they basically slept in the same room. However, there was nothing that happened there, so he didn't really care. Thankfully, there was no one else around them right now.

Kevin's words truly could make someone misunderstood. He wouldn't be able to bear with it if words started to spread in the clan and Patrick also joined in to make things worse.

That would be hell.

"There's a spare bed there," Kevin continued.

Kanae turned her head towards Lou. "Is there any spare room?"

Lou didn't dare to answer with his Boss glaring at him fiercely. There were certainly a few spare rooms in this residence, but it was certain that Kevin didn't want to allow Kanae to sleep there. He felt that his Boss has become more unpredictable.

"Just stay in my room," Kevin ordered once again.

Kanae glared at the man before her. "I don't think it's appropriate for me to sleep in the same room with someone like you, Kevin."

"We're fiancée, right?" Kevin smirked, showing a rather devilish smile. "Should I convince your father for you to stay in the same room with me?"

Kanae's mouth opened wide. She couldn't believe what this man said. Come on, he had just found out about her real identity around two days ago and his attitude changed so greatly? Even when she was staying with him as Kanae, he has never been this bold.

Little did she know that Kevin had decided to pursue her wholeheartedly. Previously, he was still holding back and only enjoyed his time with her because he was not certain that he wanted to bring her into his world full of danger. Now that he has become determined, he would pursue her fiercely. After all, they were already certain of each other's feelings.

"Fine, I'll stay in your room. But if you can't stay quiet, I don't mind cutting your fingers for you," Kanae humped and turned her body around. She headed straight to the door.

Kevin smiled slightly. He wouldn't do anything to her, yet. Right now, he just wanted her to stay here because there were a lot of people aiming for her outside. It would do her no good to get out of this place.

"Lou, guide her to my room."

"Yes, Boss."

Kanae followed after Lou's direction. All along, Lou stayed quiet and didn't say any words. She wondered if this man would ever talk to her. He had never done that before, like, the two of them were nothing but strangers.

"Here's the room," Lou pointed to one of the doors. "The extra bedding is inside the cupboard, you can place it yourself or wait for him."

"Thank you," Kanae expressed her thanks.

She politely walked into the room. When she stepped inside, she was surprised to see the layout. Although the room was not too big, it still looked rather spacious with the lack of furniture. There was only one bed plus several others on the side.

Seeing how tidy it was, she thought that it perfectly suited Kevin. He might not always stay tidy, but he was very proper. Sometimes, she even wondered if he could dress casually. Even inside his house, he still wore T-shirt with a rather dark color.

Not wanting to think so much, Kanae moved her feet towards the cupboard. It was filled with Kevin's clothes, but at the bottom there was additional bedding that Lou mentioned. She proceeded to pull it out and placed it inside the room, not far from Kevin's bed.

After she had finished, her eyes widened at the location that she picked. 'Why did I put the bed near his? It feels like a couple beds.'

Before she could move it to another place, Kevin had stepped inside. He glanced at the crouching Kanae. "Have you finished placing the bed?"

"I want to move it," Kanae replied.

"There's no need," Kevin pulled the girl to sit down on the bed. "It's fine like this,"

Kanae sighed to herself at Kevin's advance. She was not used with his attitude like this. After all, he was at most, only gentle towards her. This was truly the first time he showed his slightly pushy attitude. Weirdly enough, she didn't feel repulsive as if she enjoyed this.

"Is there anything that you want to ask me?" Kanae recalled that Kevin said to her about him wanting to ask about her real intention of hiding her identity.

Kevin nodded his head. "After you have finished dealing with the Nali Family, why don't you step out of the underworld?"

If she had stepped out, he would never have the chance to find out about her other identity. Although it was a pleasant surprise, the thought of her being in danger all the time made him felt rather pained.

Kanae pondered. "I do have the thought about erasing my identity as Rei from Fiore Group, but I can't do that yet. I need this identity to stay close with the underworld to face the government."

"You can do that just by gathering the information, can you?"

"I need to erase the existence of my real identity," Kanae smiled bitterly. "Not literally erase, but making people forget about Kanae Nali outside who has relation with the Nali Family. I don't want to involve my family into the dispute that I'll have, so I stay in the underworld."

Kevin recalled Laura Nali, Kanae's little sister. Right now, that girl was staying low, not letting the media got wind of anything she did. However, Kevin knew better than anyone that the girl was not to be underestimated. She was only staying low to avoid trouble.

He came to understand that Kanae wanted to erase her real identity to protect her sister. This was the only way for her to protect the one whom she cared so much. At the same time, it also paved the way for her to stay in the underworld without the need to worry about what people saw in her.

Kevin thought about the other thing. "Are you an awakened?"

Kanae knew that it was impossible for her to hide this matter, so she nodded her head. "Yes."