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569 Battle in Ryukalin Clan 1

 Among the three of them, only Kevin could drive. Without caring whether it was suitable or not, he just sat on the driver seat and drove them towards the clan. Pushing the brake for the highest speed, he ignored the speed limit.

"I don't know you can drive," Kanae was looking at Kevin driving with astonishment. As far as she knew, it was always Mike or Neo who drove, so she had never seen Kevin drive by himself.

"It's a skill that a clan head requires," Patrick explained. "He can, but he won't drive unless necessary."

Kanae nodded her head. As the car's speed became even higher, she gripped the side of the car. It felt rather scary to be in a car this fast.

On the side, Patrick was enjoying the view. It has been a long time since the last time he sat on a fast car, pursuing his enemy or the likes. The feeling made him recall his young age where he was still as reckless or even much more compared with now.

It took them an hour to reach their destination with Kevin pacing the car to the limit. As the Ryukalin Clan was placed more in the middle and south, it was rather far from the north. The journey that was supposed to take hours was shortened greatly.

"I don't think I want to ride a car again for the next few days," Kanae got out of the car and held the pillar as she steadied herself. Her head felt dizzy.

Patrick laughed. "You should get used to it. You might have to do it a few more times."

"I hope not," Kanae's eyes held lingering fear. The journey she had just now has taken the toll on her body greatly.

Kevin also got out of the car as he walked straight to the gate. The guards were stunned when they saw their clan head walking towards them. Megara told them that he had died, but now, he was standing right in front of them.

"Clan... Clan Head," one of them greeted with a trembling voice.

Kevin passed a cold glance to the guards. "Open the gate."

Neither one of them moved from their place as they were too afraid. Some of them pledged loyalty to Megara, so they wouldn't open the gate for Kevin. The others were afraid of the punishment Megara might give them if they dared to open the gate.

Patrick shook his head lightly. "You leave for two days, but they already forgot who you are, Kevin."

"It seems so," Kevin replied indifferently, no one could guess what he was thinking behind his cold expression and mask. "Uncle, I need to trouble you to open the gate."

"With pleasure," Patrick grinned. He had always wanted to know just how strong the gate in the Ryukalin Clan was. Unfortunately, the elders never allowed him to try because it was akin destroying their own place. Now that he had the chance, why should he stop?

Moving towards the gate with his spear ready, he swung it from above. The guards were trembling and quickly ran to the side. They were too afraid of getting the attack from Patrick. Those who had seen his prowess knew that every strike would be the same as delivering themselves to the death door.

"It's sturdy," Patrick frowned. He could see that his strongest attack only scratched the outer layer of the gate slightly. Internally, he cursed whoever built the gate.

Kanae pointed to above the gate. "Uncle, send me up."

"Are you sure?" Patrick asked Kanae doubtfully. The gate was quite tall. Even though it was possible for him to propel Kanae up the gate, it would be hard for her to land inside.

"Yes," Kanae nodded her head. "I'll open the gate from inside."

Kevin's eyes narrowed at Kanae's suggestion. "Be careful."

"Of course."

Kanae moved to Patrick's spear. She stood on the edge as Patrick prepared to throw her up. After estimating, he gathered his strength on his arm and roared as he pulled the spear up.

Because of the force, Kanae was sent away from the spear towards the gate. She somersaulted midair. Her feet swiftly landed on top of the gate. From her position, she could see the surrounding clearly.

Her pupil shrunk when she saw the mess inside the clan as there were two people who were messing around and Megara standing behind them.

"B*stard," Kanae's eyes were filled with rage as the curse slipped out of her lips. She was not the kind of person who swore a lot, but this time, she couldn't help it. Those people were truly the lowest scum she had ever seen. They were treating the life of Ryukalin Clan's members like trash and playing with their body.

"Oh, we have a guest," Anna, the woman from the government turned her head to look toward the gate. She smirked. "Trashes that think they can defeat us!"

She raised her hand. Kanae felt a sudden force pull her down. It was so heavy that she nearly stumbled down from her place. Her eyes showed a trace of surprise.

'Power to control gravity!'

Her knee started to bend down as it was too heavy. Seeing the guards start coming towards her, she jumped off the gate. In a matter of seconds, she had landed on top of the surprised guards.



Using her small sword to kill them, Kanae swiftly ended the fight. She turned towards the gate and saw the large metal they used to block it. Without any hesitation, she kicked the metal bar form below, sending it up, away from its original place. Her hand pushed the gate open as swift as possible.

"That girl is not bad," Ayres commented.

Anna's face was sour because she knew that her attempt has failed. She kicked the man that they have been messed around while waiting for Kevin to come. "Why don't you attack her?"

"She's not my opponent," Ayres's eyes locked onto Patrick. He could feel the surge of power emanating from the man. "That one is my opponent."

Anna shook her head. "You're truly a brawl lover man."

"Thank you for your compliment, my lady."

While the two of them were talking nonchalantly, Kevin's eyes finally saw what had happened in the clan. There were numerous bodies around him, all in horrible state with parts of their body dug out. The ground was red because of the blood from these people.

His gaze turned colder when he saw them all.

"Megara, I'll kill you," he muttered softly as he took out his sword and moved towards Megara's direction. His killing intent was extremely strong, suffocating everyone who dared to come closer to him.

Even behind him, Kanae and Patrick could feel his rage. However, this time, the two of them were equally angry. They could not believe that Megara would treat people like trash. The way he killed them was full of agony.

It pained Kanae's heart even more because she could see that there were some children among the bodies. Not all of them were those who sided with Kevin. Some of them sided with Megara, yet the man just killed them like a plaything.

"Rei, you handle that woman. I'll handle the man," Patrick beckoned to the other two companions of Megara.

Kanae nodded her head. "Leave it to me. I truly want to kill someone right now."

"You're not the only one," Patrick replied as his killing intent spread out of his body. Unlike Kevin who showed it right on, he could hold them back more freely even during his agitated state.

But right now, he didn't want to hold back at all.