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568 Destination: Ryukalin Clan

 The ship belonged to the government could reach higher speed compared with the ship owned by Ryukalin Clan. It took them less time to reach the port with the other ship still chasing behind them like a cat chasing mice.

"Don't we need to shake them off?" Kanae asked curiously.

"We're already at the highest speed," Patrick replied. "Besides, I don't think I can land the ship safely at this speed."

"Then slow down, Father!"

"The machine broke."

"How did it break?"

Patrick smiled sheepishly. "I think I pulled it too hard when I started the engine before."


Kevin shook his head when he saw the two of them arguing. He should have never trusted his uncle to drive the ship in the first place. Knowing his uncle's strength, he might have just used a tad too much strength when pulling the handle.

"Uncle, head straight to the rock," Kevin pointed to the rock not far from them.

Patrick looked at Kevin with bewilderment. "Are you sure about that? We'll die before reaching the beach."

"We won't die. There's an emergency boat we can use, so just crash the ship there. The distance is not that big."

If they crashed at the port, it was unknown how big of a damage that they would have caused. Besides, there were several people there, so Kevin didn't want to crash the ship there. There was no need to involve more innocent people in the battle of people from the underworld.

As for the rock, it was located not far from the beach. But if they crashed against the rock, they wouldn't have to worry about the citizen. All they needed to worry about was themselves.

"Let's go to the deck," Patrick put the navigation on automatic.

The three of them headed back to the deck. Kevin prepared the emergency boat while Kanae cleared up the place with Patrick. At the very least, they wouldn't want to be buried under several items on the deck.

"Get down!" Patrick yelled.

The three of them crouched down and firmly held themselves on the deck. Their hands were holding on the deck and the railing, making sure that the shock would not make them out of the ship. It might spell their death if they were thrown out of the sea.


The shock caused their body to move towards the direction of the impact. Kanae lost her balance, her body was thrown slightly to the front, crashing to Kevin who was crouching in front of her.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Kanae rubbed her nose. She never knew that Kevin's back would be this hard.

Kevin frowned when he saw Kanae rubbing her nose. He pulled the girl's face closer to inspect her face. Upon seeing her red nose, he came to understand that she must have crashed her face to his back.

"Hey you two, how long do you want to stay here?" Patrick asked. He pointed to the boat on the side. "Let's go."

The three of them quickly get onto the boat. Patrick slowly pulled the boat down using the rope.


"They'll come here soon enough, so let's start rowing," Kevin picked up the rowers and tossed one of them to Patrick. There were only two of them, so they had to hurry.


Both of them rowed the boat using all their strength, making the boat moved forward, and then moved slightly to the right. On the next row, it turned to the right even more.

"Put more strength, you brat!"

"You're the one who should lower your strength, Uncle!" Kevin replied coldly.

The next second, the boat turned to the right even more. In the middle of them, Kanae was feeling pissed off.

"Father, if you can't row, I'll gladly take over your work."

"Why are you blaming me? You should ask him to row harder," Patrick complained. However, he did put lesser strength in the next row, allowing the boat to move slightly to the left.

After adjusting the position, they rowed at equal strength and speed towards the shore. Right before they could reach the shore, they sensed danger and immediately crouched down on the boat.


Several bullets passed around them. Both Kevin and Patrick rowed the boat with all their strength, reaching the shallow part of the shore right away. The three of them jumped off the boat, right at the moment the barrage of the bullets started again.

"I don't know there are guns on the ship," Patrick complained.

"There are several of them, but it won't do much damage to the ship unless you have the larger one," Kanae shrugged. "Or maybe, a torpedo."

"Don't dream too much! How do you find a large weapon in this place?" Patrick asked with annoyance.

At that moment, they heard loud sound from the side. Something big went passed them towards the ship, destroying the deck right away.

Kanae's eyes turned larger. "That's awesome."

"Brats, don't just stand there!" Master Rudy complained. "You make me wait for so long here."

"Master!" Kanae was elated to see her master standing on the shore with something big on his side. She guessed that it must be a large weapon that shoot the thing towards the ship.

Kevin looked at Master Rudy calmly. "Why don't you stop them from getting out of the shore?"

"I try, but when I come here, the two of them have gone to the water," Master Rudy shrugged. "Besides, do you really need my help?"

"Have you prepared a car?" Kevin changed the conversation.

"Here," he handed a key to Kevin. "You should be careful. Megara asked for reinforcement from the government. Your opponent in the battle might be those who has more power than ordinary people."

"I understand."

Kanae looked at Master Rudy inquiringly. "Will you come with us, Master?"

"I still have to take care of some pests," Master Rudy pointed to the group of soldiers. "They're from the government and they won't be happy to see me here."

Kanae frowned. She wanted to help her master, but she knew that this old man could finish this work without her help. The one who needed her help the most was Kevin.

"Take care, Master. I'll be right back."

"Good luck, little lass."