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567 “I’ll Come to Him”


As the ship crashed, Kanae was crouching down on the deck. Her hands were holding on the railing and the deck while her feet were on the kneeling position. When the ship crashed, her body was jolted forward, but she managed to stabilize herself.

After that, she sprang out of her position, heading towards the other ship. The front part of the ship was destroyed, so it became stuck with the larger ship. Jumping to the deck, she used the fence to propel herself towards the larger ship.

Several people came out to block her, thrusting their weapon like crazy. Kanae paid no heed to the sharp blade as she landed on the blunt side of the weapon. Standing in front of them, she looked like a goddess as the sunray showed her figure.


Before they could finish making the order, Kanae had twisted her body on the air, moving as fast as possible. Landing on the ground, she started attacking the men around her, showing no mercy at all.

At the same time she landed on the larger ship, both Kevin and Patrick had come too. Without speaking, they knew what they should do. They ran towards the enemies and began knocking them out one by one.

"Brat, let's make this more exciting," Patrick grinned.

Kevin didn't change his expression as he kicked his enemy. "What do you suggest, Uncle?"

"Count the enemies that you defeated. The loser has to drive the ship back!" Patrick replied.

"Oh?" Kevin moved his sword, thrusting right at his enemies. Several of them fell to the ground right in the next second. He looked back at Patrick. "I'm afraid you'll lose too much, Uncle."

"Insolent brat!" Patrick huffed. "Rei, what about you?"

Kanae was fighting with several enemies when her uncle called her. Her small sword danced under the ray of light, heading straight to her enemies' vital points. Killing them in that move, she stood up calmly.

Her eyes showed a trace of confusion as she glanced back at her father. "Father, I think, you're the one who will lose."

Patrick: "..."

Feeling rather annoyed at these two's display of skill, he started his rampage and smashed his opponent quickly. His spear moved quickly, leaving several after images behind.

While these three were on their way of eliminating everyone on the deck, the leader was looking horrified. He was tasked to stop everyone from leaving the island and reaching the mainland. But from the way it looked like, he would have to pay with his life for this task.

'What kind of evildoer that Elder Megara offends?'

Feeling panic, he started to quickly made communication to Megara. If he couldn't stop them, at the very least, he would inform Megara that they were alive.


"What is it?" the sound of an annoyed young man could be heard.

"Sir! It's the clan head, he..." before he could finish his words, he was attacked from behind. A rather long wound appeared on behind him, dripping blood out like a waterfall.

The man glanced at the glass in front of him. He could faintly see the young man standing behind him with his cold face as usual.

'Clan Head is truly worthy of being the leader... I have lost.'

Kevin picked up the phone as the man fell beside him. His cold gaze didn't change in the slightest from the time he started the battle on the ship. It was as if everything happened according to what he wanted to. No one could read his stony expression.

"Hello? What did you say about the clan head?"

"He wants to say that the Clan Head is here," Kevin spoke to the communication device in unhurried tone with a trace of killing intent within his voice. It was as calm as it could possibly be. "Tell Megara, I'll come to him."

The person on the other end of the call felt chill at the voice of Kevin. He was only doing his job of monitoring the call, but when he heard Kevin talked, he felt as if the temperature dropped several degrees. It was as if the coldness that Kevin emitted was transferred from the phone.

'This is bad, I have to tell Elder Megara.'

The man tried his best to calm down from the shock that he received. He quickly stood up and dashed out of his room. There was an important piece of news that Megara needed to know.

While the man was rushing, Kevin's eyes landed on the other inside the cabin. They were all people from the government, who were tasked to guard the ship and everything. Upon seeing Kevin's gaze, they could only pray from the bottom of their heart that their death would be quick.

"Kevin, have you finished?" Kanae's head peeked from the door.

Kevin nodded his head. His sword was hanging on his hand, pointing downwards. Blood tainted the blade as they dripped to the ground. With the messy room that was filled with death bodies, he looked like the image of the god of death.

However, Kanae paid no heed to all of them.

"The other ship is approaching, should we fight?"

Kevin's eyes flickered. He had told Megara that he would come, so the other party would surely prepare for his appearance to the fullest. Still, he didn't feel afraid at all. It would be better for Megara to know that their difference in strength was not something the other party could hope to cover.

"No need, let's head straight back. With the speed this ship is able to do, we can outdo them."

"Ok. I'll tell Father to drive."



Ryukalin Clan

"Elder Megara, we have received a piece of news from the island. It seems Clan Head is alive!"


The cup that was on Megara's hand slipped to the ground. His pupil dilated in disbelief. He had seen for himself that Kevin fell to the water along with Rei. With how the waves were at their fiercest, there shouldn't be any way for Kevin to survive. How did that man manage to appear here now?

"It seems, your effort is quite bad, Megara," the man in front of Megara mocked the man.

Megara's face darkened. He snorted. "He's just too hard to kill. I might need your help to take care of him, Sir Ayres and Miss Anna."

The woman called Anna smiled. She nodded her head slightly. "There's no need to worry. I won't lose against them."

Although the woman looked rather young, Megara didn't dare to underestimate the other party. Everyone who came from the government wielded strength far surpassing normal humans. This made him respect the two people in front of him greatly.

"Before they come, why don't we have some fun?" Ayres asked, his eyes glinted with ruthlessness.

"Oh? I would love that!" Anna exclaimed happily. "Count me in."

"Let's go."