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566 On the Sea

 "Am I late?" Kanae reached the beach after a few hours. The cleaning that she did make her took more time to reach this place.

Kevin shook his head. "Uncle is not here yet."

"Oh, you're right."

Kanae sighed in relief. She sat down on the fence as she rested her legs. It has been quite tiring for her to force herself to move around. She did take rest a couple of times because her legs started to feel hurt, but it was not for long.

Kevin crouched down and checked Kanae's left leg. "You're not bleeding again, are you?"

"Hey! I guess no?" Kanae replied sheepishly. She was unsure about her real condition right now. It did feel a bit hurt, but it was barely negligible. She has gotten used to the pain.

She tried to move her leg away, but Kevin held it firmly in its place.

"Be good. Don't move around," Kevin ordered solemnly.

Kanae opened her mouth then closed it again. She was unsure what she should say to this man. As he was checking her leg, she sat down calmly, watching his action.

"Hey, why are you crouching down, Kevin?"

Kevin ignored the voice as he was busy checking whether the blood was from Kanae or not. On the other hand, Kanae blushed. She wished that she could get away right now. Even though he was only checking her wounds, it didn't feel right to have someone with position as high as him to crouch on the ground.

Patrick's eyes gleamed when he saw the two of them. "Are you already being enraptured by your wife, Kevin?"

"Father, we're not married!" Kanae glared at Patrick with a heated gaze.

Kevin stood up after he had finished. He glanced at his uncle. "If you're jealous, I can ask them to search for fine ladies for you, Uncle."

"There's no need," Patrick smirked. "I want this one."

As he said that, he moved closer to Kanae, planning to hug her from behind. Before he could do it, Kevin stretched his hand. His hand blocked his path of movement.

Looking at his uncle coldly, Kevin spoke neither slowly or quickly. "Relationship between father and daughter has a limit, Uncle. Do you want me to report to the government that you're harassing a young lady?"

"Fine, fine, I won't," Patrick raised his hand and stepped back slowly. He eyed Kevin curiously. "Shouldn't I report you for the same thing? She's your cousin, right?"

"We're not related by blood, so it doesn't matter," Kevin replied calmly. He pointed to the ship behind him. "Back to the real matter, that ship still can go on, but we need to replenish the fuel."

"I'll go take it," Kanae said quickly. Before the others could say anything, she had dashed towards the storage room to search for the fuel. She was feeling rather embarrassed to hear these two arguing near her. After all, the content was about her.

"Let's help her," Patrick grinned.

Kevin nodded. "Let's go."

The three of them started moving several gallons of fuel. By the time they finished, the sun started to rise as the sky turned red.

"We can go now," Kevin started the engine and started driving the ship towards the mainland.

"Kevin, can you drive?"

"I place it in automatic," Kevin replied. He sat down on the seat as he enjoyed the sea breeze. It felt cold and refreshing when the wind passed by his face.

Kanae sat down behind the man on the floor. She took several cans and started eating. At the very least, the cans here were still in good condition.

"It'll take some time for the ship to arrive by its destination. Shall we talk about the recent event?" Patrick started the conversation. "For example, what's your plan upon reaching the mainland, Kevin?"

Kevin's gaze turned cold when Patrick mentioned about the mainland. It has only been one day, but he was not sure what the chance that had occurred in the clan. If that Megara dared to destroy the clan, he vowed that he would break that man's bone into pieces.

"We shall head straight to the clan," Kevin replied.

Patrick raised his eyebrows. "Do you think they'll make way for us?"

"If they don't," Kanae lowered her tone. "We're going to make them!"

Hearing Kanae said those words resolutely, Patrick stared at the young girl with astonishment. Although he had heard about the prowess of Kanae, he never knew that the girl would be this determined. Probably, he should have guessed it since Kanae had become the leader of the strongest group in this city.

Kevin looked at the two of them for a moment. His brain seemed to recall something.

"Uncle, when you propose to have Rei as my fiancée, do you already know that she's Kanae?"

Patrick smirked. "Of course I know. Why should I take her as my daughter if I don't know about her identity?"

Kevin studied his uncle's expression as his mind worked harder. When his uncle proposed to have Rei as his fiancée, he thought that it was ridiculous. He thought that there was something wrong with his uncle, but right now, he came to understand the real reason.

With Kanae real identity as the descendant of the four big families, there was no doubt that she wouldn't be accepted in the clan. Even if they knew that she had other identities in the underworld, what they cared the most was the noble position. The only way for her to get such a high position instantly was by being adopted by a high ranking member.

For the first time, he felt grateful for his uncle. This would make their journey far smoother.

"I see, thank you, Uncle."

Patrick raised one of his eyebrows. "I'm not doing this for an annoying person like you. I'm doing this for my little junior and daughter."

Kevin ignored his remark as he focused his attention to the sea before him. As the sky turned brighter, he could see the situation far clearer than before. Right away, his eyes turned colder when he saw two large ships were heading towards their way. From the mark on the ship, it was apparent that it belonged to the government.

"Now, this is going to be interesting," Patrick remarked. "Do you think you can outdo them, Kevin?"

Kevin pointed to the steer. "You should drive, Uncle."

"I can't drive," Patrick retorted. He stayed in the prison for years. Even after he had gotten out, he didn't spend any time to study driving because he felt that it was a waste of time. All these times, he was busy training to regain his senses again.

Kevin eyed the two ships. They were heading at him at high speed. Based on the size alone, the ship that he rode couldn't be compared. Besides, the maximum speed for this ship was not that high. Ryukalin Clan didn't invest too much for ship, so he knew that this ship's performance was lower than those two.

"What's your plan, Kevin?" Kanae asked. She had stood up and gripped the railing.

"How about jumping ship when we crashed?"

"Father, if you want to die, you should do it yourself. After being exposed to the wind on the sea for a long time, our body grows exhausted. We won't be able to move as well as before*," Kanae reminded.

"That only for normal people, I'm not affected."

"Crouch down and bear for the impact. We'll move ship when the two ships crash," Kevin gave a different order.

Kanae and Patrick looked at each other. They nodded their heads as they watched the ship grow closer.

10 meters

5 meters

3 meters

1 meter


The ship crashed.

(A/N): *When staying on the ship and exposed to the wind, it's natural response for the body to grow weary even if the person him/herself doesn't realize it. You may search in Google about this for the complete explanation.