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565 Night Battle

 Kevin listened to Patrick's explanation with a dark expression. He had expected that there would be casualties, but he didn't think that it would be this big.

"We have to move," he said after several seconds.

Kanae nodded her head. Her body felt heavy because of the sudden news regarding the Old Man. Although she rarely contacted him after she lost the job, he was still someone she cared about. There was rarely anyone who would care about a lost stray kid on the street like that old man.

Suddenly, her hand felt warm. Kevin had gripped with little to no force, just placing it near her.

Patrick pointed to the patrolling men. "What are you going to do about them?"

"What else?" Kevin asked coldly, ruthless killing intent spread out of his body. "Spare no one."

Patrick smirked. "I understand, Clan Head."

"Okay," Kanae nodded her head. Coincidentally, that was what she wanted to do too. For these traitors, she wouldn't spare anyone.

"We meet again on the South Beach."

In the next second, the three of them had departed towards different places. Their movements were extremely light as if they didn't exist at all, crossing places without the guards noticing. By the time they realize, they would be on their way towards the underworld.

Kanae headed towards the residence areas. There were a lot of people around her, but she paid no heed. Speeding up her dash, she appeared right in the middle of these men.


Her sword made its way to the first man's neck, killing him instantly. Before the other could react, her sword had moved to the second one and third one.

At this time, the fourth one finally realized what had happened.


His words stuck on his throat. Kanae had killed the man before he could utter one word. After she had finished, Kanae made a beeline towards the residence, searching for every man she could find. Extending her sense, she noticed that several men were gathered in one room.

Without wasting any time, she dashed to the room.

"Elder, we have searched high and low, but there's no trace of those two brats anywhere," one of the men spoke up.

The one called elder was standing in the middle. His eyes showed a glint of ruthlessness. "Make them search again. Before Elder Megara can finish the work in the mainland, no one shall leave this island."

"But no one can defeat them if they survive."

The elder sneered. "They're just wounded lambs, do you think they can recover in mere one day? It's too unreasonable."

"Elder is wise."

Just when they were feeling glad, they felt a gust of wind. Several men dropped to the ground, breathless. The door was open and Kanae had barged inside, attacking everyone she could see. Their conversation made her realize that they were on the enemies' side.

The elder's face darkened. He swiftly took out his sword, blocking the attack that Kanae gave to him. By that time, Kanae had ended the life of the other people inside the room.

"You're outrageous!" the elder was furious.

Kanae smiled coldly. "You're the only one left. I want to see how you can survive."

The elder swung his sword as hard as possible. He could sense the power behind Kanae's strike was not ordinary. As his eyes tried to scrutinize the young person, he was rather surprised to see that she was merely a young girl.

'A young girl with large power behind her strike?'

There was only one person who suited with this description: Rei!

With that realization, the elder knew that Kevin must have lived. Dread sprung out from the bottom of his heart. He couldn't let them stay alive! If they reached the mainland, they would pose a great threat to Megara and their plan.

"Rei, you'll die in my hand!"

Kanae's eyes turned cold. She readjusted her sword and moved forward. Her attack was far superior from the elder as her pure strength was larger than the elder. In the attack, the elder could feel that he was the one being suppressed and pushed back.

"Impossible!" the elder was startled. His hand trembled as the result of the clash.

Kanae sneered. "Nothing is impossible."

She moved forward again at the speed far higher than before. Without the men covering for him, he couldn't react in time, sending him straight to his death on Kanae's hand.

"Traitor," Kanae murmured to herself. After making sure that there was no one else alive, she started moving to check the other place.

At the exact same time, Patrick was toying with the other elder that sided with Megara. His metal rod gave the opponent a hard time because he could move it as if it was a living being. After being tormented for a long time, the elder died under Patrick's hand.

"You're too weak," Patrick snorted.

He couldn't understand why these elders would side with Megara. Not that he wanted to know, since he didn't have any plan on showing any mercy to them.

Patrick moved to the building not far from him. It was one of the storage rooms that they had because there were a lot of important things that they needed here, such as food. Inside the room, he saw several elders were unconscious.

"You're truly making things difficult."

Not wanting to make trouble for himself, Patrick simply picked up a bucket filled with water. He splashed the water to the sleeping elders.


"Elder Patrick?"

"Where am I?"

Seeing the five elders, Patrick sighed. "You all better tell me what happened last night."


While Kanae and Patrick were sweeping the building areas, Kevin headed towards the field and openly attacked his enemies. They were people whom Megara had prepared to guard the area, so Kevin showed no mercy to them.

Swiftly, he defeated them and cleared the area, dyeing the ground red with blood.

After he had finished, he headed to the port. The guards were stunned to see Kevin appeared before them, but they had been instructed by Megara to stop this man at all cost.

'How did he manage to survive?'

"Kill him!"

Kevin's gaze turned chilling cold. Finding Megara wanted to have him dead, he was not surprised. But finding out that many people who used to help him now vowed to kill him caused him to feel immense rage.

Showing no mercy, he moved to the guards and blocked their attack easily. With his sword, he killed them all. One by one, they fell to the ground.

When everything had ended, he went straight to the port, checking the ship there. He hoped that the elders were not destroying the ship or they wouldn't be able to go from this island.