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562 Attempt to Return 1

 "Damn it! Jay, if you're still alive, move any of your body parts!"

Laying on the ground, Jay was barely conscious. He could hear someone yell at him, but he no longer has any strength left in his body. The fight just now left a deep imprint in his body.

The man didn't do anything but speak and at that moment, he could feel he lost control of his body. The sword that he wanted to use to kill that man ended up piercing his chest. If not because he averted the trajectory slightly, he would have ended up dead.

"Call the ambulance now! He'll die out of blood loss if this continues!"

The yell and scream became fainter. Jay no longer tried to think too much as he felt that he was tired. It was painful and tiring. He wanted to rest.


"The ambulance is here, take him in quickly!"


With his mind drifting between conscious and unconscious, Jay could sense that he was brought away from that place.

'Master Ren....'

Jay's mind thought about Master Ren as he felt sadness once again. Tears came out from the corner of his eyes while he closed them. This time, he drifted to sleep because he was too tired.


Ryukalin Clan's Island

Kanae didn't know how long she had slept. By the time she woke up, sunrays came inside through the small window the hut had.

Opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was the ceiling, then the man beside her. He was still sleeping peacefully with his chest went up and down rhythmically. His left hand became her pillow while his right arm was hugging her waist. Their position was rather awkward, but Kanae knew that there was nothing that happened last night.

Trying to move her body, she felt searing pain on her left leg.

'It seems I have not recovered yet.'

Kanae shifted her position slightly. Her head was still resting on Kevin's arm, making use of them like a pillow. Her eyes wandered around the surrounding in curiosity. She hadn't had the chance to inspect the place ever since she came here because she was too tired.

The hut was not too big, but not too small either. If she compared it with the hut she has before, then this one was truly bigger. There was only one bed, in which the two of them lied down. Not far from her were a large cupboard and two doors, not sure heading where.

On the ceiling, there was a lamp, but it was off. There was only one window located rather high above.

"You're awake?" Kevin's voice rang on her ear.

Kanae was startled. She turned her attention back to Kevin. At some unknown point of time, the man woke up. His dark iris was looking back at her with a warm and tender gaze.

"Yes. Did I wake you up?"

"No," Kevin moved his other arm that he used to hug Kanae.

With the arm no longer restricting her body, Kanae quickly sat down and moved to the side. Although she moved rather quickly, she was careful enough to make sure that her leg didn't get hurt.

Kevin also sat down. He scratched his head, showing his messy appearance that Kanae had never seen before.

Her lips twitched a bit. Why did he have to look so handsome even when he's not dressing properly?

"I'll take some food," Kevin's words paused a bit. "You can't eat food yet with the gun wound, I'll search for juice or maybe some fruits are fine."

When she heard that, Kanae wanted to weep. She is hungry! But she knew that it was indeed the best option because she was not allowed to eat if her wound was still bleeding. Not wanting to take a risk, it would be better to limit her diet for the time being.

Kevin rummaged through the cupboard and took out several canned foods. He handed one of them to Kanae.

"It's fruit. Just eat them for now."

"Ok," Kanae nodded her head. "You should eat too, Kevin."

Kevin sat down on the edge of the bed before eating. The two of them stayed silent, savoring the food in front of them for several minutes.

"I'll go out to the other huts for a few minutes. You should stay here," Kevin stood up.

"What? Why?" Kanae was stunned. She wanted to help!

"I want to search for clothes," Kevin pointed to Kanae's clothes. "There's one hut that I used to use during my childhood, so there should be more appropriate clothes for you."

Kanae looked down at herself and blushed slightly. She completely forgot that she was wearing Kevin's clothes right now. It was too big for her, making her shoulder slightly exposed. As for the trousers, there was no need to say that she has to use the belt rather tightly.

"Ok, be careful. They might come here."

Kevin smiled warmly at her concern. "I'll be right back. Make sure that you don't aggravate your foot."

"I'm not that stupid!"

After Kevin had left, Kanae tried to inspect her wounds again. The battle has not been over yet, so she still has to fight. Most of the light wounds were already healed, with little to no pain left. There were only some scars on her skin, making a red line here and there.

'Great, I'm adding more scars for myself...'

She has always been very careful to not leave any scars on visible places because she didn't want to leave her sister worried. Unfortunately, it was quite hard, so she often used some ways to cover them up. There was a lot of medicine to erase scars and as a woman, no one ever found it strange that she asked for a bit from Jason.

Kanae leaned back on the wall, sounds of waves grew louder when she did.

'So this is still near the beach.'

Closing her eyes, she listened to the surrounding sounds. It felt peaceful here. She had always liked the sea, but she couldn't swim, so she didn't dare to come closer. This was the first time she could do that, so she decided to enjoy it to the fullest.

At the same time, Kevin was walking the path in the forest. The thick and lush vegetative here couldn't stop him from moving forward.

'It should be here.'

This island was the place for the young generation of the Kalin Family to study and learn martial arts. They were also taught how to survive by using this island as the practice area. As the result, every member of Kalin Family was familiar with this place. They could go in and out without being harmed.

There were also several buildings in this forest, which were built to let them stay here for a long time. For some of them, this island was a hell and at the same time, the best training place.

Kevin stopped before a large tree; he moved closer and searched around before finding the door knob. The large tree has an empty inside because his father made this place to be a small house. It was filled with dust, but Kevin has no time to worry about that. He crouched to the box near the door and took out a set of clothes.

It was the clothes when he was still young, so the size was not as big as now.

Closing the door again, he swiftly made his way to the hut.

"Kanae, I found them..." his voice stopped when he noticed that the young girl had fallen asleep again. His lips curled up into a smile. She looked truly adorable.

Putting the clothes on the bed near Kanae, he moved to the small table and took out a small phone. He charged the phone using the cable inside. After waiting for several minutes, he made a call.


"I need help."


"Before I can return back to the mainland, I need you to secure the port. If there are a lot of Megara's men there, I won't be able to return back."

If those men decided to shoot him while he was still on the sea, it would be a complete disaster. He had to prevent it from happening.

"Sure, no problem. You should hurry to return, Kevin. Megara has returned this morning."

'This morning?' Kevin moved his gaze to the sun outside as his pupil shrunk. He had just realized that the two of them slept until it was afternoon. Just a few more hours, the sun would set.

"It's fine, I'll start making a move during the night," Kevin replied. At least, the night could become their cover in the forest.

"Ok, take care, Kevin."