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561 Master Ren and Roy’s Death


Before the sword could reach Jay, another sword had blocked it. Roy didn't seem to be surprised. He looked at the old man who blocked it with a sneer.

"Coming to save your favorite young master again, Master Ren?"

Master Ren's face was grim. From the sheer force that he experienced right now, he could guess that Roy has grown far stronger than before. It was a bit too much for his old body to handle, so he knew that if he prolonged the fight, he would surely lose.

Swinging his sword, Master Ren forced Roy back. Roy's eyes showed the trace of surprise, but he regained his composure and readied his stance once again.

The two men were staring at one another. They knew that the other party was incredibly strong, so they couldn't waste time in unnecessary fights. It would be a truly hellish battle.

Roy moved forward first and the two of them clashed in the middle. Sounds of metal clashing filled the square as the two of them traded blows over and over again. Every strike was filled with immense strength for the other party. The barrage of attack continued for a long time.


Jay propped himself to a sitting position. His entire body hurt from the blow that Roy gave him before. Thankfully, the other members were busy with the fight, so they didn't pay any attention to the young master on the ground. This allowed Jay to rest for a longer period of time.

Swords clashed with each other, giving resounding sound each time. The other people from the Souhon Clan wanted to help, but they were helpless. The speed at which these two moved was too far for them to follow.

They could only do their best to fight with the other members of the Ryukalin Clan. After all, no one wanted to fail this mission.


When he heard the sounds of flesh tearing, Jay's heart dropped. He quickly fixated his gaze on Master Ren. Upon seeing the blood on the old man's body plus the garish wound, he forcefully stood up.


Master Ren looked at the wounds on his body with a pained smile. A moment of carelessness was already more than enough to spell his death. The attack from Roy slashed his front deeply.

His knees gave in and he tumbled to the ground. In front of him, Roy was still standing firmly, laughing like a maniac.

"You can't defeat me, Master Ren! What clan head? You're clearly weaker than me!" Roy shouted out loudly.

He hated his clan from the day he was doomed to never receive the position. Staying in that dark prison with little to no sunlight, the only thing that kept him going was the thought of revenge and taking back what belonged to him. Getting crushed by Oro, he vowed that he would grow stronger and even stronger so that no one can stop him.

"I'm the strongest!"

Roy was laughing loudly when he felt sudden pain on his chest. He put his hand on his chest as he started coughing heavily.

*cough* *cough* *cough*

Staring at his hand, Roy was startled to see blood on his palm. It came from his mouth just now. His pupil contracted in disbelief as another course of pain jolted from within his body, sending his mind into a frenzy of pain.


Roy suddenly screamed as pain enveloped his entire body. Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him.

Jay was crouching beside Master Ren, tears stained his entire face. He didn't care that he was the young master or anything. Right now, all he wanted to do was to stop the bleeding and save his master.

Putting cloth on top of the wound, he pressed hard in hope that it would be able to stop the bleeding.

"It's no use, Jay," Master Ren coughed. He could feel that strength has started to leave his body. In addition, his sight has turned blurry.

"But Master, you can't die yet!" Jay replied back. He didn't want to lose him. He still wanted to spend more time with the other party. No matter how harsh Master Ren usually treated him, he was still the clan head that cared about him so much.

Master Ren smiled wryly when he saw Jay's gesture. The life as part of the underworld has never been suited for this young man. He was too kind and soft to the point that it would be hard to become a proper leader in the underworld.

This time attack might not be too bad.

"Jay, dissolve Souhon Clan."

Jay was stunned to hear Master Ren's instruction. Souhon Clan has existed for years, even decades. The matter of dissolving them has always been out of question. It was the pride of every member who was part of it, even if it has some vicious reputation.

Looking at the solemn eyes of Master Ren, he knew that his master was serious about this matter. The Souhon Clan should be no more after today.

"Why? Master?" his voice cracked. Tears continued to pour non-stop just like a waterfall.

Master Ren felt his vision turn hazy. Everything turned blurry. "It's dangerous Jay. Promise me, okay?"

"If I promise, can you stay alive?"

However, Master Ren didn't answer. The two of them locked their gazes and Jay knew that there was no use talking about this anymore. The wound on Master Ren's body didn't have any trace of closing down as it was simply too big.

At this moment, they could hear the voice of Roy screaming. From the corner of his eyes, Jay saw his brother crouching down, holding his head in his arm.

"What's happening to him?"

Master Ren no longer could see anything, but he faintly heard the voice of Roy screaming in pain. From the fight just now, he could guess what Roy had done to make sure that he had enough power to contend against him.

"He's pushing his limit too much, Jay. Opening his own talent when he didn't have the power to handle it, it's just plain stupid."

Master Ren felt that he had failed in his task of guiding the two young masters of the Souhon Clan. One of them was forced to a path of revenge while the other one could never become a true leader. The long lasting clan was no more.

"Master?" Jay noticed that Master Ren's breathing turned weaker. He was stricken with fear for he didn't want to lose his master.

"I'm sorry, Jay...I can't sense... anything... else..."

"Master, master, MASTER!" no matter how many times Jay shook Master Ren's body, he couldn't make his master wake up.

As the battle was not over, the enemies started to attack once more. The other members of Souhon Clan did their best to protect Jay as they didn't want to lose another important member of the clan on this fateful day.

Suddenly, several members attacked their fellow members. Jay was stunned to see this progress. Forcing his feelings down, he turned around only to see a young man. His pupil shrunk in realization. Kevin had sent information about this man.

His name was still unknown, but he had one terrifying ability, which was controlling the crowd with his voice.

"Oh, I thought that this trash has defeated you," the man kicked Roy, who was still in the midst of pain as he gazed towards Jay. "It seems, you're pretty durable for a weak person."

Roy's eyes sharpened. He vomited a large amount of blood as he pushed himself to stand up. "You! What is happening to me?" he bellowed angrily.

The man sneered. "Didn't you consume the medicine on your own? For someone as weak as you, it's to be expected that you'll die after a short period of time. Stop dreaming, idiot!"

Roy was angry, but another course of pain shot from inside him. Once again he vomited blood. His head felt dizzy for he had lost too much blood.

"Even though you're also a descendant of the 12 founders of this city, your blood is too muddled," the man sneered. "For someone who lacks talent like you, the only outcome waiting for you is death."

Lack talent!


Those two words resonated deep within his body as Roy's body jolted. He hated those words the most. His entire life has been dedicated on making himself stronger and more powerful than anyone else.

The so-called barrier of talent caused him to be so disgusted!

Roaring angrily, Roy stood up and attempted to attack the man. Even without looking at the direction of Roy, the man shifted his position and kicked Roy back as hard as possible.

"It's futile, Idiot. You should just lay low over there," the man snorted.

Roy wanted to attack again, but the movement he did just now has practically exhausted him of his power. Right now, he was nothing more than an empty shell without power.

Once again, he vomited blood, dyeing the ground red. His eyes lost its light as he stared at the man with hatred. This was not what he wanted. Even if he agreed to sell his soul, he didn't want to die.

Full of grievances, life disappeared from within his eyes.

Seeing that Roy would not attack him any longer, the man turned to look at the young man before him. Jay has stood up and readied his small sword, but one look was enough to determine that it nearly took him everything just to stand up. Both his hands and feet were trembling heavily.

The man smirked. "Another stubborn one, truly befitting the name of Souhon."

Although Jay couldn't understand what the man meant, he knew that he wouldn't be able to get away without a fight. Readying his small sword, he locked his gaze at the man before him.