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560 Souhon Clan Failed Assistance

 The commotion in Ryukalin Clan was not a secret for Souhon Clan who has been watching from the dark. From the moment Megara stepped inside to the order that he ensued, the Souhon Clan managed to find out at the most important time.

"Clan Head, what should we do?" Jay, the young master of Souhon Clan, asked the clan head with worried tone.

Souhon Clan Head, Master Ren, shook his head lightly. "Do you remember the order that Ryukalin Clan Head issued right before they went to the island?"

Jay frowned. He didn't remember too much because there was no direct order that Kevin gave. Did he miss something?

Master Ren sighed upon seeing Jay's confused expression. "He asks the other core members to go far away from this place. As for the hidden clans, he told them to hide."

Jay's eyes widened in disbelief, he couldn't fathom why Kevin would give an order like that. Shouldn't he prioritize making sure that no one shall get close to the clan?

"Master, can you enlighten me about his purpose?"

"He wants to ensure that everyone stay safe, Jay. For when he returns, he will not be alone," Master Ren smiled. "We shall help him a bit. If we don't do anything, Megara will surely come to our location and plunder the little things that we have here."

"I'll dispatch more men!"

Jay hurriedly ran out of the room. For the past two years, he has been working extremely hard in the clan to make sure that he lived up to his name as the young master. Right now, he was no longer the same innocent and foolish young man like before. He had learned so much from his friends.

The Souhon Clan members moved swiftly as Jay directed them. At first, Megara didn't seem to pay any attention to the only clan that existed aside from Ryukalin Clan. However, things changed when he got several pieces of news about Megara's attempt to seize several important positions.

"Master, we have to stop him!" Jay gnashed his teeth in anger.

Master Ren nodded his head. "You shall go to the square. I'll go to the office first to calm the situation. Can you do this, Jay?"


Jay wholeheartedly accepted the mission that his master gave him. He took his weapon, a small sword that always accompanied him, before calling Vero, his bodyguard.

"Vero, your task this time is not to protect me but to take the others into save place. There are a lot of clan members in danger."

Vero nodded his head. "I understand, Young Master."

Along with the other members, Jay quickly made his way to the square. There were several people fighting there, so he took position swiftly and made sure that the normal citizens were saved.

"Young Master, there are more people there."

"You should head over there, Vero," Jay instructed. He focused his attention on attacking the man before him. Twisting his body, he evaded the attack from the man and launched a perfect counter-attack.

Moving towards the others, Jay slowly gained the momentum and continued onwards. They were lacking in numbers, but they still could manage to fight against the men in front of them. His advance stopped when his sword was blocked and he was kicked back.

"You're still as weak as ever, Jay."

The voice sent chills down Jay's spine. Hastily, he looked up and saw his brother, Roy Hon, standing right in front of him. The painful memories he had with this man resurfaced in his mind. They were all the time that he would never want to remember anymore.

After the defeat Roy had from Oro during the prison breakout in the past, he hid himself. Not even a shadow of him could be found for the past few months. It was as if this man had disappeared completely.

Today, he had returned.

Roy looked back at Jay coldly. The useless young brother that he never placed in his eyes had started to become more of an eyesore. While he was living a life filled with hell, this young man had a luxurious life as the young master of the second clan in this city.

"Stand up, Jay," he ordered. "I won't let you get away this time."

Slowly, Jay stood up from his place. His mind was in turmoil. He perfectly remembered that his strength was far from matching against Roy. However, he had trained a lot for the past few months, experiencing much harsher training than what he ever had.

Gathering his courage and power, he stomped his feet on the ground. With that, the two of them clashed once more.

Roy looked at the attempt that Jay had. He snorted as a smirk appeared on the corner of his lips. His hand moved back a bit before he attacked again, sending Jay who blocked it back a few steps.

He too has grown far stronger than before and the rate at which he grew was something that Jay would never be able to contend with.

Jay's eyes widened as he saw the line on the ground. It was all pure sheer force from his brother when the latter pushed him. His heart sank in desperation. Could it be that the distance has become wider? Didn't they always say that the growth becomes slower when they grow stronger?

Could it be that he was doomed to not even be able to block one attack?

He looked at his brother with a hardened gaze. At the very least, he had to make sure that he didn't die.

"You seem to be upset, Jay," Roy chuckled. "Let me tell you something. You're not the only one who experience hellish training!"

Blades clashed with one another, but Jay could feel the immense force from his brother. His heart sank deeper. Could he stay alive fighting this man? Not wanting to think anymore, he started another attack towards Roy.

Roy parried the attack from Jay before kicking his brother, sending him to the back, making a long line on the ground. His eyes showed a trace of mocking. His brother would never be able to surpass him.

Jay struggled to stand up again. Roaring, he dashed towards his brother, using his small sword to attack the other party.

With ease, Roy blocked the attack. He raised his feet and kicked Jay again, pushing him back straight to the ground. This time, the sheer force caused cracks to appear on the ground.

"Give up, Jay, even if you resist, you won't be able to defeat me," Roy smirked.

Jay coughed. He could feel that his organs were broken from the kick that Roy gave him. It was so painful, but he couldn't give up. If he died, the other members of the Souhon Clan would die alongside him. He couldn't possibly let that happen.

Once again, he stood up and charged towards Roy, but the other party would treat his attack like it was merely child play. Jay was sent back to the ground with another kick from Roy.

"You're still as weak as ever," Roy snorted. "Let me send you to meet with our damned father!"

Jay's eyes showed a trace of despair as he saw his brother's sword heading towards him. Why? Why was he still so weak? Even now, he still couldn't become the proper young master of the clan.