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559 Chaos in Ryukalin Clan

 The rain only stopped when it was morning. As the sun rose from the horizon, the search parties also stopped searching for the fallen members. They didn't manage to find anyone who still alive and even Patrick has disappeared.

"Sir Megara, the ship is ready," one of the elders informed.

"I'll return back to the main island," Megara said. He looked at the elders before him. "Who wants to follow me?"

The elders were looking at one another. Although Megara said that he wanted to return back to ask for help, they doubted that Megara would really do that. Among the elders who managed to survive, only three of them were on Megara's side.

The three of them stayed silent as Megara had instructed them to make sure that Patrick couldn't return back to the main island. Before Megara gained the complete control of the clan, they couldn't allow anyone to interfere.

From the thirteen elders who survived the attack, only five were present in front of Megara. The other seventh (the last one was Patrick) was still away from the place. No one knew where they went.

The two of them looked at one another. One of them raised his hand. "I'll come with you, Elder Megara."

"Anyone else?" Megara asked.

The four of them shook their heads. With that, Megara boarded the ship with that elder as the other four stayed on the island. The three elders quickly moved away to guard the places that Patrick may come while the other elder decided to clean up the mess.

"Have anyone of you searched in the forest?" one of the three elders asked.

The second one shook his head. "Don't come there by yourself. I have sent several groups of men to search for them."

"Are you sure they're enough?" the third elder interjected.

"We can't get inside because of the traps that the Kalin Family prepared in the forest. It belongs to them for generations, who knows what kind of thing they hide there."

"I see."

The second elder looked at his watch. "We should guard the island. Elder Megara says that he needs three days, so we have to give him enough time."

"Got it."

"I understand."

While the three of them enacted the plan that Megara had prepared, the man itself was staying on the boat calmly. They were speeding up to the mainland and the elder that came with him looked rather anxious.

"Why are you so worried? They're going to be alright," Megara remarked.

"It's just, I'm worried that Clan Head can stay alive or not. It's very dangerous last night and there's no trace of him at all this morning," the elder replied. He rubbed his aged hand together, silently praying that their young clan head would be alive.

Megara's face slightly darkened. He always hated the fact that Kevin got everything around him. Friends who cared about him, a position with lots of influences, people who willingly died for him, all of them were extremely enviable.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" the elder asked.

Not receiving any answer, he turned around only to see Megara swung his metal rod. As an elder in the Ryukalin Clan, he had fast reflexes, so he managed to evade in time and the rod swung on top of his head.

"What are you doing?" He bellowed angrily.

"What am I doing?" Megara sneered. "I'm obviously eliminating every obstacle that stands in my way."

The elder's expression sunk when he realized that Megara had stepped forward to attack him again. In terms of strength, he was not Megara's match. Even as an elder, his strength has never been his forte.

He tried to evade a few times before Megara managed to corner him. The rod hit him hard and he died there.

Panting after venting his anger to the elder, Megara sat down on the ship. His gaze was cold as he stared at the bloody elder in front of him. To achieve his goal, numerous people had died. He didn't care about them as long as he could get what he wanted.

'Kevin this, Kevin that, I really hate this name,' Megara murmured with annoyance.

His men on the back didn't dare to disturb Megara and continued doing his work of driving the ship. Having followed Megara for years, he knew his Master's temper very well. It was to the point that everything would be smashed if he didn't manage to achieve what he wanted. Whenever Megara was angry, no one would want to get close with this man.

The journey took some time. When Megara arrived to the mainland, he headed straight to Ryukalin Clan's residence.

The peaceful residence was shocked when Megara came home in a hurry. Upon seeing the surprised clan members, he smirked internally. As long as no one got out of the island, they would never know the truth.

"Clan Head has died during an attack in the island, I'm here to take over his work for the time being," Megara announced loudly.

The people in the residence were stunned. They didn't expect that something disastrous would have happened during the time of the celebration party on the island.

"What happened?" one of them spoke up.

"If he's dead, where's his corpse?"

Megara put on a pained expression. "He falls to the sea and right now, the other elders are trying to find his corpse. For the time being, I'll manage things in the residence until his return."

Some of the members were skeptical about Megara's decision, but there were more of Megara followers who stayed in the residence. Seeing that Megara had started to make his move, it was the time for them to shine.

One of them stepped out. "Elder Megara holds the highest authority after Clan Head, this one will follow you."

"Yes, I'll follow your instruction Elder Megara."

"Elder Megara, please make sure that the clan will stay safe after this news break out."

As more and more people expressed their thoughts about following Megara, those hesitant ones didn't have any other choice but to follow. On the other hand, several of them didn't want to accept.

"Even though Elder Megara has high status, it's not any higher than Elder Lou and Elder Patrick," one of them snorted.

Megara's expression stiffened when he heard their name. He knew that Patrick was still in the island, but he was not sure about Lou's whereabouts. From what his men told him, Kevin gave a task for Lou in a faraway place, so he felt that it was pretty safe.

"They're not here at this moment, so I'll be the one to take charge," Megara replied righteously.

The man snorted. "Unless you have the dragon seal, I'll not follow after you."

Dragon seal was the seal of Ryukalin Clan. It was the seal the ancestor made to mark the leader of the clan. All these times, no one ever questioned it because Kevin was from direct lineage. But if an outsider wanted to obtain the seat, they needed the seal.

Megara frowned. He turned his body and made his way towards Kevin's residence. From what his man had searched, the seal should be somewhere around Kevin's residence. Celine has seen Kevin use the seal before, so he was pretty sure about it.

"Where are you going?" the man asked.

"Stop him," Megara ordered.

In the next moment, several men moved forward to block the man from approaching Megara. The man came to realization. Megara was planning to take the clan head's seat!

"You can't steal it!"

"Shut him," Megara ordered. He stopped in Kevin's residence and scanned the surrounding. The place was rather empty right now because no one was there. His eyes noticed the dust around the place and his heart skipped a beat.

Did Kevin have predicted about this?

That's impossible!

Scrambling inside, he started to turn the place upside down. Hours passed as he rummaged the entire area to search for the seal to no avail. When the sky started to turn dark, he finally came out of the residence with a dark expression.

There was no trace of anyone living in the place for the past few days. There was not even a single person inside where there should be Taro and James inside.

'They won't be too happy about this.'

Although he knew that his plan was kind of failed because he didn't manage to find any important items, he still has the most important thing. This place belonged to him.

Looking at his men, he gave his order. "Fortify this area and send a message to the government. Make sure that everyone follows me."

"Yes, Sir!"

Megara watched his men start moving with a glint in his eyes. He would surely take over everything.