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557 Tending Their Wounds

 The rain hadn't stopped by the time Kevin arrived at the north beach. He continued to carry Kanae into the forest before stopping in front of a rather rocky area. Beneath the rock and hidden from all direction was a small hut.

Kevin slowly took Kanae inside the hut. After laying the girl on the mat, he took off his wet clothes and turned on the heater. Thankfully, there was a generator in this place that his grandfather built. The generator provided electricity using the power of waves, so there were plenty of them.

As the room turned warm, he scrambled to find the first aid kit. His own wounds were mostly negligible because they were barely scratching his skin, so he turned his head at Kanae.

'Should I change her clothes?'

Even though he knew that it was inappropriate, he wanted to change the girl into dry clothes. There were several of them here although they were all his clothes, so it should be too big for her.

Kevin debated for a few seconds before inching closer to Kanae. He slowly reached her body and unbuttoned her outer clothes. There was no way he would want to touch her underwear. At least, not now and especially not when she is unconscious.

Leaning her body to him, he took off the wet shirt. All the time, he was trying his best to not see her directly. The pale and white skin in front of him seemed to be extremely tempting....

'Huh? What's this?'

From the angle at which he put Kanae, he could see her shoulder and back. There were several traces of old wounds on her skin. His expression turned cold as he touched it tenderly while putting her clothes away with his other hand and took out a towel nearby.

As he wiped her body, the coarse skin from the old wound became increasingly clear. It was apparent that the wounds used to be deep to be able to leave this scar on her back. It had turned faint, but if one looked closer and touched it, it become clear.

The doctor in his hospital never told him anything about this, but there were surely a lot of old wounds. Some from the blades and some others came from blunt weapon.

Kevin's eyes grew cold as he put away the towel and picked up a blanket and used it cover her body from behind to the front. He knew that Rei might be someone who lived in Black Street and famous for what she did there.

But it didn't mean that a fighter would show their back to their enemies easily.

'Those wounds shouldn't have come from fighting.'

There must be something else that happened to Kanae before that time. Kevin looked at the girl's sleeping face. She looked so peaceful as if there was nothing she felt worried about.

His expression turned sour. \"Just... just what happened during the first few months after you lost your parents, Kanae?\"

When he recalled that, he couldn't help but feel angry at the pressure this little girl had to face. She was just a young girl, but she had to bear them all on her own.

Kevin pushed the thought to the back of his mind as he laid the girl carefully on the floor. He looked at her pants for a few seconds as he slowly covered it with a blanket. It took him a long time to take it off as he didn't dare to see it. If he saw her with only underwear, he doubted that he would be able to control himself.

As a perfectly healthy man, he didn't want to tempt himself because he was worried about his self-control.

Once he finished, he made sure that the blanket covered her entire body.

'That should do.'

If she wanted to kill him after she woke up... well, that would be for future worry.

He slowly pulled her left leg out of the blanket and looked at her wounds. The bullet went through her flesh, so there was no need to take them out. At the same time, it made a rather scary wound on her foot. Thankfully, it was not bleeding anymore.

Normal people would have been bleeding for a long period of time without it being addressed. However, it was different with Kanae as she has higher regeneration ability, which was also the one that allowed her to stay alive all these years even though she suffered a lot of wounds.

Slowly, he inspected the wound and frowned slightly. The other party used a rather small bullet, so the damage was not too big, but this might hinder her movement for the next few days.

He chose to clean up the wound and made sure that it was properly cleaned up before bandaging the feet. He placed a pillow underneath the girl's feet to make it elevate higher than usual.

Finishing it, he took off his clothes and started to tend to his own wounds. As they were mostly graze, he used alcohol to clean them up and then used some bandages to cover them. He didn't dare to use alcohol for Kanae's wound because he knew that it would only worsen the injuries.

\"Mhm,\" Kanae stirred as she slowly opened her eyes. Upon seeing the unfamiliar ceiling, she was startled and sat down abruptly.

\"Don't move, you're wounded,\" Kevin sensed movement behind him, but he didn't dare to turn around. After all, he still remembered that the girl only wore a blanket.

\"Ah, Kevin,\" Kanae tried to process the information in her head as she turned to look at Kevin's direction. In the next moment, she hurriedly moved her gaze back to herself. He was only wearing his underwear too because he was busy tending his wounds when Kanae woke up. Although it was only from the back, she could faintly see his toned muscle....

'You should stop seeing.'

As she shook her head and averted her eyes, Kanae felt that it was a bit chilly. It was then she noticed that she didn't wear any clothes. Heat rose up to her cheek at the realization. Pulling the blanket up, she made sure that it covered her body properly. \"Are you the one who undresses me?\"

\"Is there anyone else around?\"

\"Uh... no,\" Kanae replied.

Kevin pushed the first aid box beside him to Kanae. \"You should treat your wound by yourself. I won't look.\"


Kanae inspected her hand and feet before taking the medicine out of the box. Most of her wounds were already starting to heal at a fast rate even though they were not tended yet.

On the other hand, Kevin scrambled to the cupboard and picked up two sets of clothes. By the time he finished changing; Kanae had also finished tending her wounds. She was still wearing the blanket that he gave her because she didn't wear anything other than her underwear.

\"Are you sure that you only need that little bandage?\" Kevin asked as he pointed to her hand.

\"I always heal faster than normal people,\" Kanae replied. \"Wounds that take normal people days to heal only require me one day. My wounds have started to heal, so it's fine.\"

\"I see,\" Kevin sat down in front of the young girl. He pushed his clothes to the girl. \"This is mine, but you can wear them. They're the smallest size that I find here.\"

\"Ok,\" Kanae accepted the clothes and looked at Kevin.

He noticed her gaze and turned around voluntarily. There was no need for any reminder from the girl as he himself didn't want to challenge his self-control again. Those few minutes were already enough.

Waiting for several minutes, he turned around again when Kanae said that she had done. The clothes were too big for her, but there were no other clothes right now. Her own clothes were wet and partially torn, so they were unusable. The two of them sat down like that, looking at one another.

For the next few seconds, they didn't make any sounds. Only the sounds of heavy rain and storms outside could be heard.