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554 Megara Takes the Position

 As the rain continued to pour even harder, the fight that happened in the hall recessed. The one who fought the most was obviously Patrick as his clothes were completely soaked by blood and rain. It was a ghastly sight as no one could see him clearly anymore.

\"Sir, thank you very much,\" one of the elders expressed their thanks to Patrick. Numerous times, Patrick protected them in the fight.

Patrick nodded nonchalantly. \"Don't mention it. Let's all gather in the hall.\"

When those men broke in, they caused several glasses to break. Pieces of glasses filled the edge of the hall along with the rainwater that got in. Aside from them, the mess of food and bodies filled the entire hall.

\"Check who's still alive.\"

\"Yes, Sir.\"

Seeing the mess there, Patrick felt pained. Even though he barely cared about anything other than fighting, this was still the place where he grew up from a long time ago. It made him troubled to see the place in a complete mess like now.

Moving his body, he noticed that the number of elders who managed to survive remained very little.

'I think I understand why Kevin didn't allow most of them to come now.'

Although it would pose danger for Kevin, he didn't want to see his loyal followers die. Those who didn't possess enough strength were given a mission to accomplish in a faraway place. It was all the precaution in case Megara chose to strike at this moment.

Patrick was still thinking when he saw a young man walking with drenched clothes. Even without looking directly, he knew that it was Megara. Other than Megara, the only young people on this island were only Kevin, Mike, and Neo. If they walked here alone, they wouldn't dare to walk so calmly.

\"it's a complete mess here, Sir,\" one of the elders reported to Megara.

Megara might be still in his twenties, but he had an important position in the clan. Aside from Patrick, the Old Man, Lou, and Ryan, he basically held the most important position.

\"I can see that,\" Megara replied with a pained expression. \"How many people are still alive?\"

\"Reporting to Elder, there are only 13 people left here.\"

Megara nodded his head. He originally thought that the causalities were not too many. However, he soon realized that many of the elders who used to side with him had died.

He flicked a glance to Patrick from the corner of his eyes. 'This man is really a monster.'

When he saw Patrick trained like a maniac in the clan, he had guessed that Patrick has an awesome fighting ability. Who would have thought that this man held that much force? No wonder that someone like this could take Rei into becoming his daughter.

Speaking of Rei, he wondered what this man would do if he knew that Rei had died.

Thinking about the destruction Patrick did years ago because of his girlfriend's death, he shuddered internally. This monster should never know what had happened before. He was pretty sure that it would be an incredible mess if Patrick decided to kill everyone here out of rage.

\"Search for the wounded,\" Megara instructed.

Patrick was observing Megara's expression. As clan members, they were taught since young that they had to make sure no one could see things beneath their mask. It was the teaching that many of them received, including Megara and him.

Other people might not notice, but he knew that the expression on Megara's face was nothing but a mask.

'This devil,' Patrick could guess that something must have happened to the others who hadn't returned yet. Many of them were important members of the clan such as Ryan, Old Man, Mike, Neo, and most importantly Kevin and Kanae.

His heart sunk at the thought of something happened to his nephew and daughter.

\"Megara, do you see Kevin?\"

Megara's gaze flickered for a moment at the mention of the name. Trace of ruthlessness appeared within his eyes for a split second before the man suppressed it. His expression quickly changed into that of worry and pain.

\"I didn't see them. I'm too busy fighting with the intruders.\"

When Patrick asked, the others realized that Kevin was indeed not in this hall. Their heart dropped as they worried for the worst.

\"Let's search for him!\"

\"Clan Head should be alive. We have to find him.\"

Seeing the agitated elders, Megara felt rather annoyed. He wanted those attentions to him and not Kevin. Why were they always paid more attention to the young man rather than him?

He truly hated those who were born with silver spoons on their mouths. They always have it easy in their life.

He coughed. \"We have to split up into two groups. One group should search for the wounded elders around here and treat their wounds while the other one search for our clan head. Let's not waste any time.\"

\"Elder Megara is correct, let's move.\"

One of the elders looked at Megara suspiciously. \"I never know that you care about our clan head so much, Elder Megara.\"

Megara showed a pained smile, hiding the dagger beneath the layer of righteous elder. \"I might not agree with some of our clan head's decisions, but in this important time, there's no need to bring up our past grudges. The most important thing is to find them and save our kin as much as possible.\"

Although the elder was unconvinced, he nodded his head unwillingly. Right now, they have to search for their members who were still alive in case it was possible to save them.

\"Let's not waste time any longer. Every single second is precious,\" Megara instructed.

From the side, Patrick sneered internally seeing how Megara took over the charge. To be honest, his position was still higher than Megara, but the elders knew that he was not the type to be the leader. If not for that, the position of the clan head might have fallen on top of his head when his brother died.

Although he was still in prison at that time, it was extremely easy for him to breakout.

Patrick stepped forward. \"I want to search for the other core members. Many of them hadn't returned yet.\"

\"As you wish, Elder Patrick.\"

No one dared to refute Patrick because they were basically stayed alive because of this man alone. As Patrick walked away towards the direction of the forest, Megara's eyes glinted a bit. It seemed that Patrick knew that the location of the battle was there.

\"I'll call for reinforcement as soon as the rain ceases,\" Megara proclaimed. \"Prepare the boat.\"


Some of the elders looked at Megara suspiciously, but they didn't refute too. Their position was far lower to compared this man. There was no need to make things difficult for them.

Without waiting much longer, they quickly moved around in hope that they could find some people who were still alive. Of course, if it was the enemy, they would not hesitate to kill them.