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552 Death 1

 While Kanae couldn't perceive what had happened in that short time frame, it was completely different from the other two. Neo saw clearly how Kevin suddenly pulled Rei from behind towards the cliff.

His face was stricken with horror at the realization of what his Boss planned to do. It was clear that he wanted to get away using the water, but there was a large problem. The sea was extremely violent and under the heavy downpour like this, there was no guarantee that they could return safely.

This plan was the same as suicide.

Unfortunately, both him and Mike were located far away from the cliff. They were closer to the forest because Mike charged at Megara and the men before him while Neo tried to avoid the bullets by moving around.

\"BOOOOOOSSSSSSSS!\" Neo yelled as hard as he could as despair enveloped his entire body.


Not like this....

Hearing Neo's voice, Mike's gaze landed on Kevin. He followed suit in despair. \"BOOOOOOSSSSSSSS!\"

The two of them yelled as hard as they could. The scream from the two of them defeated the sound of the heavy rain. Right now, they were extremely unwilling to accept this end.

\"No! NO! You're an idiot!\" Neo cursed out loudly. Even an idiot knew the chance to stay alive after falling from this cliff was near zero, so his heart was filled with both resentment and despair.

Would it mean that Kevin is going to die?

He was unable to see things clearly. He didn't know whether they got hit or not when they fell to the sea. If they got hit, wouldn't they die because of blood loss?

As his thought reached this point, tears started to well up on Neo's eyes. He banged his hand on the ground, feeling that he was extremely useless to be unable to stop them.

'If only I can move faster.'

\"If only I could stop Megara before it reaches this point.'

While both Mike and Neo were feeling the biggest despair in their lives, Megara was the opposite. He was dumbfounded when he saw the two of them fell to the cliff. Soon afterwards, ecstasy boiled up from the bottom of his heart.


Finally Kevin is dead!

He had waited for a long time for Kevin's death because it meant that the seat for the Clan Head would be empty. Ever since he knew that the chance to win the second gathering was extremely low, he has been paying more attention for other things, such as assassination attempt.

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Countless times, he tried to assassinate Kevin only for them to end in failure. Many of the men that he sent were powerful, how could it be that Kevin still escaped unscathed? It seemed that he had clearly underestimated the protection around Kevin.

Many experts from Ryukalin Clan lurked around Kevin, protecting that young man from the shadow.

This made Megara green with envy.

He wanted to be the one at the center of attention! He wanted those protections and wealth for himself. Why would it land on Kevin just because he was born as the descendant of a clan head?

It was unfair!

Thus, Megara had to think of a different way to deal with Kevin. Ordinary assassination attempt would not work.

After numerous times planning, he came to the decision that the best choice would be this island. In this island, he would make sure that Kevin met his death with the preparation that he had.

The destruction of several buildings during the attack before allowed him to insert his people to make a pathway on the edge of the forest. It was hard to make the path, and the path was not perfect. He had to work his muscle to the limit to make sure that could reach this place. Some of the men's guns were also broken beyond repair on the journey.

But it didn't matter. He was certain that things would work out in the end as he managed to prepare everything in place before the start of the celebration party. All that left was making sure that Kevin didn't notice any of this.

It was the time for him to act.

Megara always acted as if he cared about the gathering the most and focused on clashing with Kevin head on numerous times. He didn't try to attack them in the gathering, lowering their guard to the possibility of having this place targeted again.

And his plan succeeded as they held the celebration party in this place.

Afterwards, he found another piece that he could use. The heartbroken Celine was the best piece to weaken Kevin considerably.

Lastly, his own position as the elder enabled him to move a lot of men under his order.

A wide grin appeared on Megara's face. \"Hahaha, you're now dead, Kevin. Your position is mine!\"

Hearing the wicked laugh of Megara, Mike and Neo's heart turned cold. It was still not certain that Kevin had died, but the chance for him to stay alive was less than 1%. Even the best swimmer in the world might not necessarily be able to escape this death trap.

Neo looked at Megara with hatred filled his eyes. \"You won't get away with this, Megara.\"

Megara glanced back with contempt. \"What do you think you can do, Neo? Telling the entire world that I'm just a wicked leader? No one will believe you.\"

Many people already knew that Megara didn't have a good relationship with Kevin. Even if Neo wanted to spread the news, there was no proof that Megara truly killed Kevin. After all, there was no footage in this part of the island. Besides, Neo was only Kevin's right hand.

The matter would only be different if both Kevin and Rei could stay alive.

\"We shall see that,\" Neo replied through gritted teeth.

Megara snorted. \"Unfortunately, you won't have the chance to do that. What can you do if you're dead, anyway?\"

Mike and Neo's face changed considerably as they prepared themselves for another battle. They knew that Megara wouldn't let them out of this place alive, so they had to work hard.

\"You bastard!\"

Megara laughed loudly. He smiled widely as if victory was already within his hand. \"Don't you know that the sound of a rat near their death's door is the loudest? You two won't be able to escape from here.\"

Turning his body around, Megara gave the men before him one order: \"Finish them off.\"


\"Whatever happened, make sure that you can escape to the forest, Mike,\" Neo said in low tone. \"If he survived, you know where to find him.\"

\"I'm not going to leave you alone, Neo,\" Mike replied somberly. \"Just focus on escaping, I'll cover your back.\"



As the gunshots began again, the two of them cooperated to fight with their all. They were tired, but they knew well that they didn't have much time. More importantly, they have to survive.

Seeing that they were refusing to give up, Megara sneered. There was no chance for them to defeat him and his men. Those whom he brought here were all elites as they were trained hard from a long time ago. Only Rei that seemed to be the exception because she managed to block their bullets relying on her speed.


[This novel is a contracted work with w e b n o v e l . c o m (without spaces) If you read this somewhere other than w e b n o v e l . c o m, it means the novel is stolen. It's discouraging to see readers support thieves in stealing my hard work]