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551 The Fall

 \"We're too late!\" Mike's expression turned solemn. \"Prepare to fight!\"

Before Mike could move from his position, he saw a shadow from the corner of his eyes. Kanae had swiftly moved down towards the group of men. Her right hand was holding the small sword that she always used. The moment she reached them, the sword danced and wounded them mercilessly.

The man tried to stop the attack, but Kanae caught the man's hand with ease. Her sword moved and made a slashing wound on his neck. Blood spurt out just like a waterfall. In the next second, she had twisted her body to attack the other man who stayed close with her.

Not far from them, Neo gulped down his saliva. \"She's amazing.\"

\"More than amazing, she's on par with Boss,\" Mike frowned. He recalled how Patrick was extremely fond of this young lady. No wonder that Rei has been famous as the legend of the street. Once again, he was reminded that this young lady was truly someone worth of his praise.

\"Let's move.\"

The three of them moved their legs faster. Kevin's head was still rather dizzy, but he forcefully held on. Right now, his body was working to make the antidote for him, but it would still take some time. His vision turned even blurrier as the rain fell even heavier.

\"That's the cliff,\" Mike heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing the cliff located a few steps from him. \"Let's go to the forest.\"

Kevin nodded his head. Before they could walk to the forest, his mind screamed the word 'danger.' He swiftly moved back while pulling Mike and Neo.


On the place where they stood previously, several bullets have made their way to the ground. Albeit shocked, Mike quickly readied his fist, while Neo took out his gun. Kevin was still trying to stand firmly as he gazed at the direction to the forest.

\"Surprised, aren't you?\"

The familiar voice of the young man that they hated caused distraught in their mind. Three pairs of eyes were looking towards the young man in front of them. Because of the rain, their vision was unclear, but it was clear who he was. It was truly a wonder how he managed to come here so quickly without anyone noticing.

There should be only one path to the cliff.

\"Megara!\" Kevin said through gritted teeth.

Megara smiled wickedly. \"You're not the only one who knows that the forest is the hidden ace for the Kalin Family because of the numerous traps there. I have to spend a lot of time and effort in making a safe way from the bottom of the hill to this place. Now, you don't have any other way to go.\"

Kevin knew that Megara has been the elder for quite some time. Digging information here and there would not be impossible, but he didn't expect this man to touch his hand on this island too. He should have sent people to check the edge of the forest before this meeting.

Right now, it was too late.

\"You dare!\" Mike was angry.

Megara smiled. \"Good bye!\"

He was not alone. Several men behind him raised their guns and shot straight at Kevin and the others.


Forcing himself to move, Kevin quickly ducked down along with Mike and Neo. Several bullets scratched their skin.

Upon seeing that they were still alive, Megara frowned. \"You're all so useless!\"

He had paid them a great amount of money to make sure that they will be able to do his dirty work. He picked up his gun and pointed it in Kevin's direction. A wicked smile decorated his youthful face.

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\"Start the attack again, You Useless Bunch!\"

Kevin wanted to move again, but his head was assaulted by tremendous pain. He held his head on his palm, trying to soothe the pain. Seeing the men were already preparing to shoot him again, he braced himself to get hit.


But the only pain he felt was on his left arm. A bullet has grazed his skin.

In front of him a young lady stood with her thin sword ready before her. In that crucial moment, Kanae managed to catch up and quickly blocked the bullet from reaching Kevin. Unfortunately, it hit her instead.

'I won't be able to move my left leg too much,' Kanae knew the searing pain on her left leg was because of the bullet. As she was too focused on the bullets that reached high, she forgot to protect her leg during that split second.

\"You're truly amazing,\" Megara praised. He had wanted to take Rei for himself, but this young woman had to pick the other side. It was truly a shame to see someone so talented dying, but he didn't have any other choice.

Not waiting for him to give instruction, Kanae forced herself to move forward. Her sudden acceleration prompted her to reach their group in a matter of seconds. Moving her swords, she made an attack against the group behind Megara.

Megara's face turned somber in that instant. He raised his long metal rod and blocked the way as he shouted. \"Fire!\"

Straining her feet, Kanae jumped back to the back, attempting to stop their gun from shooting. Unfortunately, two of the men managed to shoot towards Kevin, adding more wounds for the young man as the bullet grazed his skin.

Mike moved forward and attacked Megara while Neo reloaded his gun. Kevin was trying to reach his gun and reload it with his head still in constant dizziness.


When Megara gave his instruction, Kanae had moved her legs into position to block in front of Kevin. It was hard to see the bullet coming at her under the heavy downpour. She managed to cut some of the bullet, but another one grazed her cheek, penetrating the cloth that she used to cover her face.

The pain on Kevin's head finally subsided. He glanced at the young woman before him with uncertainty. Seeing her shaking leg, he knew that she was doing all she could to protect him.

This made him rather confused. He didn't even know her, why should she go to this length just to protect him? Recalling her voice from before, his mind churned a bit. He still couldn't accept that conjecture yet. From his position, he could see that Mike and Neo were also struggling as they fought against Megara.

\"Mike, Neo, go to the forest!\"

The two of them were stunned to hear Kevin's order. They were about to refute when they heard Megara issued another command.

\"Kill him!\"


As the men started to shoot again after they were distracted by Mike and Neo's attack, Kanae raised her hand, ready to block the bullets again. Her eyes were following after the bullet's movement as she pushed her concentration to the limit.

Dzing! Swish!

Her sword managed to block the bullets when she noticed that the men started to shoot again.


It was then that Kanae felt someone tugged her from behind. She was startled and her trembling legs lost their balance. The next thing she knew, she was staring at the dark sky, with the scream from two people accompanying her.


[This novel is a contracted work with w e b n o v e l . c o m (without spaces) If you read this somewhere other than w e b n o v e l . c o m, it means the novel is stolen. It's discouraging to see readers support thieves in stealing my hard work]