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549 Move Sides

 The two of them soon killed all the assassins in that place. Even under the poison, Kevin still managed to move around so much. Looking at the last assassin that died under Kanae's sword, Kevin felt thankful.

\"Thank you,\" Kevin uttered his thanks.

Kanae nodded her head. From inside the hall, Patrick walked out with his spear coated in blood. He looked at the two of them with relief.

\"Kevin, it's unusual for you to take a long time for a fight.\"

\"She poisons me,\" Kevin replied curtly.

Patrick and Kanae moved their gaze to the fallen woman by the side. Upon seeing the black smoke around her, they knew for sure that she must have used a lethal poison to make sure that Kevin was harmed. After all, her strength couldn't be compared with someone as strong as Kevin.

\"Rei, take Kevin away. The fight has just begun.\"

When Kanae was about to make it to the door, several men appeared and started attacking them. It was unknown whether they have been waiting for a long time or not, but they were very skillful. In addition, a lot of elders were taking out their weapon against them.

The fight inside the hall halted Kanae's movement as she was forced to fight with them. Utilizing her speed to the fullest, Kanae made sure that she could finish them as fast as possible. At that time, the only thought lingered in her head was how to reach Kevin.

She felt deeply worried about this man.

Upon seeing the group of men that attacked Kevin, rage flared within her heart. Without wasting any time, she dashed at them and attacked them as swift as possible. Using attacks directed at their vitals, she killed them all one by one very quickly.

\"What do you mean take me away? I can still fight, Uncle,\" Kevin refused flatly.

\"Their target is you, so you have to stay alive to make their plan foiled,\" Patrick replied solemnly. \"Don't refute me this time, Kevin.\"

As the most playful member of the clan, Patrick barely paid any attention to the matter of the clan because all he wanted was getting stronger through fight. With him fighting every single day, he never knew about the matter of the clan. All that he knew was what they targeted Kevin.

Kevin is his only family member related by blood. Those other hidden clan head might still have relations, but it was very far. For his only family, Patrick would never let any harm come to him.

\"I won't run away,\" Kevin replied coldly.

Patrick pointed to the forest. \"Lure them to our territory as we deal with them. There are a lot of traitors among the elders, so you can't possibly fight them with your condition.\"

Most of the elders in the Ryukalin Clan have the topnotch fighting skill. Normal Kevin wouldn't have any problem handling them, but the current him would be impossible. The best way for them to win this fight was by fighting in the most familiar territory for Kevin, the forest.

At least, there was more chances in that place for him.

\"Stay safe, Uncle,\" Kevin turned around and started running with Kanae followed after him.

Patrick noticed that Mike and Neo have somehow broken out of the building. Their clothes were disheveled and their breathing was uneven, but they were still full of vitality.

\"Mike, Neo, protect Kevin in the forest.\"

Mike and Neo were stunned. They saw that Kevin had run pretty far, so they wasted no time to follow suit. Even if they lost sight of him, they knew the direction he would go because the entrance to enter the forest was only located in one place.

Seeing that they were already running, Patrick moved his gaze towards the others. It was the time for him to fight again.

\"Old Man, where's Boss?\" in the midst of the fight, Ryan suddenly asked.

The Old Man frowned. \"He should be outside. Patrick has just yelled that they're going to the forest, right?\"

\"I'll be going there,\" Ryan pushed his opponent and ran out of the hall.

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The Old Man was startled by Ryan's sudden movement. He pushed off his opponent too and chased after Ryan. Behind them, Patrick nearly cursed when he saw them going away. The number of people he had to face was a bit too much for a single man.

Well, it didn't matter. Patrick's eyes glowed dangerously.

He would not hold back at all!

\"Hey, old pal, do you even know the way? Boss never tells us about the save zone to the forest, right?\" the Old Man yelled.

Ryan paid no heed to the Old Man's yell. He only stopped when they were already at the edge of the forest. His eyes gazed at the lush forest before him where they used to play around when they were kids. As he stood, rain started to pour down slowly and turned heavy.

The safe zone in the forest was the place where the core members could hide themselves. Inside this seemingly ordinary lush forest, Kalin Family had prepared numerous traps that could easily kill even the strongest expert in the world. However, the save path was never disclosed to anyone other than the family members.

All they knew was the safe entrance located on top of the cliff, which was known for most core members. The Old Man knew some path near the entrance of the forest, but he wouldn't be able to go any deeper without any Kalin Family members helping him to show the way.

\"Now you stop?\" the Old Man humped indignantly.

Ryan turned around with a sad smile. \"Old Man, do you know my biggest wish?\"

The Old Man looked back at his old friend, who looked like he would break at any time. He sighed.

\"You wish that you can replace the place of our Boss in that incident, right?\"

\"That's right,\" Ryan nodded his head. His eyes held deep regret at that incident. \"The four of us always stay together and we had vowed that we will protect him with all we had. But on that fated day, only one of us stayed near him while the two of us stayed far away.\"

On that day, Mike's father was in the car, trying his best to steer the car out of the way. Unfortunately, he got shot and the car went out of control. On the other hand, Ryan and the Old Man were staying in the clan, protecting the place. It was only later did they find out the tragedy that had befallen their leader as Kevin's father failed to survive.

\"You can't change the past, old pal,\" the Old Man remarked.

\"I know, but I can change the future,\" Ryan readied his metal bat with a pained smile. \"I'm sorry, Old Pal.\"

The Old Man merely sighed. \"I see, so you truly move to their side.\"


\"I don't want to fight you at all because of our past,\" the Old Man readied his stance. \"But I had vowed to protect Kevin, so if I have to fight you, I will.\"

Ryan nodded his head. His melancholy aura changed into a sharp aura of a fighter. It was clear that he was planning on giving his all for this fight.

The next second, the two of them clashed.