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548 Ambush

 Clang! Clang! Clang!

Trading blows with the black clothed men around him, Kevin did his best to fend off. He could feel his body's movement slowed down considerably compared with his usual one, so he had to adjust his force. Right now, his strength has fallen far compared with before.

Twisting his body to evade the attack, Kevin chose to attack one of the pursuers. He sidestepped to the side and attacked the man's neck directly. Blood flowed out as the man lost his strength, and he fell down to the ground.

Seeing that there were still a lot of people around him, Kevin's gaze turned somber. They had enhanced strength compared with normal people, so he could guess that they should be someone from the government side. Who in the world would invite them here?


The men grouped together and attacked him at once. Kevin managed to block the attack, but the force caused him to move back. One of them tried to sneak attack from his back, but he managed to twist his body and used his sword to behead the man while he was evading the attack to the side.

\"Is he really poisoned?\" One of the men exclaimed. There should be no way this man could move that well if he truly did.

\"Get him!\"

Another barrage of attacks ensued. Kevin was forced into a defensive state, trying his best to find any loophole to kill them one by one. Internally, he didn't understand why the other elders hadn't arrived here with the noise that he made with his fight.

The fight tired him greatly and his vision turned slightly blurry. Relying on his other sense, he had to make sure that their attack didn't reach him.

Clang! Slash!

\"Who's that?\"

\"Watch out!\"

When he heard the commotion, Kevin forced his eyes to open once again. In front of him, he saw a young man-no a young lady, fighting against the men. She swiftly evaded the attack and went on to the vital point by the next moment. It took her one attack to finish one man.

The young lady, Kanae, quickly made her way to Kevin as she killed the men around her. Her light sword moved to hit their vital points as she moved to reach Kevin's side. Her eyes were looking at him worriedly, hoping that she was not too late.

\"What in the world...?\"


Before the men could get any answer whatsoever, Kanae had already sent them to meet their creator. Her movements were precise and efficient, not giving them any leeway to lax.

\"Rei,\" Kevin called out.

Kanae looked at Kevin's pale expression as she frowned slightly. \"Please be careful.\"

The light tone of the young girl entered Kevin's ear as his pupil shook. His legs bent down to evade the assassin attack as he pulled out his gun and pointed it to the man's chest.


Right afterwards, he swung his sword to the next man who came to him. Blood splattered on the ground as he stood there. His breathing was slightly rough as the poison was affecting him, but he could still see his enemies around him. They were cautious when they saw that Kevin still could move around very well.

He didn't seem to be poisoned at all.

But right now, Kevin's mind was churning because of the voice he had just heard. It was very familiar to him because he had heard it numerous times before this. But...

Is it really her?

\"Get him!\"


Before they could get close to Kevin, Kanae had moved from her position and swung her sword. Her eyes were looking to the men before them with hostility. She didn't know how they managed to get inside, but it was not important for now.

They have to make sure that no one managed to reach Kevin.

\"Just who are you?\" One of the men yelled in anger. He was trying to reach Kevin again, but his sword fell short. Kanae sidestepped to the front as her light sword stood before them. By parrying the attack to outside, she twisted her arm and the sword reached the man's chest.


It directly stabbed into his heart. As the man's eyes turned lifeless, Kanae turned around to look at the rest of the men around them. No one can get way safely.

Chills ran down the men's spine when they saw the cold gaze on Kanae's face. They felt as if they were meeting a death angel that was ready to take their lives anytime because of their decision. However, they no longer have any other choice. They didn't have any path to return back too.

\"What should we do?\"

\"M-my hand c-can't stop tre-trembling.\"

One of the men, who assumed leading position gritted his teeth. He looked in Kevin's direction and saw that their target was also standing still. His gaze when he looked at them was no different than the gaze that Kanae used. The two of them seemed to be ready to send them to their creator in just a few seconds.

He grabbed his sword tighter. \"We don't have any other choice! Move!\"


Kevin frowned. He took out his gun as he looked at Kanae. \"Stay behind, let me handle this.\"


Five successive shots hit the group of men in front them. Kanae didn't even given the chance to move as she stood there quietly. Only three men left, but they quickly kept their distance when they saw Kevin held the gun.

\"I only have one bullet left,\" Kevin said somberly. \"You should think of a way to kill the other two.\"

Kanae nodded.

Kevin was slightly hoping for Rei to speak again because he wanted to confirm whether the voice belonged to her or not. But since Rei didn't seem to be willing to speak, he would not pursue the matter.

His hand gripped his gun tighter as if waiting for the men to make the first move. Just like a predator, he waited patiently.


The three assassins moved at the same time and Kevin directed his gun to the man the most right.


At the same time, Kanae lunged forward and used her sword to kill the other two. Her movement was agile as it directly cut off the man's head.

Drop! Roll...

The head rolled down on the ground while the body swayed a bit before it dropped down to the ground.