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545 Celebration Party

 The next morning, Kanae woke up because of the sound of two people quarreling not far from her residence.

\"Brat! Come over here, you still have to train!\"

\"You're a merciless Old Man! I have other work that I have to do, let me go!\"

\"You can do them after training. Your muscles are too weak!\"

\"I don't want to train my stamina again, I'm already strong enough! Old Man!\"

Carried like a sandbag, the Old Man brought Neo out of the building. Seeing the spectacle before her, Kanae truly wanted to laugh. She was still staying inside her room, but from the window she could see the two people quarreled with one another.

\"That's already very common in here,\" Patrick yawned as he opened the door and walked inside nonchalantly.

\"Senior Pat, has no one teach you that you should knock before entering a woman's room?\"

Patrick was startled to hear the cold tone that Kanae used. As Kanae has been respectful to him, she usually used polite speech and a rather warm tone. This was one of the rare times that the girl gave him a threat.

\"Come on, you're my daughter. Why can't I get inside as I want to?\" Patrick smiled innocently.

Kanae's face darkened. \"What if you come in when I'm changing my clothes?\"

\"Oh?\" Patrick looked at Kanae up and down. Although Kanae has the normal figure of a woman, she was not that attractive. More importantly, he didn't have the intention of getting close with a kid.

\"Don't worry, there's not much to see from you.\"


In the next moment, Patrick was driven out of the small house by Kanae. Although his strength was far higher, Patrick didn't try to fight back, resulting in him getting kicked out of the house.

\"Hey, Rei, come on, I still haven't had my breakfast!\"

\"Rei, your father wants to change clothes.\"

\"Come on, Rei, it has been one hour.\"

Ignoring the other people who gave him weird stares, Patrick continued to coax Kanae. He never got close with women except his past girlfriend. At that time, he always got inside her room without asking for permission because she allowed it. As the result, he got used to entering the room without asking first.

When it was noon, Kevin couldn't stand his uncle's voice that had continued for hours. He walked out and saw his uncle sitting in front of the door, occasionally calling out for Rei.

\"Uncle, can you stop asking Rei to let you in?\" Kevin asked.

Patrick looked at Kevin. \"If she didn't let me in, I don't have any other place to stay. What if I stay in your place?\"

\"I won't allow it.\"

\"Then I'll continue calling Rei to let me in.\"

\"What did you do to make that girl angry?\"

\"I'm walking inside her room without permission,\" Patrick answered without hesitation.

Kevin arched his eyebrows. He had heard that girls disliked when people got into their room without permission. Well, not only girls but also other people. No wonder that Rei got angry at his uncle. \"Uncle, you can help prepare for the celebration. It'll start with a feast.\"

\"Help me coax Rei first.\"

\"I don't want to.\"

Patrick's face darkened. \"I'll do anything that you say.\"

\"I want you to be the clan's supervisor and do paperwork,\" Kevin gave his condition.

Hearing what Kevin wanted, Patrick nearly vomited blood. The scale was truly too big. What he asked and Kevin wanted didn't match at all. Besides, he would never want to do any paperwork.

\"I'm not doing it,\" Patrick replied. \"Ask for something smaller that I can do within a short time of frame.\"

\"I want you to help out doing paperwork for a week after our return from this island.\"

Patrick pondered. One week shouldn't be that long as it was not too hard for him. \"Okay, I agree, but only if you manage to coax Rei.\"

Kevin nodded. He didn't walk to the door, but rather to the window towards Kanae's room. Inside the room, Kanae was busy analyzing the map of this island that Patrick gave her before. She was determined to ignore her uncle as much as possible, so she busied herself doing something else.

Knock! Knock!

Kanae lifted her head towards the window. Seeing Kevin there, she was rather stunned. Thankfully, she still wore the cloth that covered her mouth or he would see her face directly.

She walked to the window and opened it but didn't speak at all.

\"Your uncle has suffered too long, you should let him in. It's already nearing the time for the celebration,\" Kevin said bluntly.

Kanae glanced at the clock before nodding her head. She closed the window and opened the front door. Because Patrick was leaning to the door frame, he nearly fell to the back when Kanae opened it.

\"Ah, you finally let me in, Rei?\"

\"Kevin asks me,\" Kanae replied shortly.

Patrick was stunned. He glanced to the side where Kevin had stood with crossed arm and proud expression. Internally, he cursed out loud. He shouldn't have agreed. He forgot that they had feelings for one another even though Kevin hadn't known that Rei is, in fact, Kanae.

Walking with resigned feeling, he quickly prepared himself for the celebration.

The celebration party started nearing the sunset. The elders gathered in the hall where they had prepared three large tables with numerous chairs around them. The first table was for Kevin and the closest circle of clan members, the second table was for the other elders, and the third table was for the hidden clan members who came.

Kanae and Patrick arrived when it was about to start.

\"Because I'm Kevin's uncle, we can sit down on the same table as that brat,\" Patrick pointed to the table for the clan head.

Kanae nodded her head and followed after Patrick to the designated place.

Kevin hadn't arrived yet, but Neo has. He was busy arranging the seat for the people and also ordered the kitchen to bring out the food because the celebration will soon start.

Not long after that, Kevin walked in with Mike following behind him loyally. Right now, he was dressed in a formal wear for the clans, robe. The robe was colored red with gold thread all over. Although it might look rather extravagant, for Kevin, it looked extremely suited for him. His aura was heightened by the robe rather than losing out because of the grandeur.

Patrick tapped the table annoyed. \"That brat is getting far ahead. He shouldn't be this handsome. Don't you agree with me, Rei? Rei?\"

The person beside him didn't answer. When he glanced at the young girl, he noticed that her gaze was fixated upon Kevin with sparks appeared within it. In the girl's eyes, this man would surely be the most handsome one.

'What should I expect from her?'

Patrick sighed to himself. He should know better than to ask Rei about it. Forget it, his biggest advantage was not his face too, but rather his fist. When he got the time, he would just ask Kevin for another spar and delightfully defeated that brat.