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543 Returning Back to the Island

 For the next two days, Kevin didn't bother coming to the school at all. He didn't want to waste his time with those children anymore because it might risk him having to meet with the doctor. With his special condition, having those people examined him would be a big no.

On the third day, it was already the time for Ryukalin Clan's Celebration party for him. Many hidden clan's heads didn't come because they have numerous tasks that Kevin assigned before his departure. However, this didn't apply to the elders because many of them followed after him.

\"Boss, is it fine to have many of them attend the celebration?\" Neo asked as he looked at the other elders. Some of them rode the same boat with Kevin.

Kevin nodded his head calmly. \"If they want to come, let them come.\"

\"Boss, what about your school? You haven't attended any class for the past few days, have you?\" Mike asked worriedly. He knew that Kevin wanted to attend the class because Kanae was there, but these past few days, this young man couldn't go because they might force him to have a medical checkup.

Once they found out about his real condition, it would be the end of him.

\"It's fine,\" Kevin replied calmly.

Looking at the young man's indifferent expression, Neo had a complicated feeling. Usually, he would just term Kevin as an aloof man who didn't have many changes in his expression. However, this time was different because he could see the trace of longing in the man's eyes.

As Kevin gazed at the island in front of him, he let his mind wander around. The wind from the sea felt rather nice as it brushed his cheek, letting him sense the breeze.

Neither one of them talked anymore as they waited for the ship to arrive on the island. They had mixed feelings and neither one of them knew what they should say in that situation.

\"Boss, we have arrived,\" Neo informed and jumped out. He landed on the sand unsteadily.

\"Brat, you need to learn more! How can you become the representative if you have that weak physical body?\" Neo's father, the Old Man, berated.

\"Old Man, why are you here?\" Neo's face was dark. Why didn't anyone tell him that his father had arrived in the island before him?

\"I come to attend the celebration with Ryan, my old pal. It just so happens that I see the embarrassing sight of my son,\" the Old Man humped.

Neo has black lines appearing on his forehead. Could he please not be so straightforward? His physical body has been his weakness from a long time ago, so he hated it when someone mentioned it so blatantly, especially his father. After all, his father was famous because of his powerful strength.

\"He has improved a bit, Old Man,\" Mike grinned. \"I train with him a lot these days, so I know about it.\"

Rather than training with Mike, it would be more correct to say that he was forced to train by Mike. This time, Mike showed no mercy as he drilled Neo in the training for days.

\"You better improve, brat.\"

\"I AM IMPROVING, Old Man!\"

Kevin walked towards them calmly. \"The celebration is tomorrow. Let's have some rest.\"

\"Yes, Boss.\"

The others agreed to his words and followed after the young man to the building areas. Compared to two months ago, the condition didn't change much. The only difference would be the decoration that the people placed for the celebration the next day in this island.

\"Neo, you have to check the entire island before the time using the camera,\" Kevin instructed. \"Mike, you will scout the areas after some rests.\"

\"Yes, Boss.\"

Before the two of them could move, another group has come to the island led by Megara. Seeing Kevin, Megara's face darkened slightly, but he didn't dare to be disrespectful. After the selection for the clan head where he was proved to be lost, he had to be careful of Kevin might find some faults with him and kicked him out of the clan.

\"You're early today, Elder Megara,\" Mike greeted with a smile, yet there was no mirth in his eyes.

Megara smiled. \"It'll be discourteous if I arrive late, am I right?\"

\"The celebration is tomorrow, so there's no need for you to come so early,\" Kevin interrupted. \"Do you have any other reason for coming so early?\"

Megara's smile stiffened. He looked at Kevin for a few seconds as he buried the hatred within his eyes. No matter what, he would never give up the position of the clan head to Kevin without a fight.

\"Clan Head, this one is untalented. Do you mind giving me some pointers?\"

Although the words were coated nicely, it was a direct challenge for Kevin. With the position of Megara being lower than Kevin, Kevin could just dismiss the challenge without answering. This was the reason Megara brought the crowd with him because he wanted to force Kevin into agreeing.

Kevin glanced at the surrounding people before nodding his head. His expression was as cold as always, with no change at all.

\"Make your move.\"

Megara's smile turned sinister internally. \"Many thanks, Clan Head.\"

In the next second, he drew his long metal rod and charged towards Kevin. From an ordinary person's perspective, he was moving at the inconvincible speed that they were unable to follow. It only took him split seconds to arrive in front of Kevin.


Kevin had unsheathed his sword and used it to block the attack. He swung the sword, pushing Megara away from him. Stomping on the ground, he made his move against Megara.

On the side, the elders hurriedly retreated in fear that they would get involved in the fight. It wouldn't be funny if they got involved just because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. The sounds of metal clashing reverberated loudly on the field.

\"Old Man, do you think Boss can win?\" Neo asked worriedly.

The Old Man rolled his eyes. \"Don't you have the confidence that our Boss can win?\"

\"I mean, Megara is stronger than before,\" Neo murmured. He had only seen Megara fight around 8 months ago in the meeting. At that time, Megara's power was already so high that Mike had to fight with his all. However, the Megara that he saw today was not only strong but also fast. It made him worried that Kevin would lose.

If Kevin lost, it would be a huge taint on Kevin's name.

\"Don't worry. Boss is not that weak,\" Mike grinned. \"He can beat me up easily if he wants to.\"


Before Mike could answer again, they could hear the sound of someone fall to the ground. Countless pairs of eyes returned back to the middle where one of the men had fallen to the ground and the other one held his sword near the man's neck.

\"You have lost,\" Kevin said coldly and calmly, his breath didn't change in the slightest.

Neo heaved a sigh, yet his heart was filled with glee. \"Boss is truly a monster.\"