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540 Sudden Health Check-Up

 Black Street

Aside from working in her work to help Jason and school life, Kanae also spent her time on the street to train her body. Master Rudy still accompanied her most of the time as he wanted to monitor her training.

"Master, how's my development?" Kanae asked expectantly.

Master Rudy rubbed his bearded chin. "It's not too bad and your development is still very fast."

For the past few weeks, she has been challenging a lot of people from the black street that used to dominate the area in the West. Since this area used to belong to the Merion Clan, which they destroyed before, there was nothing wrong with her challenging them. After all, they were mostly scum.

Most of the people here were not that strong, so it only took her several weeks to clean up the area and finished them all. Those who were on the list of criminals were also taken to the police station with Matt handling the aftermath.

"Really, I feel that my advance is rather slow," Kanae scratched her head.

Master Rudy shook his head lightly. "You brat, if other people know your thoughts, you won't be able to escape unscathed."

"I'm just telling this to my master and no one else."

"That's good."

Kanae leaned on the wall behind her. "Master, I heard that the Ryukalin Clan is going to hold the celebration for Kevin at the end of August?"

"You're well informed," Master Rudy nodded his head. "They will host a small party to celebrate it as they didn't have the chance before because of the instability inside the clan."

Kanae didn't know very much about the Ryukalin Clan, but she knew that Kevin didn't hold most of the power. Even though it has been two months, it wouldn't be that easy to get rid of those who have more influence in the clan except if they made a huge blunder.

"Can I come?"

"Sure, do you want to come as Kanae or Rei?"

Kanae thought for a moment. "I'll come as Rei."

Master Rudy stretched his body as he smiled. "It's easy to arrange. I'll ask your father to arrange things for you."

"By the way, I haven't heard anything from Senior Pat?" Kanae recalled that her senior and new father, Patrick, hadn't called her at all for the past few weeks. Her training so far was only with Master Rudy.

"He's busy challenging more people in the clan," Master Rudy smirked. "That brat is truly restless."

Kanae smiled wryly. She shouldn't have expected anything less from her father. With him being a battle maniac, there was no doubt that he would fight almost all the time.

"Let's go, continue your training."



Lima School

After her training session, Kanae took a quick bath before going back to the school. It was already morning, but she didn't feel tried at all because of all the exercise she had the previous night.

"Kanae!" Alan waved his hand when he saw the girl coming. "You're really early today."

"Well, I wake up rather early. Why are you standing at the front door again?"

"I'm waiting for Princess Iris to come," Alan answered with a wide grin on his face.

"Is she not angry because you took her money before?"

In the previous competition between Nolen School A and Nolen School C, Iris put the bet on the Nolen School A. Unfortunately for her, Nolen School C was declared as the winner because of Kanae and Kevin.

Alan smiled proudly. "I return her money secretly and since then she always greets me."

Kanae shook her head lightly. It was easy to tell that this young man has been smitten by that girl. However, she didn't really mind it too much.

"I'll be going to the class first."


She headed towards her class and sat down lazily. Taking out her books, she started to learn the lesson more and more as she wanted to master the materials for the third year as fast as possible.

Kevin arrived after her and sat down beside her. He didn't bother her at all and allowed the young girl to focus on the lesson she had. Unless she asked, he would not interrupt the girl's study.

The class started as usual, but their homeroom teacher came in during the middle of the lesson. He scanned the students.

"Starting today we're going to arrange a personal doctor for all of you. They're going to be responsible for your health and everything you need. If you need help, you can ask them. They'll come here in a while, so please wait patiently."

Alan groaned. "I'm healthy! I don't need a doctor."

Many other students were complaining like Alan did. After all, they didn't feel the need of having a doctor to take care of their condition all the time. They were not athletes, so there shouldn't be any need for that.

On the other hand, Kevin and Kanae's heart sunk terribly. Kevin knew that he was an awakened person and having the doctors checked on his condition was a big no. His ability was closely related with his physical condition, so it was a big no. Raising his hand, he took out his phone and dialed Neo.

Kanae had the same bad feeling. She secretly turned her special communication device on. Her eyes were watching Kevin carefully. Should she talk to Shiro while Kevin was still beside her? It would surely give away her identity.

Before she could come to a decision, Kevin stood up.

"Teacher, my secretary calls. He wants me to meet him right now in the company," Kevin reported with a cold tone.

The homeroom teacher wanted to ask Kevin to wait for a moment, but seeing the cold glare on the boy's eyes, he felt chills crept out on his back. The gaze was filled with threat. If he didn't let Kevin go, he would die. That was exactly how his feeling right now was.

"I understand. You may report back later."

Kevin nodded his head. He picked up his bag and looked at Kanae. "Be careful, Kanae."

"Yeah," Kanae was rather stunned to see Kevin walked away just like that. She sighed to herself. If not because she was already erased her name from Kara Company, the company she made with her sister, she would surely ask her little sister to make a call to her too.

Turning her attention to her special phone, she turned it on. "Shin, wherever you are, please come to my class."

"..." there was no response.

Kanae repeated her instruction again, but still no response. Her heart sank. What should she make as the excuse to get out of the school?

While her brain was working in high speed, the doctors arrived. The homeroom teacher smiled.

"They are the talented doctors in this city and they'll be assigned to all of you. Don't worry that you won't have one, they already have the note of the name for each student."

Kanae raised her head. She wanted to repeat her instruction, but a man had arrived at her desk. He smiled warmly. "Kanae Nali, right? I'll be your personal doctor from now on. Now, do you mind if we start with checking your pulse."

As he said that, he moved his hand to grab Kanae's wrist in order to check her pulse.