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536 The Future She See

 Alan moved closer to the field. He looked at the group of students who were busy watching.

"Hey, guys, do you want to have some fun?"

One of the students looked at Alan with unconvinced expression. "What are you planning?"

"Having a bet between the two parties," Alan smirked. "Isn't it more fun this way? Aside from having the chance to see the other party beaten up, you can earn profit too."

"Are you sure that the teacher won't be angry?" a female student asked worriedly.

Alan pointed to the teacher. "That teacher barely pays any attention. He'll let us play for as long as we don't bother him. He doesn't need to know the things that we do as long as we're not too conspicuous?"

"Hmm, you got a point, Alan."

"Shall we start?"

"Sure, I want to bet on Nolen School A!"

"I want to bet on Nolen School C!"

With that, the students started to put their bet on the side that they believed will win. Acting as the host, Alan meticulously noted their name and all. No matter which side won or lost, he would surely earn profit.

Looking at the large number that the students presented, he smirked internally. Most of the students here came from rich families, trying to take a bit of money from them would be a piece of cake. Besides, they didn't play much importance to the money as most of them just leeching to their family.

"What's that?" Kanae was stunned to see the students crowding at Alan's location. She had just finished changing her clothes before coming to the field.

"Alan is making a bet stands for the Nolen School A and Nolen School C competition. The field on the right is rather empty, let's just use that one."


Alan happily noted the money that was thrown to him happily.

"I want to bet on Nolen School A," the sound of a woman rang on his ear.

Alan raised his head. When he saw the gold color, he was shocked speechless. There was only one student who had this hair color. Seeing the face of the fair woman before him, he felt his legs turned soft.

The princess is talking to him!

Even though it was merely for a bet, he still felt on cloud nine. Many students from Nolen School A adored Iris, so having the chance to talk with the girl was already more than enough to make him smile widely like a fool.

"I understand, Miss Iris. How much do you want to bet?"

"One thousand," Iris replied in a cool voice. Her blue eyes were staring at the paper that Alan gave to her. It was for her to reclaim her money if she won.

"Iris, have you finished?"

"Ah, yeah," Iris turned around. She walked to the side where her best friend has been waiting.

"You're taking so much time," Iris's friend, Anna, complained. Contrary to the petite and beautiful Iris, Anna has a rather large body with toned muscle. Even from outside, people knew that she was someone who trained her body a lot.

Their difference in built caused people to wonder how these two could become friends with one another.

"I just want to see my luck."

"Do you see the future?" Anna asked worriedly.

Iris shook her head. "No, you know that I won't be able to use them too much, so I won't."

"Well, you can't control it well."

"I know."

While they were talking, they heard the sound of a ball hitting the ring amidst the noisy chatter of the students. Turning their head to the side, they saw two people were standing. The boy was holding a ball and the girl was trying to catch up with him.

Jerking his hand, Kevin moved the ball outside Kanae's range. As he moved to her side, the ball bounced back to his hand. He noticed Kanae's hand was already reaching to him, so he pushed the ball to his back with the intention of using his other hand to catch. Unfortunately, Kanae was ready and pushed the ball using her fingertip, away from Kevin.

After that, the two of them scrambled to own the possession of the ball.

Anna looked rather astonished. "Their play is quite amazing."

"You're right. I wonder where..." as Iris was looking at their play, her pupil suddenly dilated. She saw her surroundings changed greatly and understood that she was dragged to see the future of these two.

The surrounding was rather dark and murky. Faintly, she smelled the metallic tang of blood, causing her nose to wrinkle. During her time seeing the future, she would be able to sense the surrounding perfectly, allowing her to experience them. Sometimes, it was a good thing, but at other times, it was simply too scary.

Iris tried to turn around, but she noticed that her body seemed to freeze. There was nothing in front of her but forest and trail of blood not far from her. Then, she could hear the sound of ragged breath from behind her. Chills ran down her spine.


Iris's body shook as she was pulled back to reality. Beads of sweat filled her entire face. She has always been afraid of blood and the scene that she saw was exactly something that she hated the most. Upon seeing the clear sky and the field once more, she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Iris, did you just see the future?" Anna asked worriedly.

Iris didn't answer. She didn't see the two students in the vision that she saw, but she knew that it should be about them. After all, her ability got the impulse from seeing the two of them.

That future was too unclear for her to say anything. One thing for sure, it was a scary sight. She felt as if she was lost inside the jungle with trail of blood haunting her.

"I think?"

"What do you see?"

"Forest," Iris answered as she calmed herself down. "I don't see anyone, but a forest."

Anna frowned. Iris's ability was rather unstable as she often made weird and unclear predictions. However, it should be something that will happen in the future.

"Can you tell me more?"

"I don't know and..." Iris's body swayed to Aura's shoulder. "I don't have any strength left."

The vision took her entire strength in that single moment. She wouldn't be able to move around too much anymore because it took her entire power just to see them.

"Just take a rest. I'm here," Anna comforted Iris as she thought about Iris's vision. The vision didn't usually get triggered unless it was something extremely special.

While the two girls were busy on the back, the students were looking at Kevin and Kanae's play with dumbfounded expression. They had never expected to see such magnificent play like that.

"Are these two truly moving that fast?"

"They're insane," another student murmured.

"Who are they?"

Alan's eyes lit up when he heard their conversation. "They're students from Nolen School C. Not bad, aren't they?

Not bad? It would be too much if he just said that they were not bad. The level that these two showed was already far higher than the normal high school students.

"Now, shall we continue the bet?" Alan grinned.

Most of the rich students came from Nolen School A. Seeing that there were students like these two from Nolen School C, their morale dropped.

"Alan, why don't you tell us about them?"

"They're not playing soccer, right?"

"It's going to be our loss, you b*stard! You should have told us sooner that there are monstrous students from Nolen School C!"

"What? I don't know them that well."

"Alan, get over here!"

"You, don't run away!"

By the time the PE lesson was over, the soccer competition has long been forgotten. Who would have the mind to remember them when such a wonderful play was held near them? They would naturally pay more attention to Kevin and Kanae's play.

Kanae noticed that Alan seemed rather happy despite having disheveled clothes. "Why are you grinning so much, Alan?"

"Hahaha, thank you to you two, I'm getting a lot of money," Alan replied with a wide smile on his face.

"I'm not doing anything," Kanae was confused.

Alan laughed. "I'll treat you to lunch later. Just wait for me!"

After Alan disappeared into the building, Kanae turned to look at Kevin with confusion. "I don't understand why he's so happy."

"He's just a bit ridiculous," Kevin knew that Alan must have included the two of them in the bet between students. With Nolen School C won because of them, the money that Alan got increased much more because there were more rich students coming from Nolen School A than Nolen School C.


"Yes. Don't mind him and just ask him to pay for your food."

"Are you sure?" Kanae recalled that she always eat a lot. If Alan paid for her, wouldn't it tore a hole in his wallet?

Kevin nodded. "Don't worry about it. He has enough money. Now, let's go back, it'll rain soon."

"Ah, you're right. Let's go."