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535 Asking for Help


When the phone was picked up, Jason recognized the voice immediately. He smiled internally. "Kanae, are you busy today?"

"Not really, I'm just reviewing my study plus the work that you give to me. What is it, Brother Jason?"

"I need you to take care of the paper now."

Kanae didn't immediately answer. She leaned back on her chair. "Brother Jason, are you sure about this?"

"I don't have other choice. If I don't start making my move, they're going to take away everything that belongs to Wells Family. I don't want to see my family get destroyed like the other two."

Right now there were only Wells Family and Nali Family still standing firmly in the city. The Aida Family was a lost cause as there was nothing left from them. As for the Doha Family, the current head was struggling to keep the position safe. The condition hadn't stabilized at all, making it hard for them to move around too much.

"I see."

"I need your help, Kanae."

"I understand. In the meantime, can you arrange to halt the Fiore Group's movement and make every news about us disappear? It's already the time for us to stop lurking around on the street."

They didn't make the Fiore Group move at all lately because their focus has been in the other matters. As of now, the Fiore Group only has steady income from the Souhon Clan because of their promise in the past. Aside from that, there was almost no movement.

Even other parts of the underworld didn't have much movement. It has been more peaceful lately.

"Not a problem, I can handle them," Jason agreed immediately.

"Alright, I'll work on your matter more. I'll inform you when everything is ready," Kanae replied.

"Good, thank you Kanae."

As he closed the phone, Jason sighed in relief. He knew that it was rather foolish to oppose the government, but he didn't want to follow them because he knew what they did behind the scene. It was something that he didn't want to be part of because of how scary and inhuman they were.

Staring at his phone, he felt rather glad that he had friends around him who were willing to help him.

'I guess, my best decision in my life is to linger around on the street on that fateful day and encounter the two of them.'

Jason's lips smirked when he recalled the past. His meeting with Tommy and Kanae was nothing but a coincidence, but it was the meeting that changed his life forever. Without them, he would be nothing more than the 'perfect successor' of the Wells Family and didn't have the chance to meet with a lot of important people.

For example, Kanae's little sister, Laura Nali.

Come to think about it, he promised that little girl that he would help out in her company today. Moving his body, he quickly cleaned up his table before changing his clothes. It was the time to visit that young lady.


Lima School

"Kanae, are you alright?"

The voice of Kevin caused Kanae to be startled. She looked to her side, where Kevin was sitting. His usually cold expression now showed the tinge of nervousness. It was clear that he was worried about the young girl beside him.

"I'm fine," Kanae smiled. "I'm just sleepy."

Kevin glanced at the paper in front of Kanae. For the past few minutes, this young girl hadn't been able to focus on the material in the class. In addition, she dozed off a few times. Her attitude caused him to feel worry about the little lass's condition.

"Don't overwork yourself. It's not good to work too much. You can take your time in learning them."

Kanae was surprised, but she knew that Kevin thought that she lacked sleep because of the lesson. Although she did want to catch up soon, she would not be that foolish to sacrifice her sleeping time for them.

She wanted to sleep too!

The only reason she lacked sleep was because she had to finish the work that Jason gave her in the short period of time. They were important as they might influence the life of numerous people. For that, she was more than willing to sacrifice a few hours of sleep.

"I'll take care of myself better."

Kevin glanced at the clock. "It's time for PE lesson. Do you want to have a game with me? It has been a long time since we competed in basketball."

Kanae's eyes lit up when she heard his offer. Of course she wanted to! Playing with Kevin has always been very fun to the point that she loved it so much. Of course, their score so far was still in Kevin's advantage, but she believed that she would close the gap pretty soon.


"Go change your clothes. I'll be going to the field first."

It was then that Kanae noticed that Kevin already wore the sports uniform. Nodding her head, she swiftly stood up from her seat and ran towards the bathroom.

On the other hand, Kevin headed towards the field. Their class was joined with the regular third year, so there were two classes here. The number of the students itself was not too many, but they were mostly coming from either Nolen School C or Nolen School A. As for the teacher, he barely paid any attention to them.

"Kevin!" Alan waved his hand. "Where's Kanae?"

"She's changing clothes," Kevin replied. His gaze trailed to the other students. "What are they doing?"

"They're competing in the sports game. Right now, they want to see who's superior in terms of soccer. Do you want to participate?"

"I'm not interested."

Alan shrugged. He crossed his arm. "They should have just picked sprint running. I'm sure that I can win for Nolen School A if they choose that. If it's group play, I can't do it very well."

"Can you play soccer?"

"I can, but it's pretty poor," Alan smiled wryly. If he should say, it would be already good enough if he could make sure that he didn't lose the ball. He couldn't dribble the ball as he would accidentally step on top of it. As the result, the land would hit his face.

"How about basketball?" Kevin pointed to the partially empty court.

Alan frowned. "I can play, but not too good. At the very least, I can score some points occasionally."

"I see."

As they were talking, the other students were already finished their group division. They moved to the court and began playing the game.

Alan stared with a bored expression. He watched for a few seconds before grinning mischievously.

"I think we should add some fun here."

Kevin raised his eyebrows. What was this boy planning?