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534 Professor Taren

 The lesson was merely a review for Kevin because he had finished learning them. However, it was different with Kanae as she had never heard about some of the lessons before. The supposedly boring lesson for Kevin turned rather interesting as he taught Kanae about what he knew.

With Kanae's ability to understand the lesson far quicker than normal people, he felt very satisfied.

"Hey, the bell has rung. Do you want to stay here until it's nighttime?" Alan reminded the two people. Inwardly, he complained. Who would have thought that they were such a workaholic -no studyholic, if there was even any word to describe that?

"Ah, you're right," Kanae glanced at the clock. It was already 3 PM and the other students started to go out of the class. Her gaze shifted back to the paper in front of her. She truly wanted to learn more.

Kevin chuckled when he saw her movement. In his eyes, she was truly a cute little girl. He raised his hand and patted the girl's head.

"We can continue tomorrow. There's no hurry. Let's go home."


No matter how unwilling she was, she had to go home. Without Kevin teaching her in this class, she wouldn't even want to spend a second here. There was nothing interesting aside from her enemies that still stayed here.

They walked out of the classroom towards the lift. As this was the seventh floor, they didn't really want to go down using the stairs if it was not necessary.

"I can't believe that you two forget about the bell because of the study," Alan shook his head.

"They're pretty fun."

"Fun? I'll prefer sleeping the entire day than learning them. I hate them so much."

"Why are you coming to this school, then? I heard the requirement is quite harsh," Kanae was baffled. Why did she meet another person who has similar thoughts with Tommy? It seemed as if this person didn't care about the lesson at all.

"My parents are quite rich and naturally, they want me to graduate from a decent high school," Alan shrugged. "Not that I truly want to, but I don't really have a say in this matter."

"It must be hard," Kanae smiled wryly. If it was hers, she would surely rebel against her parents. After all, she has already done that when they forced her to study about the table manner of the high class society. It was so boring that she chose to sneak out whenever the teacher came.

Alan grinned. "Not really, I can enjoy the better facilitaties in this school, so I'll be using them to the fullest."

"I see."


The lift has arrived. The door opened and the three of them could see several people inside. Most of them wore the uniform for high school, but there was one conspicuous old man among them. His appearance alone told the others that he was not a student. With the white beard and partially bald head, it was practically telling others that he was already too old to become a high school student.

The old man wore a long white coat. His hands were covered in a pair of white gloves while holding a stack of documents in one hand and a pen in another one. Right now, he was looking down, his glasses hanging low.

Kanae and Kevin were surprised to see the man, but they kept their composure on the outside. No one was able to notice their minute change in expression as the two of them walked into the lift.

"It's pretty crowded," Alan complained.

"We're in the middle floor, so of course, it's crowded," Kanae answered in a low tone.

Alan nodded his head begrudgingly. On the other hand, Kanae was trying her best to stay calm. She recognized this man as there was no way she wouldn't recognize him. He used to be her parents' superior in the laboratory and also the head of the research team that made the medicine.

That was correct, this man is the one who invented the medicine that allow them to forcefully awaken their ability. It was the same medicine that sent numerous people to their death in the battle to obtain just for a small vial of it.


The lift was opened once more and several students got out while a teacher came in. The teacher's eyes lit up the moment he saw the professor.

"Professor Taren, I have been looking for you."

The old man, Professor Taren raised his head. He scrutinized the man in front of him before nodding his head. "We shall talk in my office."

"Yes, Professor."

Not only Kanae, Kevin was masking his real feeling right now. If he wanted to, he could kill the professor with ease, but if he did that, he wouldn't be able to get out of this place alive. After all, the security of this place was not something that he could break with him alone.

However, his appearance allowed him to confirm that this school was indeed the place for the government to conduct their research. The problem would be where and how?

There was no trace of them at all.

As Kevin was arranging a plan in his head to find clues and evidence, the lift arrived at the ground floor. They all got out of the lift and headed back to the gate.

"I'll be going home now, take care of yourself, Kevin," Kanae bid her farewell.

"You too, Kanae."

Kevin returned back to his car. He flicked a glance towards Neo, who had been looking at him expectantly.

"Find out more about Professor Taren and Iris. I want to know everything about them."

Neo's lips curled up into a smile. Finally! He had been waiting for Kevin to give him instruction in searching for something. His hand was already itching to type a lot in the laptop to search and pry a lot of things. Now that the chance has come, he would use it very well.

"Rest assured, Boss. I'll do it."

"Good," Kevin replied back calmly.


As days passed, the situation in the city remained as calm as possible.

"Young Master Jason, there's a message from Master that there's an important letter coming."

Jason's movement stopped when he heard his servant's message. He was typing his work when the servant informed him about the message that his father gave to all members of the Wells Family.

"Is it a letter from the government?"

The servant was startled. The letter was still in his hand, he hadn't given it to the young master. How did he guess the content?

"Yes, Young Master."

"Did father give any kind of instruction?"

"He says that it's already time to make the decision."

Jason's pupil contracted. He could guess the content of the letter even before reading them. He had known that the government would surely make a movement against his family, but he didn't expect for it to be this soon. He heaved a sigh.

"Put it there."

"Yes, Young Master."

After the servant had left, Jason picked up the letter. He read the content for a moment before shaking his head lightly. There was still some time, but it was not too much. He had to start making his move to protect his life and the Wells Family.

Taking the phone from the top of his table, Jason started making a call.