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533 School Life

 Lima School

Kanae came to the school rather early in the morning. She was surprised to see the field was filled with students. Did they have another quarrel this morning between schools?

If they did, they were truly childish.

Walking towards the building for high school students, she noticed that Alan, the friend she made not long ago, was standing there with his friends. They were blocking the entrance.

"Oh! Kanae!" Alan spotted Kanae and waved his hand energetically.

Kanae smiled back. "Hello Alan. What's this?"

"We're blocking the way for our princess!" Alan answered proudly.


"Yes, just look from here."

Alan pointed to the window towards the hall. Kanae followed the direction Alan pointed and saw a young girl wearing a high school uniform walking towards the stair. She was very eye-catching because of her gold blonde hair that seemed to glow under the light. From this direction, Kanae couldn't see the other party's countenance, but she was pretty sure that the girl should be very pretty.

"Is it the one who has blonde hair?" Kanae asked.

Alan nodded his head with a grin on his face. "Yep, she's Iris, the princess of Nolen School A. We all adore her greatly!"

Kanae smiled wryly. In Nolen School C, the previous princess was her cousin because of her background. However, there was no one else who could replace that girl because there were not many outstanding students in Nolen School C.

"Are there a lot of princesses in Nolen School A previously?"

"Not really?" Alan tilted his head. He was only staying in that school for two years, so his knowledge was quite limited. "Let's talk while walking to our classes."

"We're in the same class?" Kanae's eyes widened.

"Yup, special third year class," Alan smiled. "Even though I look like this, I'm actually already in my third year."

In all honesty, Kanae wouldn't think that Alan was still in second year. In terms of appearance, he was rather ordinary, but his countenance didn't make him look young. If one thought that he would be younger, it would be because of his playful attitude. After all, most playful students were still young.

They got into the lift along with the other students as Alan continued his story about Iris.

"Iris comes from this school too and she's famous in Nolen School A as our goddess because of her beautiful hair. Many students try to court her, but she always rejects them. The only one who manages to stay close with her is only her best friend.

But that's not all," Alan smiled mischievously. "Can you guess what the other specialty of our princess is?"

Kanae shook her head. She noticed that they were already on the seventh floor, so she walked out of the lift. As they headed towards their class, Alan continued his chatter about Iris.

"She can guess the future!"

"What?" Kanae nearly stumbled on the door when she heard what Alan said. Did he just say that Iris could see the future?

Alan opened the door and walked inside while nodding his head with proud expression. "There are a lot of occasions where Iris managed to guess about the future. There's one a heavy rain in the school and she says that the lightning will strike. Not long after that, it truly happens."

"If it's just once, can you say that she can see the future?" Kanae noticed that Kevin was already sitting, so she conveniently sat beside him. "Good morning, Kevin."

"Good morning," Kevin greeted back. His eyes were looking towards Alan by Kanae's side with a glare. Somehow, he felt annoyed when he saw her coming here with that young man.

Alan grinned. "It's not only once. Iris manages to guess about the future several times that it makes us convinced that she can see the future. However, she says that she can't control it, so it happens randomly."

"What do you mean by random?" Kanae asked curiously.

"She doesn't see the future because she wants to, but it just happens. If she stares at someone for a long time, she might accidentally see your future, so we have been trying to stay near her. It'll be awesome if she sees my future. I'll be able to brag about it for my entire life!"

Beside Kanae, Kevin was originally irked with the two of them conversing so freely. However, the content of the conversation caught his interest. He had heard about the pretty blond lady in the third year of Nolen School A, but this was the first time he knew that the girl was not as simple as they said.

No one spread the news about Iris's ability to see the future.

Kanae nodded her head. "I see."

Her heart was rather conflicted. From what Alan said, she knew that Iris came from this school. With the ability that she had, there was no doubt that she was one of the awakened that the government paid close attention to. Although her power seemed to be unstable, it was still a huge boost if they could know the future through the girl's ability.

Inside her mind, she vowed to be careful around Iris. She didn't want to accidentally get a prophecy about her future and possibly got the attention of the government.

"Why are you looking rather disinterested? I have told you an interesting piece of news," Alan sulked.

Kanae smiled. "I want to believe you, but it's hard."

"Hmm," Alan thought about it. "You're right. Don't worry! You'll soon see that Iris can see the future if you stay here for a long time."

"I got it."

Alan glanced at the clock. "It's nearly the time for thelesson."

He moved to the chair behind Kanae and took out his book. Placing it in front of him, he lowered his head to his hand, ready to sleep. For him, the lessons were uninteresting, so he wouldn't bother listening at all.

Kanae looked at Kevin. "Do you think she really has the power to see the future?"

"Who knows?" Kevin replied ambiguously. Even though he appeared nonchalant, he was planning on secretly investigated that student. There was no harm in trying to find out about them.

Before long, the teacher came inside and told them the basic rules. As there were many students who had special conditions, such as their background family, there were many who had to work. The school allowed them to skip most of the classes as long as they could finish the assigned work.

"Is there any question about this?" the teacher asked calmly.

"Teacher, is it possible to leave in the middle of the class because of an important call? There might be times when someone calls for that."

"Yes, you can. You just have to report to me, your homeroom teacher if that happens. Is that clear?"


"Any other question?" The teacher scanned the classroom. Upon seeing that no one else seemed to raise their hand, he turned around. "Now, let's start the lesson."

As the lesson started, Kanae tried her best to pay attention to the teacher. As she had only barely managed to review her second year school materials, she had not touched the study for the third year.

She glanced at Kevin. "Um, Kevin."

"Yes?" the young man replied nonchalantly.

"Do you mind if I ask about this one? I haven't learned it before," Kanae asked sheepishly.

Kevin glanced at the one she pointed and nodded his head calmly. "It's just relativity law*. Let me explain how it works."

"Thank you!"

With that, Kanae paid attention to the explanation from Kevin. His teaching was very clear that she was extremely grateful to have him as her desk partner. Without him, she believed that she wouldn't be able to catch up this fast.

On the back, Alan blearily opened his eyes. He noticed that the two people in front of him were talking to each other.

'Heh, so they're not coming to study too.'

"You see, the maximum speed should be the speed of light, so the Newton Law has a bit flaw in the counting for matter that moves at high speed. This is the reason that the scientists try to find out more and in the end, the Relativity Law was born...."

Alan's face blanked when he heard their conversation. He cursed inwardly. Who in their right mind would talk about Newton Law? He had had enough of them from the previous lesson.

Not wanting to listen, he put his head on top of his hand and continued his dream.