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532 Fiore Group Last Meeting Together

 Kanae's House

The small house that Patrick provided her proved to be more than enough for Kanae. Since she had gotten used to living in a narrow room thanks to her uncle's annoying intervention, this small and comfortable house was very suitable for her.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

"Yes, who is it?" Kanae picked it up almost immediately.



"Yes," Tommy's voice sounded tired and lifeless. It seemed as if he had just gone through a life and death situation.

Kanae straightened her posture as she heard the sound of someone else picking up the call. It was the phone call for their group, one that she hadn't used for some time already.

"Tom? Rei? Why are you calling so suddenly?" Jason's voice entered the communication line. His voice also sounded tired as he must be busy with his work as Well Family Perfect Successor.


"Uh, Captain, I need help."

"What help?"

"Can we all meet?"

Jason sighed. He looked at the lists of emails in his laptop as he felt the urge to throw his laptop to the side. There were some changes in the city because of the sudden attack on the other two big families. Wells Family tried to gain a hold in some of the important businesses and a lot of them came to him with the intention of seeking backup.

However, he couldn't just accept them all because many of them were companies that never have any relationship with Wells Family. With his father already dumped all the work to him, he had no choice but to review them one by one.

For the past few days, he barely has any sleep.

"Fine, let's go to the abandoned building."

"Ah, wait, how about Shin?"

"I haven't seen him again," Kanae pondered. The last time she met with Shiro was when she asked for a favor from him. Since then, she hadn't seen him anymore. "He's not answering his phone too."

"He's probably busy," Jason shrugged as he stood up. "He has a normal life too outside the Underworld, so it's not weird that he won't be able to answer all of our calls."

"That makes sense."

"Anyway, you have 5 minutes to arrive there, Tom. I don't want you to be late."

"5 minutes? YOU #$%^&*(!"

The two of them closed the communication line almost at the same time. They headed to the abandoned building through different ways. In just a few minutes, they have arrived by the abandoned building.

Kanae looked at the used up car that Jason used. "I didn't know that you love collecting cars."

"I'm not collecting them," Jason replied calmly. "It's just more useful when you're out and wish that no one knows you."

No one would be able to guess that the one using this car was the famous Jason Wells. As someone who has been the highlight of media for numerous times, it would be weird to see Jason using such a rundown car.


*pant* *pant*

Tommy appeared while running not long afterwards. He looked at the two of them with annoyance. "How come you two arrive faster than me?"

"My house is just several kilometers away. By running in Black Street, I can arrive faster," Kanae shrugged. "Anyway, why do you suddenly wish to meet? Aren't you busy with your new position in Ainge Clan?"

"That's the reason why I need your help," Tommy smiled wryly. "Help me arrange a training schedule to let me grow even stronger. I need to be able to catch up to you, Rei."

Catch up to Rei?

Both Jason and Kanae felt that the request was utterly ridiculous. Even Jason knew how impossible it was to grow their strength to be able to catch with Kanae. She has been growing far stronger since the last time he met. Now, he couldn't even see her speed anymore.

"Tom, are you drunk?"

"I'm not!" Tommy's face darkened. "I just need some help because I won't be able to gain his approval if I'm not strong enough."

Kanae rubbed her forehead. It was not impossible for her to help him a bit, but it wouldn't be that easy for Tommy to improve again. He was still young, but his progress wouldn't grow so much more anymore.

"I'll give you a training schedule to follow, but it won't help much," Jason sighed. "Your best bet is just to be as strong as Roy."


"Yeah, Roy Hon? Do you forget about that Souhon Clan previous young master?"

"No," Tommy shook his head. He still remembered how Roy used to fight before. It was far stronger than normal people, but still a bit below Jason. Thinking that he would never be able to defeat Jason made him a little annoyed.

Jason sighed. "That's already the best bed..."


The sound of the camera was faint, but Kanae and Jason could hear it clearly. Kanae immediately dashed from her place and headed straight to the building on the other street. She jumped to the top of the car and used it as the pivot to reach the second floor.


Kanae kicked the window and found a man there with a camera on his arm. He was looking at Kanae with horror.


Kanae hit the man's back and caused him to turn unconscious. She tore a cloth and picked up the camera. Upon seeing the picture of Jason, her brows creased and immediately deleted it before crushing the memory card.

After she had finished, Kanae jumped down from the second floor.


"Is that what I guess it is?" Jason asked with clear annoyance.

Kanae nodded. "Paparazzi. You're quite popular, Brother Jason. It seems that we won't be able to meet in this place anymore or you'll get into trouble."

"Fiore Group is more or less already disbanded," Jason turned his head to look at Tommy. "Now that we're here, you should let us see your progress a bit, Tom. That way, I can make a better training schedule for you."

"Eh? Is that really necessary?"


Without waiting for Tommy to prepare himself, Jason began to attack. Kanae was still standing in her place, watching her surroundings carefully. A lot of places in the Black Street has already changed because of Ryukalin Clan's action for the past few months.

Sooner or later, this part of the street wouldn't be called as Black Street anymore. It would have more people who come to live and have stable jobs.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! I give up!"

Kanae turned her head to look at the two of them again. Jason was strangling Tommy and only released his grip after Tommy gave up. He nodded. "You're not bad, but still pretty poor overall."

"Ugh, if you want to kill me, you should just say it," Tommy grumbled. He sat down on the ground. "So, can you make the training schedule for me?"

"Yes, but this is going to be our last meeting like this. I won't be able to sneak around so much anymore," Jason reminded. His position as the successor has been in some problems. He didn't know when a fight for the successor position would break out.

"I got it."

"I'll email to you. Take care of yourself, Tom."

"You two too."

Jason walked to his car and turned his head to Kanae. "Try not to get involved in dangerous activity too much. She's worried about you."

"I'll do my best. You should also take care, Brother Jason."


The three of them departed back to their own places. They knew that this would be the last time they met with each other like this.