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531 Holding Talent’s Growth ?

 "It's nice to see you again, Kevin," Jason replied calmly. Although the people here respected Kevin, he still has his status, so he didn't mind calling the man's name directly. There would be no one who could berate him.

Kevin nodded and turned his head at Taro. "Why are you taking him here?"

Taro glanced up and smiled weakly. "He's the only one who can help me and I believe that you should know that too, right?"

The explanation from Taro was rather vague, but Kevin understood perfectly what Taro meant. He waved his hand. "Call James here."

"Yes, Boss."

As one of his men ran out, Kevin sat down on his chair. His gaze locked to the two men in front of him. "You should never tell anyone about this, Jason."

"I know."

After waiting a few seconds, James walked out of the room. The complexion of the young boy has turned rather pale compared to the time when he was still with his father. It was not because Kevin neglected the boy's meal, but rather, it was because of other things.

Jason noticed that James seemed to be looking around without paying attention. Aside from the lack of focus, the aura that James emitted seemed to threaten him. In that moment, he understood completely what had happened to this young boy.

"I see," Jason crouched down in front of James. "Hey, James, how are you?"

James was surprised. He raised his head and stared back at Jason for a few moments. "I'm fine."

"Are you eating properly?"


Neo noticed that James seemed to be a little uncomfortable around Jason, but he didn't reject the man completely. Up until now, there were a lot of people that James didn't even bother talk to because the young boy didn't trust them.

"Do you plan on helping him, Oro?"

"Yes..." Jason was about to answer reflexively when he realized that Neo was calling him using his codename. He turned his head towards Neo in surprise.

Neo crossed his arm with a hint of a smile on his lips. "There's no need to hide it."

Jason looked at Neo with confusion. "I believe that I didn't let out any hint to tell you that I'm Oro."

"Your way of fighting is the same," Kevin replied on Neo's behalf. He had seen Jason fought as Oro not long ago. It was the time when he realized that this young man had dual identity. However, he never told anyone about this as he didn't think it was important in the face of many other problems.

"Wait a minute, Jason is Oro?" Mike cut off their conversation.

Jason nodded his head. "Yes."

Mike's mouth opened wide. He had never expected that this young man would be the same person as the right hand of the famous group. Considering how their difference in status was like sky and earth, he would never think that they were the same person. After all, there was no need for Jason to put his life on the line just for a meager sum of money.

"You're really ORO?"

"Don't yell," Jason frowned. "I don't care whether you believe it or not, but you're not allowed to tell anyone about this."


Mike used his hand to block his mouth as if he wanted to stop himself from saying anything unnecessary. His eyes were still looking at Jason with pure disbelief because he just couldn't believe it. Someone so close to them turned out to be the one they have been searching for a long time.

Jason reached his bag. "Let's turn back to the current topic."

"Do you know how to help him?" Neo asked.

"I know and I believe that Kevin also knows."

Neo turned around to look at Kevin, but the young man's expression was still as cold as before. There was no sign that this man agreed or disagreed to the statement that Jason uttered.

From the bag, Jason took out a small bracelet. From outside, it didn't look any different from the ordinary bracelet that they would find on the stores. It has black color with a tinge of grey on the edge, which looks rather simple.

Kevin's eyes narrowed when he saw the bracelet. "Where did you get it?"

"Don't you have one, yourself?" Jason asked nonchalantly.

"I broke mine. Is it yours?"

Jason shook his head. "I'm not a candidate for awakened, so I'm not eligible for this bracelet. This belongs to my friend. I'm borrowing it."

Neo raised his hand. "Boss, do you mind me interrupting a bit? I want to know what this bracelet is."

"This is a suppressor," Jason walked towards James and handed the bracelet to the young boy. "This can help to suppress the growth of your awakening and slow down the process. Although this can only slow down, it can help those who can't train their body up to the standard that the awakened people need."

James picked the bracelet and worn it without asking any question. He looked at Jason with his eyes. "Thank you."

"You can suppress the growth?" Mike was rather astonished.

"Yes, you can. Do you think that every awakened person reaches the standard right away? During their first few years, they're going to experience fluctuating increases in their ability. Sometimes, their body couldn't cope with it, which might cause them to fall sick and so on."

Neo frowned. He was not very knowledgeable about this matter. He turned towards Kevin. "But I never see Boss wear something like that?"

Kevin shook his head. "I broke mine a long time ago, so I use other means to suppress them."

"Other means?" Mike was also curious.

"Coffee," Jason smirked. "Coffee has the caffeine that can allow you to not feel tired at all for a period of time. Using them, he made himself able to wake up for a long time and forced his body to adapt to his situation. While it might backlash because of the strain, it can also allow him to train his body and mind at the same time. Am I right, Kevin?"

Kevin furrowed his brows and looked at Jason. "You sure know a lot about the awakened people."

Jason merely smiled. It was not that he wanted to know a lot about them, but he had more than one awakened people around him. Although they didn't seem to be any different compared with ordinary people, he knew better than anyone that it was completely wrong.

From them, he had learned a lot of things about the awakened and their ability.

Neo frowned. He had suspected that the Fiore Group was anything but simple the moment he realized that they had Jason in their group. "Is it because you're the young master of Wells Family?"

"No, they won't tell you much even if you're the next family's head," Jason smiled wryly. "I know from other means that I can't tell you."

"I see."

From behind, Taro couldn't follow their conversation at all. He was confused about the weird topic that these people brought up. Couldn't they speak using ordinary means rather than these weird ones?

Jason stood up again. "Since I have finished the matter here, I'll go back first. I still have a lot of things to do."

"Wait! Before you go, can you tell me more about your group?" Neo stopped the man.

"I'm sure that you already know a lot about us," Jason smirked. From the way Kevin and Kanae acted before, he had guessed that they still didn't know that the little lass was actually Rei from Fiore Group. He didn't want to spoil the fun. It would be better for them to find out by themselves. "After all, you're the genius here."

Neo's face darkened. If he could, he would have wanted to find out about the Fiore Group from a long time ago. It was obviously because he didn't manage to find out about them that he asked Jason about it. Unfortunately, this young man acted even more annoying.

As Jason was escorted out, Taro turned his head towards Kevin. "So, what are you all talking about? I don't understand anything at all."

"It's better for you to not understand," Mike smiled wryly. He had almost got a heart attack when he heard that Jason is, in fact, Oro from Fiore Group. The disparity between them was so big that he couldn't accept it right away.

He had always seen Jason as a pampered young master from a big family, similar to Taro. The only difference would be the fact that Jason could fight well because he was at the forefront and had to face a lot of assassinations. On the other hand, He saw Oro as a great fighter of the street that was capable of fighting against several people.

The difference in image he had between the two of them were simply too big. He just couldn't accept this right away.

"Let's have some rest."

"Go back to work," Kevin remarked as he pointed to the table.

Neo and Mike smiled wryly. Their workload was still a lot.

"Hey, before that, can someone tell me what's happening in the conversation before?"

"Time to work."