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530 Meeting Again

 It took several minutes for the students to disperse, leaving only a handful of students left there. Jason sighed to himself. Originally, he didn't want to interfere, but he didn't really have any other choice because he didn't have the time to stay here all day. He had an important appointment not long after this.

"Brother Jason," Kanae called.

Jason turned around. He was surprised to see both Kanae and Kevin in this place. "Kanae, Kevin, are you two planning to enroll in Lima School?"

Kanae smiled wryly. "As you can see, we're wearing the school's uniform."

"Are you enrolling here too?" Kevin asked.

"Nope. I'm just coming as Wells Family's representative. They hope for me to attend for the sake of the image during this event," Jason smiled wryly. If not because his father asked him to come, he would never step his foot here. The experience that he had in this place was already more than enough to make him want to go far away from this place.

Of course, he couldn't say that to anyone, so he still had to come while concealing his real feeling.

"I thought that you're enrolling here," Kanae remarked. "Are you busy, Brother Jason?"

"Yeah, I have an appointment with my friend, so I'll be going first."

"Take care, Brother Jason."

"Be careful, Jason," Kevin said calmly.

Jason nodded his head. He bid his farewell before going back to his car. Although this was not an appointment for his work, it was not of less importance because it involved his friend.

Kevin watched Jason's back for a few moments before turning his head towards Kanae. "Do you want to see our classroom for a moment?"


Lima School has several buildings, so it took them a few minutes to reach their designated one. The building for the high school students was located at the east part of the school. It has fifteen floors, and their classroom was located in the seventh floor.

"It's quite high," Kanae glanced down from the window.

Kevin nodded his head. "They make the classroom for the special classes students to be in the middle."

"There are a lot of chairs. I thought that the students' number shouldn't be too big."

"They accept rich people too this time to make up for the number."

If they only relied on the students who received the letter, their number wouldn't even be enough to fill the field like before. They had to change the regulation a bit and allowed students from a slightly richer family to attend here. Of course, they had to pass the test first.

The two of them inspected the classroom for the next several minutes. It was a rather ordinary classroom with tables and seat, so they didn't spend a long time there. Most of the classroom looked the same. As for the other rooms, there were laboratories, storage room, joint classroom, and many others.

After spending some time taking a look, they returned back down towards the gate.

"I'll be going home now, have a safe trip, Kevin," Kanae bid her farewell.

Kevin nodded. "Be careful on your way home, Kanae."

As Kevin got into his car, his gaze followed after Kanae. He frowned slightly when he saw the young girl didn't take any car or other transportation mean. She went directly to walk on the street.

"Boss, do you want to return back?" the driver, Mike, asked.

"Go back to the clan."

"Yes, Boss."

By the side, Neo was looking towards Kevin with interest. The two of them have been waiting here for quite some time. He was wondering why Kevin hadn't come out when he saw the two of them got out.

"Boss, are you spending more time in that school because you want to spend more time with Kanae?" Neo asked mischievously.

Kevin glanced towards Neo coldly. "It seems you're too idle these days, Neo. I'll ask Old Man to arrange more training for you."

"Wait, Boss, I'm just asking."

"Don't pry into other people's business."

"I'm not prying, Boss. Come on, you're the kindest boss that I ever know, please don't tease me like this."

Kevin looked at Neo, his facial expression was as cold as ever. "I'm not teasing you. I'm telling you that you will have more training."

Neo's mouth opened and closed just like a fish. He felt that he was being wronged. Why did it seem as if his boss always targeting him? He wanted to protest!

On the driver's seat, Mike was doing his best to hold on his laugh. Hearing how these two bantered, he truly wanted to know what could make Neo didn't offend Kevin in his speech. It seemed that the workload Neo had always increased more and more every single day.

Neo sighed after complaining for quite some time. He has resigned to his fate of getting more exercise. "Boss, Taro says that he's going to bring his friend over to check on James' condition."

"Who's his friend?"

"Taro didn't say the name, but the number of friends he has is limited," Neo shrugged. "I think we will know in a while. Also, Boss, what's your opinion about Lima School?"

'I'm not sure,' Kevin wanted to say those words, but he didn't. Right now, the school appeared rather normal from outside, so he was not sure that his conjecture about the school was correct. Of course, even if he was not entirely sure, he was certain that the school was not ordinary.

"I'll be going there every day."

Neo's eyes widened. "Boss, you're joking, right? Their security is very tight and if they're truly conducting the research here again, you'll be placed in dangerous situation once again. It's too dangerous."

Kevin's eyes were placid. He knew about that very well because he had experienced those things before. If not because of an upset in their place when they first discovered that he has enough talent to be the awakened, he would not be able to stay alive. Unfortunately, it was also because of this that he knew that they would never let him go.

The single fact that he had managed to awaken his talent because of the second incident back then was already more than enough to send them coming at him.

"I know what I'm doing."

Neo wanted to speak again, but Kevin's gaze told him that this man wouldn't listen to anything more. He had resolved that he would continue staying in the school even if it was dangerous.

After a few minutes, they arrived at the residence. Kevin directly went back to his residence where he found Taro and Jason in the living room. His gaze locked on Jason.

"We meet again, Jason."

Jason smiled wryly. He could detect the displeasure in Kevin's voice. However, it was not his intention to come here after meeting with Kevin too. He only came here because he had just realized that Taro's request was rather big.