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529 Competition between Schools

 "It's so boring," Kanae yawned when the principal had finished making his speech. She could not believe that she managed to hold on standing here without falling asleep.

Kevin nodded his head. "Do you want to see the classroom?"

"I want to, but not now."

Right now, the students around them were gathering around. They came from different school for the past two years because this school closed down. Right now, they were trying to prove that they were better than the others from other schools.

"You're not allowed to pass. Only students that come from Nolen School A can pass," one of the students smiled mischievously.

The student in front of him frowned. "This is the only way to the building. You can't stop us like this?"

"Try us!"

"Yeah, the students who come from Nolen School A are the best!"

While the students were arguing with one another, Kanae and Kevin barely paid any attention to the students. They didn't have any interest in competing with them. After all, they knew that the only reason they picked Nolen School C in the past was because of their situation and not capabilities.

If they wanted to, getting into Nolen School A would be a piece of cake.

Not that they wanted to brag, but it was rather true that they have more capabilities compared with other people. However, school was merely the start and the place to build their foundation. The real challenge for their life would only start when they started to enter the world of work.

"Do you want to participate?" Kevin asked while pointing his thumb to the group of students in front of them.

Kanae shook her head. "Is there any need to show off our ability?"

"I thought you liked the limelight."

"I don't like to be under the spotlight," Kanae smiled. If she had to choose, she would never pick to stand under the light. The attention was simply too much for her.

Kevin nodded his head. He didn't have any interest in debating with those childish students. His eyes moved to the side as he noticed that several students were standing calmer. For those with real abilities, the dispute between ordinary students was nothing but child plays.

'They are the awakened ones or at least, those who nearly awaken their potential.'

Inside this school, the real powerful one would be those who had awakened their full potential. Although the number of awakened people should be sparse, all of them were gathered here because of the letters and other means that the school utilized.

As Kevin was analyzing the students, Kanae's eyes caught the sight of a familiar young man.

"Kevin, do you recognize that boy?" Kanae pointed to a young man in the middle of the crowd.

Kevin scrutinized the boy with narrowed gaze. The boy's appearance was rather ordinary, without anything special. "I don't."

"I feel like I have seen him before," Kanae scratched her head. "But I can't remember when I see him."

"Are you sure?"

Kanae nodded her head. From the way the boy stood, he should be coming from Nolen School A. She tilted her head confusedly. When did she had the chance to meet with those from Nolen School A?

Tommy's competition!

"I remember now. He's the best runner from Nolen School A that used to compete with Tommy," Kanae mused.

Kevin nodded his head with disinterest. "Oh."

As if hearing the two of them calling him, the boy turned around. His eyes widened when he saw them as he jogged towards the two of them. With a wide smile, he waved to them.

"Hello! We meet again!" the boy greeted cheerfully.

"Hey, I didn't expect to see you here," Kanae replied while Kevin just nodded his head without much reaction.

The boy didn't seem to pay much heed. "You're that fast runner from Nolen School C's friends, right? I remember seeing you talk with him before."

"You have good memories."

"He's the only one who manages to defeat me," the boy humped. "Next time we meet, I'll surely beat him in the race fair and square without any chance for him to defeat me!"

Kanae smiled. "He's not in this school."

"Really?" the boy tilted his head. "Well, that man didn't seem to be the type that likes studying, so I don't think he can get in too. By the way, my name is Alan, nice to meet you."

"I'm Kanae and this man is Kevin. It's nice to meet you too, Alan."

Alan nodded his head. He thought about something as a mischievous grin appeared on his lips. "Since you two come from Nolen School C, let's have a competition. I'll surely defeat the two of you."

Kanae and Kevin looked towards Alan with slight pity. They knew each other ability in sports very well. Either one of them would be able to defeat Alan with ease, not to mention the two of them. In addition, in terms of running, there was no way the two of them could be defeated by Alan.

Alan felt that their gazes were rather strange. Why did they seem to pity him? Shouldn't they feel threatened because they had seen his ability before?

"Why are you two...?"

"Hey, Alan! Come over here, help out a bit."

"Ah, wait," Alan replied hurriedly. He looked towards the two of them with unwillingness. He still wanted to challenge the two of them to race with him as he had not gotten the chance to show off in a long time. "Let's have a race sometime in the future. I'll be waiting!"

With that, Alan turned around towards his friend while waving his hand. "Wait for me. Count me in, I want to defeat him."

Kanae giggled when Alan had walked quite far from her. "He's really funny, but if he thinks that he can defeat us, He's entirely wrong, am I right, Kevin?"

"Yes," Kevin answered curtly.

The two of them didn't have any intention to go from their place right now. There were too many students blocking their path ahead

"Hey! You should disperse, don't block the path here!"

Hearing the shout, the people were stunned. They looked towards the source before their face changed. Some of them limpidly moved back with an innocent smile on their face while the others just humped and went away.

"If you all want to fight, you should arrange the time and place. There are students from other school in this place too..."

As the man continued to preach them, most of the students had already dispersed. They didn't want to offend this man by not following his words. After all, the backing that he had was quite large.

"Kevin, that's Brother Jason, right? Is he enrolling here too?"

Kevin's gaze locked onto Jason firmly. "Let's ask him."

"Eh? Okay."