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528 Lima School Opening Ceremony

 Kanae didn't stay on the island after the gathering. Patrick took her back to the mainland where she stayed for a long time. From her new father, she knew that the ceremony went without any problem and at the same time, Kevin broke the engagement with Alice.

As for what had happened after that, she was not totally sure since they closed the news off.

"It's already the time for school again," Kanae sighed as she looked towards the calendar on her table. She has signed up to the Lima School, and they would start the school today.

For the past few weeks, she had been busy staying inside her home to finish the work that Jason entrusted to her and train. Time passed rather swiftly for her as there were not many remarkable events lately. Even the attack that the government did lately seemed to decrease a lot.

Not that they had finished, it was more similar to the calm before the storm.

Finishing her preparation, Kanae departed to Lima School. The location of the school was not that far from her house, but it still took a considerable amount of time because she was walking towards this place.

Seeing the building once again, Kanae's body tensed up slightly. Even though she had tried her best to not remember any of them, her body instinctively became wary from the moment she stepped here. She didn't know if it was a good or bad thing, but at the very least, it would keep her vigilant all the time.

Teng! Teng!

"All students should assemble on the field!"

Kanae was startled to hear the announcement. Looking at the crowd of students in front of her, she felt that it would be a great miracle if she could bypass them and reached the field quickly. Lima School was still very popular as the number of students who came was already in hundreds.

'This is far less than in the past.'

When she arrived on the field, she realized that the number of students was not as many as before. In addition, the number of young students was fewer compared with the students who had entered Junior High or even High School.

"Line up based on your class!" the one at the front instructed once again.

Kanae stared at the board that was placed in front of the students. There were high school first year, high school second year, high school third year, high school special class 1, high school special class 2, high school special class 3.

Those special classes were not for the exceptional students, rather, it was there for the students who lost a semester because of the numerous incidents in the city. Some school provided them, including Lima School. This was also the reason for Kanae to attend this school.

But of course, she chose the third one as she felt incredibly bored with the lesson in the second year. If she wanted to investigate them while learning, it would be better to make her time here worthwhile.

"Excuse me, is this the line for the special class?" Kanae asked the student in front of her. As he was far taller and has a large and firm built, she couldn't see the board anymore.

"Yes..." the student turned around and froze in his place. "Kanae?"

Kanae's mouth gaped open. "Pres -Kevin what are you doing here?"

"I can ask the same to you," Kevin replied with a frown.

"I want to finish my high school and this school is the special school in this city that allows the student to graduate earlier."

The Nolen School A and B didn't provide the special class. For those that came from Nolen School C, they would surely pick other schools. In addition, part of Nolen School A and B were broken, so many of their students moved their school as the schools were repaired.

"I see," Kevin replied. He thought about another thing. "Are you getting into the special class 3?"

"Uh... Yes."

Kevin looked at the students around him, there were not many of them who picked the special class. After all, not all students cared about the time they spent as a student, especially those rich students.

"I'm glad to meet with you, classmates," Kevin said calmly with the edge of his lips arched upwards slightly. If one didn't know him well enough, they would never be able to notice this minute differences.

"Eh?" Kanae was stunned speechless when she heard what he said. Did he just say classmates? Did it mean that they were placed in the same class?

As Kanae was still processing what Kevin told her, the man in question was pondering this turn of event. He had thought that he would be here alone since both Mike and Neo couldn't come inside as they didn't have the letter and they were not part of the nobles.

This place was quite dangerous, so they have been worrying about him coming here to investigate them. Now that he knew that Kanae would stay in the same class with him, he no longer thought that his decision to come here was wrong. At the very least, he could enjoy his time here.

At the same time, he could protect this girl in case there was something the government planned for them.

"I'm surprised to see you here, Kevin," Kanae calmed herself.

"I'm also surprised to see you here. Do you come here because you're part of the Nali Family?"

Kanae smiled wryly. She had gotten out of the family a long time ago. Even if she wanted to, she wouldn't be able to use their influence anymore. The reason they allowed her to come here was because she forged another fake letter. As she had seen the real letter, making a fake silver letter was extremely easy.

However, she could never say this to this man.

"No, I'm coming because of a silver letter," Kanae replied. She never revealed to anyone her golden letter, so all they knew was her silver letter, which she used to gain entry to this school.

Kevin's eyes narrowed when he heard the word 'silver letter'. For most people, they would only know the letter as a letter from the government, nothing more. Only those who knew the existence of golden letters termed them as silver letter because of the color.

He never knew that Kanae knew much more.

"You shouldn't tell that to anyone."

"You're my friend, right?" Kanae smiled. "It's fine to tell you."

Kevin arched his eyebrows. That sounded a bit wrong, but he liked the way she said it. He nodded. "Your secret is safe with me."

Kanae giggled. It was not like this was truly a secret. For those who were quite knowledgeable, it was extremely easy to find out whether they came here because they came from the noble family or the letter. After all, some people dressed quite poorly while the others were dressed extravagantly.

Only several people dressed up normally, making it quite hard to guess whether they came here because of their family background or because of the letter.

"The line should be girls on the left and boys on the right. Don't you have to move back, Kevin?"

"No need," Kevin replied calmly. "Stay here and line up beside me."


Although with his height, he should be staying a bit far back, Kevin paid no heed to the rules. There were barely any girls that picked the special class 3, but they were mostly slightly taller than Kanae. If she stood on the back, they wouldn't like it.

The students continued to pour into the field rapidly. After several minutes, the opening ceremony finally started as the principal made his speech at the front of the students.

This would be the start of this school operating in this city again.