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523 She’s My Daughter

 "Why are you standing there like a fool?"

Kevin turned his head around and saw Patrick walked out of the next ship with Rei following behind him. Kanae still dressed up like a young boy with a cloth covering her mouth to hide her identity. Her black clothes stood out in the crowd because no one would wear that kind of clothes here.

Besides, her small stature made her looked strange in the pack of numerous men around.

"What are you doing here, Uncle?"

"You have the gall asking what I'm doing here? Of course I'm going to attend the gathering!"

"I thought you're going to be late."

"What? I have never been late."

Mike and Neo: "..." Who are you going to fool? Senior, you have just come late for the hidden clan's competition not long ago.

Kevin ignored his uncle as he moved his gaze to look at Kanae. His eyes narrowed when he noticed that her build seemed to change again. She looked a bit smaller this time. Even though he had guessed that Rei must be hiding her real figure, her transformation seemed quite interesting.

Not many people would be able to move the way she did with multiple layers of clothes.

If Kanae knew what Kevin was thinking, she might consider dressing up with more clothes again. After all, when she showed her appearance, she always wore different number of clothes' layer. This made people unable to tell her real built unless they got really close with her.

"I don't remember any mission that requires the Fiore Group."

Patrick's eyebrows rose. "You recognize her?"

"Only Rei from Fiore Group will dress up like that," Kevin replied calmly. He felt that he missed something from his uncle's speech but he couldn't pinpoint what it was.

"You're correct."

"So, why are you bringing him here, Uncle? Don't tell me that you have a taste in young man too?"

Hearing that, Mike and Neo shuddered. Their heart was screaming loudly: Boss, please don't joke around!

If Patrick truly had that kind of taste, there was no doubt that he would be kicked out of the clan and chased. After all, the number of young men in the clan was dozens. There were plenty of them who would be in danger as Patrick was clearly one of the strongest people.

Once he truly made a move, they could only pray that they would still be alive.

Patrick rolled his eyes. "Why are you slandering your own uncle? What are you going to do if rumors spread because of that? You stinky brat!"

"I don't mind in the slightest. I'll give me a chance to send you to a faraway location, Uncle," Kevin said in a serious tone. The way he kept his expression unperturbed made it hard for them to know whether he was joking or not.

Patrick got another urge to beat down this brat. If only they were not on an important mission in the island, he would surely take out his weapon and forced Kevin to have another practice match with him.

This brat needed to watch his mouth!

"You brat! If there's any rumor going around, I'm going to wreak havoc in the clan again."

Neo nearly face palmed when he heard that threat. He still remembered the disaster that the clan experienced because of Patrick. That man didn't hold back in the slightest and genuinely destroyed part of the clans' headquarters.

They needed Master Rudy in order to calm this man down or the entire place would be flattened.

If there's another incident...

He couldn't imagine it.

Kevin was calm as he looked at his uncle. He knew that Patrick was not serious and only saying that out of annoyance because of his remark. "You haven't answered my question, Uncle."

Patrick sighed and pointed to Kanae. "She's my new daughter. Not blood related, but adoptive daughter."

"What?" Neo shouted in surprise.

By his side, Mike's mouth opened wide. He couldn't believe that the playful, mischievous, and troublemaker Patrick would suddenly become a father. Even if it was an adoptive daughter, this news sounded unbelievable.

Even accepting that the sun rose from the West sounded easier than accepting that Patrick became a father.

Kevin's eyes narrowed. "Uncle, don't joke around."

"I'm not joking. She's really my daughter."

"Wait a minute, you say daughter?" Neo interrupted. He pointed to Kanae. "You mean Rei is a woman?"

Patrick nodded. "Of course, do you think I'll call a boy as daughter?"

"What? But, but, Tom always calls Rei as 'he'!"

On the back, Tommy rolled his eyes in secret. Of course he called Rei using 'he' in the past. If he dared to call her using 'she,' she would surely beat him up because it would allow others to guess her identity.

Tommy looked at the calm Kanae. Considering how Kanae willingly let them know about her real gender made him thought about her stance now. It seemed that she planned on revealing her real identity sometime in the future.

"She's really a girl," Patrick shook his head. "Just admit that you're not as a good as a young girl."

"That..." Neo felt that his mind was a mess right now. He had a guess about Oro's identity as Jason, but it would be rather impossible for someone as proud as Jason to obey the word of a young girl unconditionally. Did Jason have a crush on the young girl?

In the next second, he turned to look at Tommy with pleading eyes. Unfortunately, Tommy would never tell anyone about the identity of the other members in the Fiore Group. He didn't want to die yet.

Kevin was not surprised when Patrick said that. He already knew that Rei is a woman from a long time ago. Though, he never revealed it to anyone because he knew that Rei wanted to keep her gender a secret. He looked at the young girl with a calm expression. Seeing the dark iris, he got the feeling that he had seen it somewhere before. It felt really familiar to him.

Has he met with her before?