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522 Going to the Island

 One week passed by quickly. The people in the Ryukalin Clan were busy once again to prepare for their second clan gathering to select their formal clan head. Since Kevin didn't manage to gain the support of more than 50% of the hidden clan heads in the previous gathering, they would try to vote again today. The difference was the fact that Megara would be stepping as the second candidate to try for the vote too.

Boarding the ship, Kevin looked towards the distance calmly. The island was still quite far from his position because they had just departed. From his current position, the large island looked as small as a palm hand.

"Boss, it's windy today. Why don't you stay inside?" Neo asked cautiously.

Kevin glanced back before ignoring Neo. He was not in the mood to talk with anyone right now. For the past few weeks, he barely has any sleep because he was busy establishing his place as the clan head. Because of his work, he truly wanted some rests, which he couldn't get.

The wind from the sea was the best refreshment for him.

Neo smiled wryly. This was not the first time he got ignored by his boss. It has happened several times in the past. Looking back, he saw the two women were glaring towards each other.

"I'm sure that this is not your place to stay, Miss Celine," Alice smiled coldly.

Celine chuckled. "It's not your place to decide who can come here, Miss Alice. Whoever Clan Head allows to come can come along."

"Oh? After bothering us, you have the gall to bother Kevin too?"

"Watch what you say, I'm pretty sure that the one bothering him is not me."

The two girls continued to argue with one another while their guard retreated to the back, ready to help if it was necessary. From the way it look like, it was not needed as the two women still knew their place.

"Is it hard guarding Miss Alice all day, Tom?" Mike came out with a tray with several glasses of coffee.

Tommy shook his head. "It's not hard at all, Mike."

"I bring you coffee if you want."

"Thank you."

Putting the tray on the table, Mike stood beside Tommy while sipping his own coffee. Looking at the two women arguing not far from them, he wondered how Tommy managed to stay patient for the past few months.

"Has your feeling changed?"

Tommy's eyes narrowed when he heard the question. He eyed the others and only answered when he made sure that they shouldn't be able to hear his conversation with Mike.


"I see."

"Will you fire me?"

Mike patted Tommy's shoulder. "I have good news for you after the gathering, so you should prepare yourself."

"Good news?" Tommy arched his eyebrows in curiosity.


"Can't you tell me now?"

Mike sneaked a glance at his Boss. Even though Kevin was staring at the sea, he was pretty sure that it wouldn't be hard for that man to know what he was talking about. He lightly shook his head.

"I still want to keep my life, so you should just prepare yourself."

Tommy eyed Mike suspiciously, but he nodded his head. Turning his head back to the women by the side, he ignored Mike completely.

Mike took the tray again and walked to Neo, offering them to the young man. Neo picked one and tasted it.

"You're still making it too bitter."

"Boss prefers to have it bitter."

"I want the sweeter one," Neo sighed.

"Just make one yourself if you want to. I'm making them for Boss," Mike said nonchalantly.

"Fine, I'll go make one by myself."

The journey didn't take as long as they thought. By the time they arrived in the island, the debate between the two women hadn't finished. Mike could only step in to separate the two.

"We have arrived in the island, please watch your conduct," Mike reminded.

Alice put on a sweet smile. "I understand, thank you for your reminder, Brother Mike."

On the other hand, Celine was trying her best to not pounce on Alice for making such a fake expression. "I understand."

Kevin walked out of the ship the very first. Arriving on the island, he scanned the surrounding calmly. There was barely any difference compared with the previous gathering. Hopefully, his enemies didn't have any intention to attack him for the second time during the same event.

"Welcome, Clan Head."

Hearing that familiar mocking tone, Neo quickly turned around only to see Megara had arrived on the island. His eyes narrowed as he worried that Megara might have set up something in this island.

While Mike was guarding vigilantly, Kevin nodded his head calmly. "You're pretty quick, Elder Megara."

Megara walked forward in a calm manner. He didn't like to be called an elder because it made him looked old as he was still in his twenties. However, the displeasure was hidden deeply as he would never show it in front of Kevin.

"You seem to be very busy lately, Clan Head. If you're so busy to the point of losing sleep, why don't you ask for my help?"

Neo's body tensed up. He was extremely clear that Kevin's activities during the past few weeks were about gathering the hidden clan heads to support him. With Megara mentioning it, has this young man found out about that?

Kevin shrugged. "It's just something that you don't care. Why should I bother you with something so insignificant?"

"Indeed, it's quite insignificant," Megara nodded his head. In truth, he had received the report that Kevin managed to pull some of the hidden clan heads to his side. His attempt to make Kevin unable to become the clan head seemed to be futile.

He didn't have the full confidence that he would be able to win more than 50% with the effort that Kevin had did so far.

"I still have to prepare for tonight's gathering. Please excuse me, Elder Megara."

"I won't be on your way," Megara replied.

Kevin walked with the two people behind him as usual. He was about to pass by Megara's side when the young man smirked.

"You win this round, but I will win the next one."

Kevin's expression didn't change in the slightest, but his heart was perturbed. He knew that he had almost secured his position as the clan head for this clan gathering, but what did Megara meant when he say 'the next one?'

He stopped in his track for a moment as he watched Megara walked away leisurely. Even though he would be able to hold the position as the clan head, he couldn't move the elder as he wished.

Things wouldn't end up well.