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521 New House

 Patrick called Kanae early in the morning to hand that girl the house he had prepared. Upon seeing the house, Kanae felt satisfied. The size of the house was not that big, but it was already more than enough for her to stay. Besides, she never needed a large house in the first place.

"How's it?" Patrick grinned.

"I love it, thank you, Senior Pat," Kanae smiled brightly. She inspected the house slowly and felt that it was already more than enough for her.

Patrick crossed his arm proudly. In truth, this was just an abandoned house that he ordered people to clean up yesterday. This place belonged to him and he transferred the ownership to Kanae's was extremely easy. All he needed to do was make a call to Matt and let his junior did all the work.

Of course, Matt would only do the work after complaining to him for a long time.

"I'm glad that you like it. This place is going to be your home from now on."


Kanae smiled when she heard the word. Although she did consider the mansion as her home, she knew that she had to leave that place. Having another home to stay made her rather excited.

"Thank you very much, Senior Pat."

Patrick nodded his head. He took out several documents. "Here are some important documents for this house. Make sure that you keep them save all the time."

"I will," Kanae took them carefully.

"And then, where did you stay last night?"

Kanae opened her mouth before closing it again. Would it be appropriate for her to say Jason's name? She knew that her first senior, who was also her new father, knew about Jason's real identity. However, she was not sure that telling him about this would be appropriate.

Patrick sensed Kanae's hesitation and smirked.

"Are you staying with a young man last night?"

"Senior Pat, I feel that the tone of your words is wrong."

"There's nothing wrong," Patrick waved his hand nonchalantly as he gazed at his new daughter with sparkling eyes. "Now, tell me about your relationship with that young man."

Kanae's lips twitched. Even though you're my new father, was there any need to bother with every aspect in my life too?

"Come on, your father is waiting."

"He's just my friend and also subordinate of the same group," Kanae answered unwillingly.

Patrick's mind pictured the other members in the Fiore Group. He recalled Tommy and Jason. Tommy was clearly out of the question because that young man was staying in their headquarters to guard Alice. As for Jason, it was highly possible since this man was the young master.

Thinking about the man's position, Patrick's mind drifted a bit.

"Have you ever thought about pursuing a relationship with that young man?"

Kanae's mouth gaped open. This new father of hers sure was very nosy. "No, I never see him that way. He's more like an older brother who cares for me."

"I see."

"Father," Kanae lowered her tone and made it rather cute. "Aren't you the one who want me to pursue your nephew?"

Patrick was stunned. This little lass learned too quick! He still wanted to be the one who teased her every day and not the other way around.

"What? I never say that."

"Really? I thought that you offered this position because..."

*Cough* "Can we change the discussion?"

Kanae grinned cheekily. She managed to defeat this playful senior of hers in this small game. Nodding her head, she leaned back to the wall of her new house.

"Is there anything that you want to tell me, Senior Pat?"

Patrick nodded his head. "I'm sure you know about the gathering of Ryukalin Clan that we're going to hold in a week."

Hearing the word 'a week', Kanae started to count the time. It was already nearing the end of May, which meant that it was indeed nearly six months since the previous gathering. Time passed extremely fast.

"I know."

"I want you to come there as Rei and introduce you to Kevin," Patrick smiled smugly. He wanted to introduce her as his daughter and let those old men knew that he had gotten a very strong daughter and successor. It would be very pleasing to make them looked at him with envy.

From Patrick's smug expression, Kanae could guess what this man was thinking. Honestly, she didn't think that it would be a bad thing since she also wanted to stay in the underworld more as she started to do her plan. It might be very good to gain more influence in the Ryukalin Clan before she exposed her real identity to them.

Of course, she would need to stay careful before she decided to expose her identity since she might get those who knew her in trouble.

"Senior Pat, is it really a good thing for me to introduce myself so quickly?" Kanae asked.

"You're saying that this is quick?" Patrick snorted. "If you don't act fast, he's going to get married to the young lass. For clan head, they have to get married very early because anything can happen. To ensure the existence of successor, they usually get married when both of them reach the age."

Kanae's mind blanked. The marriageable age in this city was 18 for both men and women. Alice's birthday is next month, which means that she will reach 18 in the next month. If they wanted to, they could easily get married not long from now.

As for herself.... She still had a few more months before it was her 18 birthday.

"Don't you want to know if he will waver when you appear?" Patrick smiled mischievously.

Kanae shook her head lightly. "In that case, I'll have to introduce myself as Kanae rather than Rei."

"Do you really want to introduce yourself as Kanae?"

Honestly, the answer would be a resounding no. It was still not long ago that she still appeared with her sister in public during the visit to Lima School. If the next piece of news they got was she became part of the clan, it would be a great disaster for her sister.

Everything they built might collapse just because of the fact that she was part of the underworld.

"Not yet," Kanae replied. "Until my existence as part of the Nali Family is forgotten, I can't allow anyone to know about this."

Patrick nodded his head. "You can let your friends know in secret, but I think the lesser people who know, the better it will be."

Kanae nodded her head. As Rei, she barely interacted with her friends too because there was nothing she had to do. Of course, if it was necessary, she would tell them.

"You can also tell Kevin in secret when you meet."

"Ah, I think that I will not burden him with my existence," Kanae smiled wryly. "Isn't he rather busy handling Megara, his rival?"

Patrick sighed. He recalled how Kevin was rather too busy every single day because of them. Indeed, there was barely any time left for him to care about other things. If he had to think about this young lady too, he would just overwork and so on. It would be better for them to wait until the right time to tell him.

"But you have to give face to me and show your might to the others! As my daughter, you can't possible stay on the back!"

Kanae chuckled. "I got it, Father. I won't disappoint you."

"That's my girl!"

As her head was patted, Kanae thought about the clan gathering. It would be the chance for her to know more about the inner matter of the clan and also many others. There were still so many things that she didn't know and this time, she would involve herself fully.