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520 Sheila’s Fate

 Getting out of the hospital, the woman, Sheila, rubbed her forehead. She was getting an examination and the result was not exactly her expectation. Holding the paper, she walked out to the street, wanting to call a cab.

"There's a dirty person there."

"Euh, what is a beggar doing here?"

Sheila's steps stopped the moment she heard the whispering from the side. Her eyes narrowed as she glared to the group of people not far from her. Just a few months ago, she was the acclaimed famous young lady of the Doha Family. But now, she didn't look any better than a beggar.

"What are you looking at, Beggar!"

"Shoo, this place will be dirty because of you," the second person snorted.

"You!" Sheila wanted to lash out, but she held on. With her appearance, nothing could be done. Stomping her feet on the ground, she turned around and walked down the street. She felt infuriated by the careless remarks those people made. What was wrong with her clothes?

Even if she no longer looked rich, she still looked far prettier than normal girls. However, people who came close with her no longer have any good intentions.

After the downfall of the Aida Family, her situation changed drastically. The Aida Family's businesses fell through, leaving them with nearly no money. She and her husband, Jon Aida, were kicked out of the house. Her husband has a small house, but it was extremely cramped that she truly wanted to get a better one.

Jon's father, the family head of Aida Family disappeared without any trace. Jon didn't seem to know where he went or he didn't even care about that.

Her father had died long ago because of the prisoner breakout months ago, so she couldn't ask his help. As for her parents-in-law from her first marriage, they were more than happy to see her getting kicked out of the house. There was no way they would want to help.

Every single day, she had to work if they wanted to eat because Jon only drank alcohol. As for her, she couldn't possibly live with only alcohol, so she had no choice but to search for work.

Making her way to her workplace, named a club, she got inside slowly.

"Sheila, if you don't want your pay to be deducted, you should work harder," one of the workers there reprimanded her.

Sheila's face darkened. She had done everything she could just to live. There was no way she could work more than that. For a proud girl like her, walking into this place was already something that broke her limit.

Unfortunately, the current her couldn't talk back at all.

"I understand."

The woman smiled. "Good, now go to work, b*tch."

After talking, the woman turned around without care. Right at this moment, Sheila's palm was clenched into a fist. She felt extremely humiliated by the treatment that she got. If only things didn't end that way for the Aida Family, there would be no way she could end up this way.

She moved to the back room and changed her clothes before doing her work. It was not really pleasant work, but she didn't have any other choice. Right before her work time ended, she saw a group of girls coming inside. From their appearance, it was clear that they were young people who just got a party.

"Is there anything I can help?" Sheila asked as she lowered her head.

The leader of the group looked towards Sheila inquiringly. She felt that this person seemed rather familiar. "Raise your head."


"She asks you to raise your head, trash. Can't you understand a human's speech?" the other woman snorted. She moved forward and pulled Sheila's chin, allowing them to see the woman's face.

"Ah," the leader exclaimed. "So it's Sheila Nali, or should I say, Sheila Aida? You change your husband so many times that I'm confused about what to call you."

"You're right!"

"Don't touch her, she might bring you bad luck."

Sheila's face turned green in anger. She recognized them as some rich daughters of some people, but they didn't have any connection with her in the past. Who would have thought that they would cross path today?

"So you're a waitress here?" the leader chuckled. "How befitting of you. Waitress, we want some drinks."

"What drinks?"

"Vodka," the leader answered. "Five glasses."

Sheila frowned because she knew that there were only four people in the group, but she still took the drinks that they ordered. "Here they are."

The leader picked up one of them and poured it on top of Sheila's head. "This is my present for you. Enjoy your stay here, b*tch."

Lowering her head, Sheila's eyes were red from anger. She truly wanted nothing more than beating them up. This became extremely ridiculous. She wanted her previous life! At least, she didn't have to work day and night while being humiliated over and over again.

When she went home, she could see people pointing their finger at her. Seeing the mess in the living room, she could guess what had happened here.

"Jon!" she yelled in anger.

From the door to their bedroom, Jon's head popped out. His messy hair caused him to look like a rogue than a young master. "What is it, Darling?"

"What's with this mess?" Sheila pointed to the living room.

"I'm just bored, so I order some food and others," Jon shrugged. "Do you want to taste them too?"

Sheila's face turned green from anger. She couldn't even understand why the past her wanted to marry this man so badly. Without his inheritance, Jon didn't worth anything for her.

"I want a divorce!" Sheila yelled. She couldn't stand this anymore. Getting humiliated every single minute with a husband like this only made her feel like her lifespan was shortened.

Jon yawned. "Sure, the door is over there."

"What?" Sheila blinked.

"This house is mine, so you can get out of this place. Don't worry. I already filled the divorce long ago."

"You need my sign for that!"

Jon passed a look on Sheila, his expression showed as if he was looking at a fool. "I print out your sign. Don't you know that it's easy to do that with you saving your digital sign in the laptop?"


"With the current security in this city, it's easy to make the printed sign look real," Jon yawned. For him, it was nothing big to fake this woman's sign. Besides, he knew that she would ask for a divorce sooner or later.

Sheila's face turned black in anger and rage. It was then she realized something else. "Y-you open my laptop? How do you even know my password?"

"Who knows," Jon shrugged nonchalantly, not intending to answer the girl. He sneered. "If you don't get out quickly, I can't say that I don't warn you."

"You!" Seeing the sneer on Jon's face, Sheila felt angrier. She stomped her feet on the ground and picked her bag before running out. Her feet brought her to other place without the need for her to think about it. She wanted to go anywhere far away from her previous husband.

Alleys by alley were passed through as she moved without direction. By the time she calmed down, she no longer knew where she was. The surroundings felt unfamiliar.

Sheila stopped moving. This time, she has finally remembered what kind of place Black Street was. It was already night time, so those who roamed on the street were unruly people. From the corner of her eyes, she could see several people coming at her.

Fear crept on her body, but she knew that it would be close to impossible to escape.


That night, another woman disappeared without any trace, but no one even realized it. Hearing women's scream during the night on the Black Street was too common.


Inside the small house, Jon was yawning again. He closed the door nonchalantly as he picked up the alcohol bottle by the side. As he sat down, his phone rang.

"Why are you calling me?"

"Jon, have you had enough playing around? There are more jobs for you to do."

"Tsk, why are you calling me again? Didn't I say that I don't want to get involved in your dirty business?"

"At the very least, this 'dirty business' is something that's legal."

"Legal? Aren't you just hiding your real purpose in the name of research and finding the truth?"

"Stop playing around, Jon. You know that our work is important while you're the one who's meddling into us before. Do you really think that the useless front you show is going to fool us?"

Jon played with his bottle. "What front? I only have one life, so I'll fill it with fun things that I can enjoy. What's wrong with enjoying every moment to the fullest?"

The man on the other side of the phone sighed. "Get real, Jon. Do you want the job or not?"

"Tell me about the payment first."

"You can get enough money for wine and women for a year after you finish this job."

"A year, you say?" Jon thought about his wallet. There was barely any money left because he always used them very quickly. Normally, he would just extort his sister and barely do any work, but now, it would be different. "Fine, tell me the content so I can finish them as quick as possible."

"Good decision, Jon."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Jon shrugged. For him, the best thing to do would be enjoying his time to do things that he loved. Other things were not that important if only he wasn't in need of money.